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Datable | Senior Software Engineer, Reliability | Bay Area (3 days hybrid) | Full-time | $160k-$220…

Datable | Senior Software Engineer, Reliability | Bay Area (3 days hybrid) | Full-time | $160k-$220k + equity

Do you find metrics, logs, and traces fascinating and infuriating in equal measure? We are sick of the limitations and costs of observability, so we’ve decided to do something about it! Datable is a building a streaming data pipeline to help customers manage their observability data.

We are a seed stealth startup based in San Francisco. Our six person team has a lot of experience in this space, and we’re looking for an engineer passionate about reliability to build out our customer platform. Reliability for reliability? Neat! You’ll be working in Terraform, Helm, and NodeJS.

We strongly believe in the strength of Product, Design, and Engineering collaborating together to build better products. You’ll have a lot of autonomy to try new things along the way, and will have a huge impact on building our product.

Our work is heavily based on best practices from OpenTelemetry and years of experience in the observability world. Our stack is primarily Typescript, React, NodeJS, Postgres, and AWS.


Hivestack by Perion | Montreal, QC (Hybrid Office/Remote) | Full Time Industry: AdTech, specia…

Hivestack by Perion | Montreal, QC (Hybrid Office/Remote) | Full Time Industry: AdTech, specializing in Digital Out Of Home

I'm hiring for two engineering lead positions (senior/staff level):

* Data Discipline Lead - this includes driving the architecture and technical roadmap, and the implementation of various technologies to support adtech-scale ingestion, transport, processing, warehousing, and reporting.

* Edge Discipline Lead (Ad Bidding & Delivery): This position leads the team responsible for the high-volume low-latency ad bidding and delivery systems - a particularly good fit for someone who enjoys systems performance engineering, architecture, while still being hands-on

Full job descriptions:

If you're interested, get in touch :) (contact info in bio)

Onfido | Senior/Staff Applied Scientist | UK, France, Germany | full-time | REMOTE with office…

Onfido | Senior/Staff Applied Scientist | UK, France, Germany | full-time | REMOTE with offices available |

We're an identity verification company. We're hiring machine learning / computer vision scientists to help us build advanced models for liveness check, document analysis and fraud detection. We're a growing team of 20+ scientists with a culture of learning and impact in production.

Elysian Labs | Anime Software Engineer | Onsite &amp; Hybrid (San Francisco) | Full-time | <a href=…

Elysian Labs | Anime Software Engineer | Onsite & Hybrid (San Francisco) | Full-time |

Elysian Labs is a new consumer technology company with the goal of making anime real. We are reimagining the way consumers interact with characters in a way that combines state of the art technology with an uncompromising desire to bring artistic, immersive, and fun experiences to everyone. For more information (and to apply), please visit our website linked above.

We are based in San Francisco and have openings for four roles:

- Applied anime AI engineer (LLMs, data, finetuning, talking with anime girls)

- Applied anime AI engineer, Japanese (the same role but in Japanese, 日本語必須)

- Lead Art Director (2d artwork, both traditional and technology-assisted, character design) - Internship (data, backend)

Please note that our roles are flexible, so please apply even if you don't perfectly fit into a single label <3

40GRID - Full-time Remote | Senior Angular Frontend Engineer<p>Our mission is to empower field-serv…

40GRID - Full-time Remote | Senior Angular Frontend Engineer

Our mission is to empower field-service companies to grow by modernizing and automating their business operations. Every company we work with has unrealized potentials — our task is to build the platform that empowers growth and helps them unlock opportunities.

Email: jobs [at] (no recruiters or agencies, thank you).

Tech: Django / Python | Angular (Typescript)

OpenAI | Software Engineer, Cloud Infrastructure | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE<p>Join the Cloud Infr…

OpenAI | Software Engineer, Cloud Infrastructure | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE

Join the Cloud Infrastructure team at OpenAI Applied and build the foundational platform for ChatGPT and the OpenAI API.

For more info and to apply:

Find AI | Senior Software Engineer | Remote + Async | Half-time &#x2F; Fractional | <a href="https:…

Find AI | Senior Software Engineer | Remote + Async | Half-time / Fractional |

Last week we launched Find AI on HN. Now, we're looking for an engineer or two with Rails experience to join part-time. We pay up to $150/hr and are entirely async and remote.

Learn more in our job post here:



HockeyStack | Cracked Backend&#x2F;Infra Engineer | ONSITE (San Francisco) | VISA sponsorship avail…

HockeyStack | Cracked Backend/Infra Engineer | ONSITE (San Francisco) | VISA sponsorship available | $180k-$250k + 0.2-0.4% stock option

HockeyStack is creating a single source of truth and reporting for marketing, sales, and all customer data.

We came out of YC S23, and raised $4.3M from General Catalyst, Madrona, et al.

We went from 0 to millions in ARR in a really short time and are in a DEEPLY URGENT need of really good engineers to help scale infra and backend.

The product collects data from CRM, marketing automation, ad platforms and data warehouses. The data then gets cleaned and transformed into a unified format. Out of the unified data format, customers can create any type of report the want using the UI. We have a dynamic query engine that transforms UI inputs into a query.

Because of the flexibility and how much data we process, keeping integrations up, transforming data accurately, reporting accurately and performantly is a huge technical challenge.

Please email me at bugra @ if you want to take a crack at some of these problems.

Worth noting that we are fully in-person in a beautiful office near Oracle Park in SF!



Chromatic | Embedded&#x2F;Firmware Engineer | New York City (NYC) | Full Time | <a href="https:&#x2…

Chromatic | Embedded/Firmware Engineer | New York City (NYC) | Full Time |

We are a small team and are building something new and exciting in the medical device space.

Skills we are looking for: ARM, RISC-V architectures, embedded C, Rust, freeRTOS, BLE, I2C, SPI, UART, I2S, PCB bringup and debugging; familiarity with Python and Bazel is a plus.

Please email me directly: seb+hn [AT] gochromatic [DOT] com

Stealth Mobility Company | Mobile Engineer (React Native) &amp; Fullstack Engineer | CONTRACT | REM…

Stealth Mobility Company | Mobile Engineer (React Native) & Fullstack Engineer | CONTRACT | REMOTE & HYBRID | Los Angeles, CA

We're a stealth mode company based in California building the next generation of electric vehicles and worldwide mobility.

We need motivated and broad-skilled software engineers who have experience in mobile app and full stack development.

* Mobile Engineer (React Native) - Ideally candidates have deep experience developing and building native mobile applications (primarily with React Native) comfortable with Android Kotlin/Java and/or iOS Swift, and familiar with most common third party libraries and APIs, Javascript/Typescript, mobile build tools (such as Gradle, Android Studio, and Xcode) and some interest or experience working with BLE devices and IoT frameworks.

* Fullstack Engineer - Ideally candidates have experience building scalable web applications with Javascript/Typescript or similar languages (Python, Ruby), front-end experience with React and/or Angular, modern web frameworks, build pipelines, Docker and container virtualization, OpenAPI, OAuth, SQL, various cloud environments (AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure), websockets.

Nice to have experience with hardware, IoT devices, or Bluetooth, internationalization, and an interest in electric vehicles or sustainability

Email me and share your Resume/CV and a bit about yourself: stealthmobilityhiring (at)

Aircover AI | Sr. LLM Infrastructure Engineer and Sr. Flutter Engineer | San Francisco Bay Area, Lo…

Aircover AI | Sr. LLM Infrastructure Engineer and Sr. Flutter Engineer | San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County - Hybrid or Seattle (remote)

Aircover is building the future of human-to-human conversation, powered by AI. Our software is being used at scale by the Fortune 1000. We're at the bleeding edge and need individuals interesting in working on net-new problems.

Sr. LLM Infrastructure Engineer -

Sr. Flutter Web Engineer -

Umbra | Multiple roles | Onsite &amp; Hybrid (Santa Barbara, Austin, Washington DC) | <a href="http…

Umbra | Multiple roles | Onsite & Hybrid (Santa Barbara, Austin, Washington DC) |

Umbra builds next-generation space systems that observe the Earth in unprecedented fidelity. Our mission: Deliver global omniscience.

To stay ahead of climate change, geopolitical risk, and other major crises, we need a global understanding of what is changing, where, and how fast. Umbra is built around the idea that by providing easy access to the highest quality commercial satellite data available, we can become an indispensable tool for the growing number of organizations monitoring the Earth. We empower our customers with the ability to create the solutions that inform, inspire, and address our planet’s most pressing needs. We’re helping to create a brand new industry that has never meaningfully existed before. To make our vision a reality, we're gonna need some help.

We're looking to fill a variety of mid- to senior-level roles, including openings in Spacecraft Operations, Mission Systems Architecture, Embedded Software Engineering, and Corporate Counsel. If you're interested in helping us build, please apply at

SerpApi | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a> …

SerpApi | | Junior-to-Senior Fullstack Engineer | Customer Success Engineer | Talent Acquisition Specialist | Based in Austin, TX but remote-first structure | Full-time | ONSITE or FULLY REMOTE | $150K - 180K a year 1099 for US or local avg + 20% for outside the US

SerpApi is the leading API to scrape and parse search engine results. We deeply support Google, Google Maps, Google Images, Bing, Baidu, and a lot more.

Our current stack is Ruby, Rails, MongoDB, and React.JS. We are looking for more Junior and Senior FullStack Engineers. We have an awesome work environment: We are a remote first company (before Covid!). We do continuous integration, continuous deployments, code reviews, code pairings, profit sharing, and most of communication is async via GitHub.

We value super strongly transparency, do open books, have a public roadmap, and contribute to the EFF.

Apply at:

bloop (YC S21) | Product Engineer (Rust, AI) | Onsite London, UK<p>We&#x27;re combining LLMs and tr…

bloop (YC S21) | Product Engineer (Rust, AI) | Onsite London, UK

We're combining LLMs and transpilers to translate COBOL into Java. If you’re getting into (or already work in) Rust, and have a strong product mindset, this role could be a great fit. Come and build LLM pipelines and agents, that help the largest companies modernise their legacy codebases.

Please email join [at] bloop [dot] ai with "HN Product Engineer" in the subject line.

More details -

Senior Frontend Engineer @ SmileID | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;" rel="nofo…

Senior Frontend Engineer @ SmileID | | Full-time & REMOTE

Smile ID is Africa’s leading digital identity verification, fraud detection, anti-money laundering, and KYC compliance solution for businesses scaling across the continent.

We're growing and scaling fast and looking for more talented people to join our team.

Find out more and apply here:

OmniAI (YC W24) | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a> | Foundin…

OmniAI (YC W24) | | Founding Engineers | SF In-Person | Full Time | $125k – $175k • 0.50% – 01.50%

Omni is building an ETL for unstructured data.

Tech stack is TypeScript | Postgres | Docker | React | and about 5 different LLMs

The main things we spend our time on:

1. Wrangling LLMs into providing predictable outputs

2. Running data transforms at scale

3. Processing multimodal data (audio, documents, images, etc.)

All of these problems are hard, especially in conjunction with each other. If you’ve had any experience with structured LLM output, we’d love to chat.

If you're interested in learning more, drop me an email (my name at the url) or apply at

NeuroVRD | Remote | FTE&#x2F;PT | USA<p>NeuroVRD is developing an intraoperative monitoring platfor…

NeuroVRD | Remote | FTE/PT | USA

NeuroVRD is developing an intraoperative monitoring platform that automatically and continuously monitors the functional integrity of neurovascular structures that are at surgical risk during high-risk surgery, improving surgical outcomes and maintaining the patient's quality of life.

Our transformative approach to intraoperative monitoring increases access and availability, improves reliability, and significantly reduces costs.

In the last few years, we've developed a real time automated signal processing platform, and are working with world-class surgeons at Hopkins and Columbia towards clinical studies to demonstrate the efficacy of our platform.

We are looking for an ML/AI Scientist/Engineer to lead our signal and gesture classification efforts. Our interview process is short and to-the-point -- no take-home projects, etc. Let your prior work speak for itself. We're looking to hire someone who can start ASAP.

To get started, please email

Kharon | Data | REMOTE (Madrid&#x2F;EU&#x2F;US) | Full-time | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;…

Kharon | Data | REMOTE (Madrid/EU/US) | Full-time |

Kharon navigates risk at the intersection of global security threats + international commerce. We turn complex data into actionable insights, enabling top financial institutions to make informed decisions.

Why Kharon?

    - Impact: Work on major global crisis events.
    - Tech Stack: AWS, Python, PySpark, Kubernetes, Docker, PostgreSQL, Graph DBs, Elasticsearch. Access to a unique dataset with home grown propriety technologies to analyze it.
    - Team: <15 data engineers/scientists, low egos, strong collaboration.
    - Compensation: Competitive liquid compensation with annual performance bonuses.
You bring:

    - 1-3 years of Data Science experience.
    - Strong stats & ML methods (linear/nonlinear models, hypothesis testing, Bayesian approaches).
    - Python data stack proficiency (data cleaning, analysis, visualization). SQL knowledge.
    - Bonus: NLP, Graph Theory/ML, Graph DBs, big data tech (Spark, Databricks), Docker, Kubernetes.
Your role:

    - Analyze structured/unstructured datasets.
    - Develop scalable systems and ML solutions by collaborating across Data, Engineering, Product, and Research teams.
Location: Preferred EU timezone (Madrid), US, open to others.

Join us in making a global impact! We are growing quickly and looking to hire across the engineering stack including

Fullstack Engineers (Python/VueJS) Backend Data Engineers Product Managers

Send me an email at almeidan [at] kharon [dot] com

Meaningful Gigs | REMOTE (US based) | Full-time | Founding&#x2F;Sr. ML Engineer | Senior Backend En…

Meaningful Gigs | REMOTE (US based) | Full-time | Founding/Sr. ML Engineer | Senior Backend Engineer | Senior Frontend Engineer

Meaningful Gigs began as a marketplace for creative talent & evolved to build AI-driven creative workflows. We are on a mission to advance human creativity by eliminating mundane tasks that stifle innovation and transform the $162 billion creative market.

Help us shape the future of creativity by quietly rolling out a new product, separate from our creative marketplace, which helps speed up creative tasks, think ‘Grammarly for creative workflows’. We have various AI powered features that automate repetitive creative tasks.

We are an innovative and fast-moving, seed-stage startup of 16 people, (10 in product) prepping for our Series-A and growing quickly.

Tech Stack: Javascript/Typescript, React, NodeJS, AWS SDK, Serverless, Express ML: Python, Tensorflow, Pytorch, Scikit-learn Check out our open positions at: Contact our Head of Talent directly at Christina(at) or on LI:

Startup | Software | Remote (USA + Canada preferred) | $100k + equity<p>We&#x27;re looking for a pe…

Startup | Software | Remote (USA + Canada preferred) | $100k + equity

We're looking for a person who thinks C/C++ is fun. You'll be writing a lot of code from scratch. We prefer someone with 10+years of experience but if you're talented we'll accept a junior

Please send your resume and a hello world program that doesn't use printf or iostreams

MDandMe | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a> | USA | …

MDandMe | | USA | REMOTE | No Visa

We want to help every person to feel in control of their healthcare: to know what's going on with their body and to not feel alone.

MDandMe ( builds generative AI technology that allows people to make sense of their health at all steps along their healthcare journey: from a conversational symptom checker when you first feel unwell, to a community where you are matched to others with near-identical medical histories, to follow-up conversations where you can have diagnostic reports, lab values, and doctors notes explained in plain language.

Since our soft launch in February 2024, we’ve helped over 50,000 people in all 50 states. To learn more read our recent blog:

We are currently looking for two positions:

1. Mobile SWE (React Native, iOS + Android): over 93% of our traffic comes from mobile devices. Right now we are a React/NextJS webapp and are currently building a React Native mobile app.

2. Data Journalism Intern: uncover insights that can help our community thrive. We hope to share trends, common health questions from our users, and more in a weekly blog post.

See our current team on

If interested, email me at

Hypertune (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;www.hyper…

Hypertune ( | ONSITE (London) | Senior Product Engineer

We're building the most flexible and developer-friendly platform for feature flags, A/B testing, analytics and app configuration. See for more details.

At the core of Hypertune is a visual, functional, statically-typed programming language with first-class citizens for analytics, A/B testing and machine learning loops.

Our UI lets users define their configuration logic in this language and our SDKs act as interpreters, evaluating the logic locally with zero network latency.

As a senior product engineer, you'll work mainly in TypeScript and React.

If you're interested, please email miraan at hypertune dot com with your LinkedIn, CV or a link to a project you've built!

Stealth | San Francisco, CA (hybrid: M-W-F ONSITE) | Full-time | Backend Engineer<p>We&#x27;re buil…

Stealth | San Francisco, CA (hybrid: M-W-F ONSITE) | Full-time | Backend Engineer

We're building a product in the cost management space (yes, another one), but this one is being built by the founders of The Duckbil Group (Corey Quinn & Mike Julian), an AWS-focused cost management consultancy.

We're looking for someone to join as second engineer to help build out the product. Mostly looking for backend expertise. Past experience with AWS billing or Clickhouse are a huge bonuses.

Tech stack: Python (Flask), React, Typescript, Postgres, Clickhouse, AWS

We can sponsor the transfer of an existing visa but cannot sponsor the creation of a new visa.

You can apply here:

Building a first of its kind dynamic runtime on top of the Linux BPF VM.<p>Looking for people who l…

Building a first of its kind dynamic runtime on top of the Linux BPF VM.

Looking for people who love developer tools and very advanced programming.

Our tech stack consists of: Rust, React, Terraform, Python.

Hiring frontend, backend, and systems programmers.

Framer (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a>) | R…

Framer ( | Remote (EU) | Senior+ Product Engineers

The best professional web builder for your entire dotcom. Used by Perplexity, Twingate, ByteDance, Superhuman and many more. TypeScript / React, Go / AWS.

koen at framer dot com

AE Studio | LA Office | Multiple Roles | Full-Time | Remote |<p>We are a development, dat…

AE Studio | LA Office | Multiple Roles | Full-Time | Remote |

We are a development, data science and design studio that works closely with founders and executives to create custom software and machine learning solutions. We are hiring top notch professionals passionate about software development, data science, design or product management to work with our amazing team creating human agency increasing software!

Full descriptions:

Layer | Founding Front End &amp; Fullstack Eng | San Francisco In-Person | Full-Time<p>We’re buildi…

Layer | Founding Front End & Fullstack Eng | San Francisco In-Person | Full-Time

We’re building SMB accounting software API-first so that it can be integrated directly into software platforms where business owners already work. Our customers are vertical software platforms in the vein of Toast, MindBody or Housecall Pro that help small business owners start, run and scale their business with workflows and financial products. We help them serve their customers who are stuck exporting all their data out of these systems into CSVs and importing it back into other accounting software.

Integrating with our accounting APIs gives business owners automation & accounting workflows directly within their core software while the software platforms get to solve one their customers’ biggest pain points: worrying about bookkeeping & finances.

We’re looking for a founding frontend engineer who is excited about building a company and team as well as building better software for SMBs. We have no standalone frontend - instead we build a React component library that our customers can directly use within their own apps:

We are well funded by top tier investors and are live with hundreds of small businesses. If you’re passionate about building software that real small businesses use every day, get in touch with me at daniel [at]

More about the role and team here: | Solutions &#x2F; DevOps Engineer | FULL REMOTE US ONLY, NO VISA SPONSORING | Full-time | <… | Solutions / DevOps Engineer | FULL REMOTE US ONLY, NO VISA SPONSORING | Full-time |

We are a later stage startup and are a pioneer in the use of clinically backed AI algorithms and machine learning to increase the speed of diagnosis and care across 1,500+ hospitals and health systems in the U.S. and Europe.

We're looking for someone with experience in containerization, Kubernetes or similar orchestration tools, and deploying services at the edge in HIPAA-compliant and highly secure environments. Familiarity with immutable operating systems and tools like Kairos is a plus. We're primarily a Python shop, and we're looking for a strong contributor to join our small team and tackle unique problems.

Please email brian <at> viz <dot> ai or mention hackernews in your application here:

JUPUS GmbH | Senior Software Engineer &#x2F; Emerging Leader | Cologne | REMOTE<p>We are JUPUS, one…

JUPUS GmbH | Senior Software Engineer / Emerging Leader | Cologne | REMOTE

We are JUPUS, one of Germany's fastest-growing legal tech startups, and we are looking for a talented and experienced Senior Software Engineer - Emerging Leader to join our team. This position offers an exciting opportunity to grow into a leadership role, providing technical guidance and mentorship to our team.

Our stack is Python/Django in the backend and TypeScript/Vue.js in the frontend. Looking for someone who is full stack and can assist leading a team of 6 engineers. Salary is up to 84k/year.

Apply here or send me an email at

Charge Robotics | Senior Software Engineer (Full-Stack) | Full-time | Onsite &#x2F; Hybrid | SF Bay…

Charge Robotics | Senior Software Engineer (Full-Stack) | Full-time | Onsite / Hybrid | SF Bay Area

Hi HN! We’re a YC-backed startup building robots that build large-scale solar farms. We just got back from the first commercial deployment of our system on a real-world solar construction site.

Check out a video of our system here!

It turns out that construction companies literally can't build solar fast enough, so what we're doing is a crucial part of switching the grid over to renewable generation. We're looking to bring another talented full-stack software engineer onto our small team.

You’ll be a key contributor, helping bring our next generation of mobile solar factories to life. Your work will involve architecting, developing, and maintaining high-quality code and documentation for a web application that controls our fleet of fully-automated factories

Come work with us if you love:

* Greenfield web application development

* Making a positive climate impact through your work

* Hacking on massive construction equipment!

Apply here:

Continua AI | ML and Systems Engineers | NYC, SF Bay Area, Seattle | <a href="http:&#x2F;&#x2F;cont…

Continua AI | ML and Systems Engineers | NYC, SF Bay Area, Seattle |

Continua was founded in April 2023 by a Distinguished Engineer from Google Research to give everyone in the world an agent that uses their real-time context and personal memory to deliver actionable and timely assistance. Our MVP is currently in limited alpha testing, and we’re immensely excited by the feedback we’re getting from early users - they’re finding that the Continua agent helps them in all manner of surprisingly useful ways.

This is an opportunity to be a part of setting the product and technical direction of this early stage company! ML engineers at Continua work on new approaches for knowledge representation, multimodality, and personalization under computational resource constraints. Systems engineers at Continua work on a wide variety of secure and reliable backend services and data pipelines to power our products.

We’re backed by tier-1 VCs, and we’ve already assembled a team of seven engineers with backgrounds at Google, Slack, CourseHero, Stash, and Amazon. We have a limited number of additional spots available on the team for engineers who are excited about building innovative products that leverage the latest advances in ML, including Transformers / Mamba, RLHF, LoRA/QLoRA, at-edge (on-device) training and inference, privacy-first ML, and more. If that sounds like you, we would love to hear from you.

If you are passionate about building innovative new products, and you’re eager to work in a dynamic startup environment, we would love to hear from you. Please apply via, and let's embark on this exciting journey together!

DuckDuckGo | Multiple Roles | Remote | Full-time | $176k-242k USD + equity<p>We are looking for can…

DuckDuckGo | Multiple Roles | Remote | Full-time | $176k-242k USD + equity

We are looking for candidates that are excited to join us on a mission to raise the standard of trust online. All of our roles are fully-remote, except where specific locations are noted.

Remote Open Roles at DuckDuckGo:

Senior C++ Engineer - $176k + equity —

Engineering Director, Apple - $242k + equity —

Senior Backend Engineer - $176k + equity —

Lead, Business Development (US/Canada) $198k - $220k + equity —

Senior Software Engineer, Windows Desktop App - $176k + equity —

Canny | Software Engineer, Account Executive | REMOTE | Full-time | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;cann…

Canny | Software Engineer, Account Executive | REMOTE | Full-time |

Canny helps software companies keep track of feature requests to build better products.

* Small SaaS business, 16 person team, $3m+ annual recurring revenue

* 100% remote, distributed across US, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Turkey

* Bootstrapped and profitable

Why work at Canny:

Hudson River Trading | Hybrid | Full-time<p>We’re a quantitative trading firm based in NYC that tra…

Hudson River Trading | Hybrid | Full-time

We’re a quantitative trading firm based in NYC that trades hundreds of millions of shares each day on over 200 markets worldwide. We use math and technology in everything we do; our talented developers, engineers, and programmers build complex models and systems that allow us to make automated trading decisions on global markets.

We’re looking for:

Technical Product Manager | NYC |

Data Production Engineer | NYC, London |

Cloud Solutions Architect | London |

Low Level Software Engineer (C++) | Singapore |

And more! For more information about our benefits, check out Life at HRT: (YC S22) | Berlin | Full-time | In-office (with flexibility)<p>We are a small (~19), fast… (YC S22) | Berlin | Full-time | In-office (with flexibility)

We are a small (~19), fast-growing (3x YoY) team building a unified API for HR data and our mission is to build the infrastructure on which the global HR economy runs.

We are hiring for (product-minded) engineers and support/solution engineers of all experience levels! Jobs are here:

Feel free to contact me at - I'm the CTO and leading the hiring process

Baseten | SF, NY, or REMOTE | Engineering |<p>Baseten provides fast, scalable infere…

Baseten | SF, NY, or REMOTE | Engineering |

Baseten provides fast, scalable inference for AI/ML models. We're at Series B and growing fast with great customers like Descript, Bland, and Patreon. Cool tech, unbeatable team, huge market opportunity.

I joined Baseten 2.5 years ago after reading about it on an HN Who is Hiring thread!

We're actively hiring for:

* Support Engineer:

* Forward Deployed Engineer:

BEAT81 | SRE | Berlin | Full time<p>BEAT81 is a fitness technology startup revolutionising the way …

BEAT81 | SRE | Berlin | Full time

BEAT81 is a fitness technology startup revolutionising the way people get fit. By merging the very best of HIIT group training, personalised heart rate monitoring technology and expert coaching we are empowering people to Sweat Smarter Together! We think big. We think rebellious. And we're building a world-class team to make BEAT81 the global leader in fitness and technology.

Apply here:

Riffusion | Generative Music | San Francisco, CA<p>Looking for world class ML research engineers an…

Riffusion | Generative Music | San Francisco, CA

Looking for world class ML research engineers and scientists to join our core team building the future of music. If you love creativity, large scale diffusion models, fast infrastructure, and early startup energy, our team may be a fit. We're building something new to inspire hundreds of millions of people. Competitive comp, in-person culture.

Contact: hayk @ riffusion dot com | Remote | Full-time | Europe<p>Hey there! Meet<p>Our goal?<p>To help brands an… | Remote | Full-time | Europe

Hey there! Meet

Our goal?

To help brands and creators create awesome connections with their target audiences using data-driven influencer marketing magic . With our tech and savvy data analysis, we're giving our clients the insights and tools they need to knock their marketing campaigns out of the park!

Who are we looking for?

Senior Product Engineers:

Senior Backend Engineers:

Senior Data Engineers:

Growth Engineer:

Interview Process?

Say goodbye to pineapple tree sorting and Leetcode-style tasks! Our interviews are all about practical challenges and real-world scenarios, so you can showcase your skills in the most relevant way possible.

More details here:

All roles we have, including non-engineering ones:

Curipod | Software engineer | ONSITE in Oslo, Norway | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel=…

Curipod | Software engineer | ONSITE in Oslo, Norway |

We are reimagining how learning happens in the classroom with GenAI, eradicating teacher burnout and reigniting student curiosity.

Currently one of the fastest growing edtech startups in the world. Solidly backed by SF VC edtech specialist, Reach Capital

To learn more check out

If you have any questions feel free to reach me at (co-founder & cto)

Seen Finance | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a> |…

Seen Finance | | Full time | Berlin, Chicago | Hybrid on-site

At Seen, we believe that everyone deserves a fair opportunity to (re)build their credit. We understand how tough it can be to qualify for a credit card when your credit score isn't where you want it to be.

Seen is a new fintech company, started in 2023 following the acquisition of Sable (YC S19) by Snap Finance. We've recently launched a credit card in the US for people with less than ideal credit. We plan to offer other novel credit products in the future.

It's a great time to join as the team is small (15 engineers) and we're growing fast. We're a startup but we're also lucky to have the financial support and customer base from our parent company.

We're hiring for:

* Senior and Staff Software Engineers (Berlin)

* Senior and Staff Data Engineers (Chicago)

Our mobile app, web app, and backends are written in Typescript. Our data stack uses Python and SQL.

If you're interested, just email us your resume or LinkedIn page: (for both Berlin and Chicago roles)

Infrastructure and DevOps Engineer | Full-time | India<p>CredCore is a well-funded startup building…

Infrastructure and DevOps Engineer | Full-time | India

CredCore is a well-funded startup building solutions for the US debt sector. Our product suite uses AI to make sense of financial data (such as Credit Agreements), and aggregate the information into reports and dashboards.

We're looking for people who can help us in the following areas:

- Augment our Security Team. We deal with sensitive data, and take security seriously. The potential candidate needs to be a highly-qualified, proven expert on Web/Cloud Application Security.

- DevOps Engineering (Azure, AWS, GitOps etc)

- Azure / Windows IT Pros who can set up best practices for Windows (and Microsoft Apps) on the Cloud.

If you have one or more of these skills, please reach out to me at

Lumafield | Team Lead, Embedded | On-Site BOS or SFO | Full-Time<p>We&#x27;re looking for a team le…

Lumafield | Team Lead, Embedded | On-Site BOS or SFO | Full-Time

We're looking for a team lead to join our Embedded team at Lumafield, owning the software which powers our Neptune and Triton CT scanners. You'd lead a team owning design, architecture, and implementation for features that interact with our in-house designed hardware and cloud platform.

Please find some links below with content about Lumafield, the Embedded Software Lead role, and some info about our products.

Info about Lumafield:

Job posting:

Check out our Voyager Software:

Video with Linus Tech Tips:

Interesting CT Scans:

Email me at dpipemazo < at > lumafield < dot > com with your resume and a quick intro to discuss more!



Valere | Discovery lead | Hybrid (COL) | Full-time |<p>What you&#x27;ll be doing: Working with clie…

Valere | Discovery lead | Hybrid (COL) | Full-time |

What you'll be doing: Working with clients and stakeholders to define product goals, success measures, and understanding the end user Providing AI and ML subject matter expertise in use case and application for clients Detailing user requirements and documenting user flows Capturing and prioritizing features, versioning plans, and formal user stories Designing low-fidelity mockups and creating user experience wireframes (Figma) Interviewing clients and audiences to define goals and identify goals to improve the online presence Shaping technical architectural and back end data model considerations Identifying and prioritizing business and user needs with the highest impact Articulating product vision and strategy that align with expected business outcomes Integrating discovery activities into discovery documentation, user stories, versioning plan, product roadmap, and business planning Conducting competitive analysis, market research, and platform audits Creating alignment and commitment by sharing useful knowledge and communicating with the broader team Embodying Product culture and discovery values to guide your clients towards better product decisions and higher impact

Learn more about Valere and Valere Digital here:

Company: OrangeQC<p>Job: Senior Android and iOS Engineers<p>Location: USA (Remote)<p>Allows remote:…

Company: OrangeQC

Job: Senior Android and iOS Engineers

Location: USA (Remote)

Allows remote: Yes

We're a 15-year old janitorial inspection software platform with local-first mobile apps.

We're looking a senior developer to lead each of our iOS and Android app development efforts.

We've recently completed a proof of concept for a green android field app using fully native Kotlin / jetpack tech to upgrade the user experience and potentially even overshoot the performance of our iOS app.

We're also experimenting with an updated architecture on iOS that takes our user experience to the next level.

JDs here:



Please email me with a resume:

Powertools Technologies | Junior&#x2F;Senior Engineer | Lisbon, Portugal | Full-time | ONSITE<p>&gt…

Powertools Technologies | Junior/Senior Engineer | Lisbon, Portugal | Full-time | ONSITE

> Looking for a senior engineer for work on software related to Electronic Design Automation. Candidate should have some experience with EDA software (Cadence Virtuoso, Siemens Calibre, Synopsys Design Compiler, etc), ideally including plugin development. Experienced Software Developers are more than welcome to apply.

> Looking for a junior engineer for work on software related to Electronic Design Automation and/or Software Development. Candidate should at least have (or graduate shortly) a 3 year university degree in engineering. Most suitably Electronic/Computer Engineering or Informatics. Software Developers are more than welcome to apply.

Site: . Growing a small experienced team with international industrial and academic track, willing to train new hire in fairly uncommon skill set. Candidate should be capable of quality detail work, and have good communication abilities, to provide support to international design teams in fabless semiconductor companies.

Email your interest and CV to, please.

Remote Generative AI Enthusiast for Luxury Fashion Content Creation<p>We’re a startup team of five,…

Remote Generative AI Enthusiast for Luxury Fashion Content Creation

We’re a startup team of five, blending top talent from technology and luxury brands. Our mission: revolutionize content creation for luxury brands using generative AI. Our CTO, on his third successful startup journey, brings a wealth of experience from diverse industries.


• Role: Generative AI Enthusiast • Location: Remote, with occasional travel for team meet-ups • Experience: Enthusiasm for generative AI and some experience with Python. Direct AI experience is a plus but not required.

About Us:

• Team: A blend of technology experts and creatives, including a member known for iconic fashion brand content. • Current Locations: Poland and Rome, but we’re open to anyone working from anywhere. • Industry: Luxury fashion content powered by AI. • Current Stage: Early-stage startup, crafting our identity and product.

Why Join Us:

• Collaborate with industry leaders. • Be at the forefront of AI innovation in luxury fashion. • Enjoy a flexible remote work environment.

How to Apply: Send your resume and a brief cover letter to sjloydpage at gmail dot com

Hashboard (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;…

Hashboard ( | New York (NYC) | Senior/Staff Full-Stack Engineer, Lead Frontend Engineer, Product Evangelist | Onsite

Hashboard is a business intelligence and analytics platform that bridges self-service data exploration with modern development workflows.

We are a well-funded, ambitious seed-stage New York City startup backed by top-tier product and data investors. Our team has experience as early employees of successful startups and in big tech. We have early product-market fit and a growing list of paying customers, and we’re looking to build a diverse and thriving team. And we might be a great fit for the next step in your career if you’re excited about having a lot of ownership over your work, learning from customers and investors, building a world-class engineering culture, and holding a lot of equity in a fast-growing startup.

We're especially on the lookout for product-oriented engineers with strong React skills and experience with data tooling.

Apply here: or email me directly at dan (at)

Nuna (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a>) |…

Nuna ( | San Francisco & Remote friendly (US only)| Full-time | Visa Transfer In the US, we spend an average of over $12,500 per person each year on healthcare -- that’s almost twice what other developed countries spend. Healthcare in the US costs a staggering $4 trillion dollars per year, almost 1/5 of our Nation’s entire economy. Yet with all this resource, our healthcare outcomes are poorer than other countries, people still can’t afford their healthcare, and our healthcare providers are burnt out.

Moreover, our healthcare is systemically unequal. People of color, lower income, and LGBTQ+ have demonstrably worse healthcare outcomes, a disparity grimly highlighted by the pandemic we’re living through now where people of color are three-times more likely to die from COVID-19.

How can this be, and how can we change it?

Nuna is tackling one of the most hardest problems in healthcare underlying the negative outcomes and disparities we see: how healthcare gets paid.

Today, hospitals only get paid when they do more-- more visits, more tests, more meds, more surgeries. Hopefully this helps patients get better, but regardless, the system gets paid. In fact, doing more is the only way to stay afloat.

But -- is this really the right set of incentives? Shouldn’t everyone get rewarded not just by doing more, but by when patients actually get better? Shouldn’t everyone have access to affordable, high quality care, and shouldn’t hospitals be rewarded when they deliver this care? And shouldn’t insurance companies get rewarded when they help ALL their patients get better?

Absolutely, yes. This concept is called Value-Based Care. In fact, healthcare as a whole has been trying to move in this direction for years, but making it all reality is deeply complex -- it is after all our healthcare. Nuna’s technology platform, our software apps, our vision, and our exceptionally talented team are collectively accelerating the healthcare system’s ability to make value-based care available to everyone.

In 2022, Nuna will power over $70B of healthcare payments for over 6.5M patients. We also leverage our data science and platform to direct patients to the best, culturally-matched, and accessible care providers for them. Additionally, we make it transparent and easy for both hospitals and insurers to see how they are performing in value-based care by spotlighting the patients or areas where they need to pay extra attention so that they can provide good care to all their patients and get rewarded.

Nuna is unique - we have brought together an exceptional team of over 200 people. We are the industry’s best in healthcare data, analytics, engineering, clinicians, and value based healthcare experts. We have joined forces to create a more equitable health system for everyone.

Our dreams and ambitions to change healthcare as we know it are big. If yours are too, we want to work with you.

Open positions include:

* Engineering Manager, Data Platform

* Sr Software Engineer, Full Stack - Provider

* Senior Data Scientist, LLM

* Lead Software Engineer, Rewards AI/ML

* Lead Software Engineer, Data Platform

* Lead Software Engineer, Program Engine

* Lead Software Engineer, Developer Infrastructure

Jobs Board:

Frontend: React, Typescript, Flutter (Android and iOS)

Backend: Django, Python, Kotlin, Scala

Cloud: AWS

Questions? Email:

Kong | Bengaluru, India | Onsite&#x2F;Hybrid | Full-time<p>We recently opened an office in Church S…

Kong | Bengaluru, India | Onsite/Hybrid | Full-time

We recently opened an office in Church Street in Bengaluru and are expanding rapidly. We are looking for Software, SRE/DevOps, Data engineers and Frontend engineers. A few exciting roles:

- Run tens of thousands of Kong gateway clusters for our customers:

- Build the platform that powers our Konnect, our SaaS cloud:

- Work on state-of-the-art data platform:

Please reach out via email to harry at domain of my company for any further questions.

Forklifts and Postgres - export startup backed by patio11 is hiring its second engineer - Full-time…

Forklifts and Postgres - export startup backed by patio11 is hiring its second engineer - Full-time | London, Acton | 80k base + 0.5% equity

About us: Revenue for June 2024 was just over £300,000, an over 5-fold increase on this time last year.

We're an export company, investors include patio11, charlie songhurst and Backed VC. Myself (Ethan) and Ruairidh started the company while students at Cambridge in August 2021, and after several pivots have ended up in logistics/export, fast growing, and profitable. We're chasing down £1m monthly revenue in December 2024, and want someone who loves the idea of shipping code and containers to get us there

About the role: Our first software engineering hire is joining next monday, and we are looking for one more, to write code on the desk next to me! You'll be shipping code to support new sales channels, wiring up label printers, probably eating an unhealthy amount of takeaway as a deliveroo editions is on the same warehouse block as us, and potentially being a backup forklift driver.

We disproportionately value earnestness and willingness to solve messy problems than extensive tech experience. Solving problems in logistics can involve a mix of code writing, data cleaning, and filling out forms. You were warned :)

Email me if interested!

Immigration Policy Lab, Stanford University | Full Stack Software Engineer | Remote | Full Time | <…

Immigration Policy Lab, Stanford University | Full Stack Software Engineer | Remote | Full Time |

Stanford’s Immigration Policy Lab is seeking a mission-driven software engineer to join our GeoMatch project team. GeoMatch is a matching and recommendation tool that has helped case officers find new homes for thousands of refugees. To facilitate our growth, we are looking to improve our automation and data pipelines, add new modular and scalable features, and focus on application efficiency. The ideal candidate is passionate about leveraging technology for social good and ready to tackle challenges in a dynamic environment.

Apply here:

CAPP | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a> | Greater…

CAPP | | Greater Philadelphia / Remote | full-time | Data Wrangler | $70-90K starting + benefits

  CAPP is a leading industrial distributor. Our team is looking for an additional hire to work on a myriad of pricing and data tasks. We are currently sprinting the processing of manufacturer and vendor product data and pricing, in order to expand our eCommerce offerings and enable all of our product lines to be offered for sale digitally. We have built out tools that use Python and other libraries to help automate data inflow and processing. We run a legacy ERP platform and are in the midst of a major migration to a new platform with powerful eCommerce capability slated for the late summer. Over time, there is tons of opportunity for advancement and growth based on merit. If you are interested in working for a stable company with a startup-like technology team where your changes directly impact business growth and customer satisfaction, we'd like to hear from you.
  Send an email to and reference this post. Thank you.

MixRank (YC S11) | Software Engineers | 100% REMOTE (Global) | Full-Time<p>MixRank processes petaby…

MixRank (YC S11) | Software Engineers | 100% REMOTE (Global) | Full-Time

MixRank processes petabytes of data every month from web crawling. We have hundreds of customers using our data products including Google, Amazon, Facebook, Intel, and Adobe, across industries Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Security.

Team is 41 full-time, full-remote from 20+ countries. We're growing, profitable, employee-owned, no dependence on outside funding. Applicants from all geographies and backgrounds are welcome.

We are looking for passionate individuals for whom programming is not just a job but it’s something they love to do. We're obsessed with computers, programming, big data, databases, compilers, hardware, math, data science, and the internet. Does this sound like you? Please apply to join our team.

Our code base is very friendly to new contributors. You'll have a fully-functional development environment within hours (fully automated) and be pushing commits on your first day. Deployments to production happen multiple times per day and finish in less than 2 minutes. Effectively all of our codebase is written in Python, Rust, SQL, Javascript/TypeScript, and Nix. The core technologies you'll need familiarity with to be productive are Python, PostgreSQL, Linux, and Git.

We operate at a larger scale than typical startups. We operate two datacenters with high performance servers we've built that are capable of dealing with the volumes of data we process. We've implemented our own distributed file system. We do full-scale web crawls. We download and perform static analysis on the entire universe of Android APKs and iOS IPAs that are published. Unlike a typical startup where you'll spend half of your time in meetings, and the other half fixing bugs from Jira tickets— at MixRank you'll get to challenge yourself with difficult technical problems that will help you to grow as an individual.


Junior Software Engineer - Remote (Global), Full-Time

We're looking for remote junior engineers that have 0-3 years of professional experience in software, and 5+ years of curiosity exploring computers, programming, and technical hobby projects. This is an open-ended entry role with mentorship and diverse opportunities to work on all areas of our product: databases, distributed systems, infrastructure and tooling, data analysis, machine learning, frontend/backend web development, APIs, data mining, data modeling, and more. To stand out, please highlight what makes you unique: passion for computing, curiosity and side projects, work ethic, niche research, etc.

Ideally you've already graduated, but if you still have one or more years left of school, please feel free to apply anyway, and if you're the right fit for the team we'll figure out a way to accommodate your schedule.


Software Engineer - Remote (Global), Full-Time

We're hiring generalist software engineers to work on web applications, data mining, machine learning/data science, data transformation/ETL, data modeling, database scaling, infrastructure, devops, and more. We'll cater the role to whatever subset of these areas match your interests.

Beneficial experience includes PostgreSQL, Python, Rust, Linux, TypeScript, Nix, frontend/backend web development, and data mining.


Ex-Founders (all roles) - Remote (Global), Full-Time

We encourage founders in software engineering, sales, marketing, customer success, design, and product to reach out. If you don't see a relevant position open, reach out to jobs at We care more about the person than the job position, and we're happy to craft the perfect position for anyone that joins our team. People with founder experience tend to be very successful at MixRank, and our leadership team is filled with founders.


I'm Scott, Founder/CEO/CTO. Please apply here: | Senior React Native Frontend Engineer | Remote (India, Open to other countries) | Full… | Senior React Native Frontend Engineer | Remote (India, Open to other countries) | Full-time |'s mission is to help every professional build a better career through the most accurate insights and services. We're building the future of compensation & hiring by centering ourselves around professionals.

You'll be joining a close-knit team of 2 engineers to work across our product verticals. You'll have the opportunity to lead and own new projects / initiatives from idea to production end-to-end (architecture to deployment). We move fast and have come an incredibly long way on a tiny team. We're looking for a self-starter and resourceful engineer with strong communication skills and experience building things from scratch.

Apply at:

Aha! (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a>) | Rai…

Aha! ( | Rails / React | REMOTE

Aha! is the #1 tool for product managers to plan strategy and roadmaps. We serve more than a million users worldwide. We are looking for:

* Experienced full-stack Rails and security engineers to work on the Aha! product. Our application is built in Ruby on Rails, with React on the frontend for rich client-side experiences.

Aha! is profitable, you can work from anywhere in North America, South America or New Zealand, and we offer excellent benefits. We use our own product to manage our work (which is especially rewarding) and we deploy continuously.

Our entire team has always been 100% remote - in North American timezones so we can collaborate during the work day.

Infisical (YC W23) | Full Stack Engineer | REMOTE | Full-time<p>We&#x27;re building the open source…

Infisical (YC W23) | Full Stack Engineer | REMOTE | Full-time

We're building the open source security stack for developers – starting with secrets management. (

Klara Systems | ZFS Engineering Manager | US Remote | Full-time | $170k - $210k<p>We are a boots…

Klara Systems | ZFS Engineering Manager | US Remote | Full-time | $170k - $210k

We are a bootstrapped, high growth company looking for a Engineering Manager to help us scale more efficiently.

About us: We focus on software development services for open source and community-driven software. We are a dynamic, high growth startup with marquee customers whose names you will recognize. Customers look to us because of our intense focus on innovation and deep experience with open-source technologies.

You will be excited by the chance to build structure and define process to facilitate our growth.

Job details and applications:

Monument (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;joinmonumen…

Monument ( | Senior Software Engineer | New York, NY | Hybrid | Full-Time

For people who are tired of navigating a costly and unpredictable healthcare system, Monument is the virtual care platform that takes the guesswork out of healthcare. It finds you a great doctor or therapist and enables you to reserve regular appointments so you can get the care you deserve, affordably and on your terms.

We're looking for a senior software engineer to join our NYC-based team (hybrid office near Penn Station).

Tech stack: NodeJS, React, Typescript, PostgreSQL, Redis, AWS w/ Terraform, Kubernetes

If interested please email will at joinmonument dot com

Medplum (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;<…

Medplum ( | Founding Developer Experience Engineer | SF | Full time

Medplum (YC S22) is an open source, API first, healthcare developer platform. "Headless EHR", we take care of the security, compliance, and regulatory burdens of healthcare software development. Well funded and growing fast.

We're hiring an amazing Dev-Ex / Dev-Rel engineer to delight customers, build sample apps, and promote the Medplum platform.

Tech stack: TypeScript, React, Node.js, AWS

Learn more:

3box labs | Sr. Platform Engineer | Rust, Terraform, GCP &amp; AWS | Remote (&quot;worldwide&quot; …

3box labs | Sr. Platform Engineer | Rust, Terraform, GCP & AWS | Remote ("worldwide" but willing to overlap with NYC work hours) | Full-time

At 3Box Labs we are on a mission to usher in a new era for the web, where data is secure, interactions are trustworthy, and relationships are the basis of connection. We're enabling online experiences that are delightful and integrated while also bolstering privacy and freeing innovation. Our first product, Ceramic, is the building block for composable data on the web and is powering thousands of the world's most ambitious applications.

We're backed by an incredible community and the best investors in the space (USV, Placeholder, Variant, Multicoin) who have deep conviction in our mission. We are a lean, voraciously curious team from across the globe, with 5 years of expert remote work experience and frequent (and awesome) team retreats to spend time together. We have founded tech startups, written books, won product awards, authored patents, created Ethereum standards, and advised F100 CEOs.

Come help us tackle novel challenges and reinvent how data is managed online. Every one of our roles is remote first (retreat often!). We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive team because we cannot succeed in our mission without it. People that identify with groups traditionally underrepresented in tech are particularly encouraged to apply.

Apply at

onXmaps, Inc | Montana or REMOTE, USA only | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;career…

onXmaps, Inc | Montana or REMOTE, USA only |

ABOUT – Are you an Engineer who loves the outdoors? Join onX! onX is a suite of digital navigation apps (Hunt, Offroad, and Backcountry) that empower millions of outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re passionate about writing great software, love playing outside, believe in protecting access to public lands, and want to dominate the off-pavement mobile GPS market – then join our team, where we empower millions of outdoor enthusiasts to explore the unknown! We have multiple openings! View them here:

Here are some of the technologies we work with:

3D (OpenGL, Metal, C++)

Data Automation (Python, PostgreSQL, GIS)

Android (Kotlin) - 3+ positions open

iOS (Swift, SwiftUI) - 2 positions open

Backend (Go, Elixir, GraphQL, GCP, Kubernetes) - 1 Elixir position open

Web (Vue JS) - 1 Fullstack role open

Quality (Cypress, XCUITest, Espresso) (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a>) | … ( | San Diego, Texas (ONSITE mostly, some REMOTE positions) | All Full-time

We're hiring a people/tech manager for our planning and controls stack, in particular.

We also have a huge number of open roles across software, foundations, cloud, embedded, and autonomy for software engineers.

Link for SD jobs:

Shield is a well funded deftech startup experiencing rapid growth in their autonomy software and medium/large segment aircraft sales.

Juniper (YC W21) | Senior Software Engineer, Data Engineer | NYC | Full-time |<…

Juniper (YC W21) | Senior Software Engineer, Data Engineer | NYC | Full-time |

Juniper operates at the messy financial infrastructure layer for US Healthcare. We’ve built an end-to-end insurance billing system for recurring care, starting with Autism clinics. Healthcare in the United States runs on private and public insurance billing, but providers spend huge amounts of time on faxes, phone calls, and error-prone legacy systems to get paid. That’s not why they got into care.

What’s worse, these systems aren’t hugely successful—clinics regularly get back 80% what they know the insurance company should pay. Those missing dollars could be used to hire more care providers to help more kids, but instead line insurance companies’ pockets.

We’re changing that.

At Juniper, we’ve built an end-to-end billing system. It starts with ingesting from a clinic’s EHR, then create, validates, and submits claims to insurance providers across the country. If claims need corrections or appeals, most of the time we can handle those automatically or our CX and Operations team use our in-house internal tools. We also handle patient invoicing for co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles (we never send anything to collections.)

Our typical paid rate is above 95%.

We are a team of 25 with strong product market fit—we’ve had to push out onboardings because engineering can’t build quickly enough.

You’ll be working with an engineering leadership team from AWS and Stripe to get doctors and clinicians back to work helping kids.

Interested in fixing American healthcare? Email to chat

Sensei Ag | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;…

Sensei Ag | | Senior Data Pipeline Engineer | Remote within US | Full-time

Are you ready to harness technology for a profound environmental impact? Be a part of a pioneering movement in food production as a Software Engineer at Sensei Ag, a leader in indoor farming technology co-founded by visionaries Larry Ellison and Dr. David Agus. Our mission is not just to transform farming but to do so sustainably—optimizing indoor spaces to yield fresher, more sustainable produce year-round.

Within Sensei Ag, the mission of the Data Insights group is to foster a data-driven organization by providing and supporting robust, organized wise use of data to gain insights and make decisions. This role, as part of the Data Insights group, supports the development of data processing pipelines for Sensei Ag. Day-to-day tasks would include monitoring of data processing, troubleshooting and debugging data processing tasks, and development of new data flows for existing platforms. This role will also provide basic support to the development of new data processing technologies including setup and administration of new tools and engineering support to new data software systems. The role offers multiple growth opportunities including work in data science, data visualization, and sensing/control systems. An ideal candidate will have a passion for helping build systems which will empower Sensei Ag to grow crops more efficiently and sustainably.

Apply now to join our team and be part of the revolution in sustainable farming:

Privy | Onsite NYC (Preferred) or Remote (US&#x2F;Canada) | Hybrid Product&#x2F;Eng, Frontend, Full…

Privy | Onsite NYC (Preferred) or Remote (US/Canada) | Hybrid Product/Eng, Frontend, Fullstack, Backend Roles | Full-Time |

Hi, I'm Asta, CTO at the digital identity startup Privy. We build an authentication and cryptographic key management SDK that hundreds of companies integrate in order to onboard users (7M+ in the past year) onto products built with blockchain infra and distributed systems.

We believe that when users own cryptographic keys, we shift the status quo so that users control more of their data and assets online. Privacy is fundamentally about ownership and revocation. User experience is our North Star, because users won't compromise on UX.

We're a small, high-ownership team building a product with real usage (>2M MAUs, massive transaction volume) that developers love. We've raised $26M from Sequoia & Paradigm. We ship constantly - multiple production releases per week.

Reach out at join [at] - these emails go to me.

Foxglove | Remote | Full Time or Contract | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;" rel="nof…

Foxglove | Remote | Full Time or Contract |

Foxglove is the leading observability platform for robotics developers. We help robotics and autonomous vehicle companies log, ingest, organize, and visualize multimodal data. We're well funded (Series A, ~20 people), with an experienced and fast-moving team. Seeking like-minded people to join us!

- Senior / Staff Product Engineer (Remote, US time zone, mostly TypeScript + React + Node.js, bonus if you have experience with any of Rust, C++, Go, Python)

- Senior / Staff Rust Engineer (Remote, Australia / New Zealand time zone)

- Sales / Solutions Engineer (Boston MA, ideally experienced with cloud + robotics)

Happy Scribe | Engineer, Designer, ML | Onsite &amp; Hybrid (Barcelona, Spain) | Full-time<p>Hi the…

Happy Scribe | Engineer, Designer, ML | Onsite & Hybrid (Barcelona, Spain) | Full-time

Hi there, Happy Scribe founder here. At Happy Scribe we think audio & video should be universally accessible. Today’s state of the art is agencies doing everything manually. We want to scale high-quality subtitles & dubbing with a multi-player editing experience that combines sota ai with a global marketplace of proofreaders. Being product-led we have the datasets needed to get there. It’s the Tesla autopilot play in the language service industry. If we succeed we’ll live in a world where everyone can consume any content in their native language without degrading the experience.

A team of 5 engineers and 0$ vc money built the product, used by +350k/mo people with high 7-digit revenue. We inhabit a beautiful 4-story designer office in the Gràcia neighbourhood.

Here is our careers page We sponsor visas.

We hire only builders and kind people :)

Email me directly at “”


Snout <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;www.sno…

Snout | Principal Software Engineer, Product Manager, Product Marketing | Remote US | Full Time

Join us at Snout on our mission to ensure no one ever has to make a health decision for their pet based on the cash in their back account. Snout plans pay for 100% of routine veterinary care, unlimited visits, and additional member benefits - think pet insurance, that you will actually use every year.

Principal Software Engineer -

You will be working on our core wellness product, launched late-2022. Work includes the addition of new wellness plan features and capabilities, enhancement of user experience, testing and operation of the wellness platform, and special projects that arise from time to time. We frequently work cross-functionally and you can expect to write code and perform technical operations for our marketing, sales, and support efforts, as well.

Our tech stack includes Node.js, React, PostgreSQL, AWS, and Tailwind. We use both JavaScript and TypeScript heavily.

To apply for the engineering role, please email

Our typical process is a one hour technical interview followed by a casual 30 minute meeting with our whole team.

We're a small startup team consisting of fewer than ten people. Successful team members are comfortable participating in spirited and detailed debates to establish product and technical plans, and then taking initiative and ownership to deliver on those plans quickly and effectively. Our team is collaborative. You can expect to meet with the team on a daily basis, pair regularly, and participate in slack discussions throughout the day. We keep pacific work hours and expect the team to be available during 9a-5p at a minimum. If you're looking for a team where you can carve out your area of responsibility, work with experienced partners who have your back, grow your role alongside the growth of the company, and take a product to the moon, then we should talk.

Bright Network | Python Engineer | Edinburgh, UK | Hybrid | Full-time<p>At Bright Network, we use m…

Bright Network | Python Engineer | Edinburgh, UK | Hybrid | Full-time

At Bright Network, we use modern technology and data science to connect ambitious young people from all backgrounds with the best career opportunities. We currently have 1M+ members and 300+ top-tier graduate employers.

We're currently looking for a Python Engineer to work on our Django-based member websites. See for more info.

You can expect:

* To work alongside people who are really proud of the products they're building - putting our customers first

* To work in a collaborative, ego-free & supportive team

* To have time in each sprint to focus on your own L&D to help you grow

Please get in touch with me if you're interested or have any questions — email in my profile!

** Trunk Tools | Engineers | Full-Time | US REMOTE or ONSITE NYC **<p>Trunk Tools creates software …

** Trunk Tools | Engineers | Full-Time | US REMOTE or ONSITE NYC **

Trunk Tools creates software to make construction more efficient and cost effective, we have significant revenue and are growing extremely quickly! We're a team with prior experience at SpaceX, PlanGrid, Carta, LinkedIn, Uber, etc.

We spent the last few years building the brain behind construction. Now we are deploying workflows/ agents, starting with Q&A document chatbot, to be ingrained in construction teams’ workflows, ultimately to automate construction. Given our immense traction with several Fortune 500 construction companies, we are doubling our team in order to deploy several more agents this year. You will have an opportunity to drive the transformation of a multi-trillion-dollar industry full of waste, risks and inefficiencies.

We're looking for:

  * Director of AI (NYC or Remote US)  [1]

  * Full Stack / Implementation Engineer (NYC or Remote US) [2]

  * Senior Machine Learning Engineer (NYC or Remote US) [3]

  * Full Stack Engineer (Frontend Architect) (NYC or Remote US) [4]
Examples of relevant experience for some of these roles would include semantic and lexical search, RAG, knowledge graphs, fine-tuning models, prompt engineering, MLOps, parsing unstructured data, enterprise search, node.js, typescript, react, python. A great candidate would have experience with many of these, not just one.

Feel free to email your resume and a note over to





Wormhole Labs | Multiple Positions | Remote (US ET work hours) | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;wormhol…

Wormhole Labs | Multiple Positions | Remote (US ET work hours) | | $150-225K + token grant + discretionary performance bonus

Wormhole Labs is a software company that specializes in building open source blockchain technology. We contribute to the Wormhole cross-chain messaging protocol and other protocols interested in expanding to different ecosystems.

We are looking to hire a Senior Frontend Engineer and a Smart Contract Engineer.

The Senior Frontend Engineer would contribute to the Wormhole TS SDK ( and Wormhole Connect (

The Smart Contract Engineer would contribute to smart contracts throughout Wormhole’s ecosystem and build reference implementations for new protocols.

Our team is <20 and mostly engineers. We believe in high agency, low egos, and strong collaboration. We offer competitive liquid compensation with performance bonuses and unlimited PTO.

See job posts:

Please apply on Greenhouse and send an email to tony at wormholelabs dot xyz with a copy of your resume and a brief overview of the most difficult technical problem you’ve recently solved. What made it difficult and how did you solve the problem?

Alembic | San Francisco, United States | Full-time | In-Office&#x2F;Hybrid<p>Alembic applies cuttin…

Alembic | San Francisco, United States | Full-time | In-Office/Hybrid

Alembic applies cutting-edge algorithms and composite AI solutions to provide a new approach for marketing data analytics. Unlike tools that only provide correlation, only Alembic provides true causation, giving organizations across sector and industry the ability to quantify the value of every marketing activity and maximize future marketing investments. We’re backed by leading tech luminaries and innovators including WndrCo, founded by DreamWorks founder Jeffrey Katzenberg, Jensen Huang, Joe Montana, and many more.

Priority roles: Core Backend (Node), Applied AI Backend (Python)

Job postings >

PlantingSpace | Full-time | Remote (EU time zone) with quarterly gatherings | <a href="https:&#x2F;…

PlantingSpace | Full-time | Remote (EU time zone) with quarterly gatherings |

We are building an AI system that can accurately represent knowledge and handle uncertainty, to enable the discovery of insights and solve problems based on explainable reasoning. Our technology is not based on a GPT framework but on a novel approach to structured knowledge representation. We envision applications to automate analysis and speed up research in domains such as Finance, Strategy Consulting, Engineering, Material Sciences, and more.

We are continuously looking for strong software engineers who are up for a challenge and a steep learning curve. You’ll be exposed to cutting edge research in Bayesian statistics, dynamical systems, information theory, symbolic computing, and more.

Current openings at PlantingSpace:

- Senior NLP Engineer: build bridges between neural and symbolic representations within our system.

- Software Engineer: contributing to core system development, production backend engineering, implementing and analysing algorithms.

- Applied Category Theorist (Knowledge Representation): research category theoretic representations of real world phenomena to inspire our development.

To see a full list of openings, and to apply, check out our Join Us page: We’re excited to also share some example tasks that will give you a taste of the work we do here:

Propel | Senior Platform&#x2F;DevOps Engineer | Remote (US) | Full-time | $150k-$230k<p>Propel is o…

Propel | Senior Platform/DevOps Engineer | Remote (US) | Full-time | $150k-$230k

Propel is on a mission to empower low-income Americans by simplifying access to government benefits with modern technology. All of our users deserve first-class experiences in their daily interactions with the social safety net and financial services. We're a passionate team of 100 Propellers - all working to help our users get through the month, every month. We’re looking for a self-motivated Platform Engineer to join our Infrastructure Team within the engineering org at Propel.

You will own our fundamental cloud services that our engineering team builds upon, our application platform (based on Kubernetes) that we run our applications on, and own our developer experience and tools.

Tech stack: AWS, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Terraform, Datadog

This position is fully remote, but offices are available in Brooklyn, San Francisco, or Salt Lake City if desired. Location does not affect compensation, but unfortunately we are only accepting applications from residents in specific US states at this time. Please see the job post for the complete details.

Lithos Carbon | Full-Stack Engineer, Data Scientist, and Applied Statistician | Hybrid (SF Bay Area…

Lithos Carbon | Full-Stack Engineer, Data Scientist, and Applied Statistician | Hybrid (SF Bay Area, Seattle) | Full-time

Hey everyone — we're a startup that's scaling a form of durable carbon dioxide removal called enhanced rock weathering. In addition to the critical efforts around decarbonization and emissions mitigations, you might have heard of efforts to scale carbon removal to mop up the remainder. Even so, we need to create an entirely new industry capable of removing tens of billions of tons of CO2 within the next decade.

Our bet at Lithos is that the best chance of success is by leveraging three industries already capable of this scale: agriculture, mining, and transportation. Rock weathering is a key part of the Earth's geologic carbon cycle, and has acted as a crucial "global thermostat" to keep Earth habitable — but it normally takes millennia. By enhancing this process, we can speed up the reaction to have meaningful effects within human timescales.

On a day-to-day basis, this involves planning, coordinating, tracking, and optimizing a distributed physical supply chain. We're looking for full-stack engineers, data scientists, and applied statisticians to build the next iteration of our platform under 10x operational growth, and design what will become the "operating system" for enhanced weathering at scale. There's a diverse set of challenges spanning interactive geospatial tooling, map and document digitization, laboratory sample management, logistical routing and optimization, and scientific modeling.

We are hiring for Senior-level roles in:

- Full-Stack Engineering

- Data Science

- Applied Statistics

If you have experience of any kind in farming, commercial agriculture, geospatial data / GIS, farm management software, building tools for semi-technical power users (think Excel/Airtable/Google Earth), or working on offline applications, please mention this in your email - we'd love to hear about it!

You can reach out to us directly via hn [at]

Trunk | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a> | Sr Bac…

Trunk | | Sr Back End Eng /Sr Infra Eng| Sr Analytics Data Eng | Sr Product Designer | Technical SDR | Full-Time | Hybrid SF or Remote US or Canada

Trunk is an a16z funded dev tools startup, redefining software development at scale. We aim to solve problems that developers hate by bringing the tools usually built in-house at the best engineering orgs to every development team. We've built three products so far and have plans for more:

  * Trunk Check: a universal linter/formatter, available as a CLI, VSCode extension, and CI check;
  * Trunk Merge: a merge queue, to ensure that PRs are tested in order before they're merged; and
  * Trunk Test Analytics: detects, quarantines, and eliminates flaky tests from your code base. Prevents flakey tests from producing noise and blocking CI.
In 2022, we raised a $25M Series A led by Initialized Capital (Garry Tan) and a16z (Peter Levine).

Our tech stack:

  * Frontend: Typescript, React, Redux, Next.js
  * Backend: Typescript, Node, AWS, CDK, k8s, gRPC
  * Observability: Prometheus, Grafana, Kiali, Jaeger
  * CLI: C++20, Bazel
  * VSCode Extension: Typescript
  * CI/CD: GitHub Actions
  * General: GitHub, Slack, Linear, Slite
Unlimited PTO (and we all actually take PTO), competitive salary and equity packages! Please apply here:

GCI (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a>) | An…

GCI ( | Anchorage, AK / REMOTE | Senior Data Engineer

We're looking for experienced Data Engineers familiar with working in Azure and Databricks. We build pipelines to ingest data for our analysts and data scientists and integrate with other platforms. We also take care of the platform and work to improve it for all teams.

IT Data Engineer IV:

Senior IT Data Engineer:

About GCI: Headquartered in Alaska with additional locations throughout the U.S., GCI has worked for more than 40 years to deliver communication and technology services to some of the most remote communities and in some of the most challenging conditions in North America. GCI is a pioneer in its field, bringing telemedicine and online education capabilities to communities across the state and continuing efforts to connect the Arctic globally as well as providing strong services to consumer and business markets. GCI’s introduction of 1 GIG internet speeds in the state as well as its innovative partnership with Apple are among the countless ways the company has transformed communication and quality of life for Alaskans.

Djamo | Software Engineer | Remote (UTC-3 to UTC+3) | Full-time | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;career…

Djamo | Software Engineer | Remote (UTC-3 to UTC+3) | Full-time |

I'm VP of engineering at Djamo and we're looking for talented people at Djamo. We are building the neobank for 210 millions people in Subsaharan Africa.

Our goal is to build seamless and affordable banking solutions to bring millions of people into financial inclusion, where less than 25% of the population is banked. You can find out more about us on

Here are our open positions: * Staff Software Engineer, Mobile * Data Analyst

If you're not in the roles but feel you can add something to us, feel free to contact me.

Our stack is simple and scalable: Typescript, Flutter, Postgresql, Redis, Kafka. We run our servers on AWS.

You can directly join me at vianney at

Valley View Trading | Developer&#x2F;Trader | Onsite, Chicago IL<p>Calling all elite developers who…

Valley View Trading | Developer/Trader | Onsite, Chicago IL

Calling all elite developers who are ready to make their mark in the markets: Valley View trading is not your typical trading firm. We're a small team of successful trader/engineers looking for an inventive, entrepreneurial and detail-oriented developer who wants to master the equity options markets.

If you're a self-starter with serious C++ chops, a track record of moving fast and a hunger to excel in the ultra-competitive world of options trading - let's talk. This is a unique chance to reap the rewards of your talent.

The right candidate thrives as an individual contributor, has 5+ years of experience creating high-octane, low latency code and a clean background. You'll hit the ground running and have 60 days to ace the Series 57 exam on us.

If you're ready to trade Silicon Valley politics for the chance at Silicon Valley paydays, this is your opportunity. Show us what you've got - reach out with cover letter and resume at valleyviewoptions <AT> gmail.


[flagged] | ML Researcher, Founding Engineer | London On-Site<p>We&#x27;re a seed-stage, code gene… | ML Researcher, Founding Engineer | London On-Site

We're a seed-stage, code generation startup, working to automate the boring tasks in large codebases. If you'd like to push the boundaries of code generation and deploy your work in some of the largest software engineering teams orgs in the world, shoot me an email (it's in the Notion job descriptions).

Koddi | Currently seeking FT employees in the following locations: Ann Arbor, MI | Fort Worth, TX |…

Koddi | Currently seeking FT employees in the following locations: Ann Arbor, MI | Fort Worth, TX | Austin, TX | New York, NY Open roles: Senior Software Engineers (Go, Java, C, C++, PhP); Integration Engineer; Integration Engineering Manager; ML Engineer (must have adtech experience), Director of Data Science (must have adtech experience), Platform Engineer, Director of Infrastructure.

Must be US Citizen or Green Card holder and physically located in the US. Passionate about development in leading technologies? Looking to become a major player on a diverse team? Want to make a big impact on an engineer-driven roadmap in your next career adventure? Koddi Engineers drive innovation by embracing challenges and deploying emerging technologies to solve complex problems in software development.

Koddi is a global technology company with software and services that help top digital marketplaces effectively monetize their first-party audiences through industry-leading commerce media technology and strategy. Our enterprise platforms leverage first-party data to drive marketplace revenue and profit by improving user experience and target shoppers throughout the purchase path. Koddi’s platforms enable any advertiser, any marketplace, in any industry to increase awareness, generate demand, and drive revenue.

Review all open roles at and apply directly, or send your resume to

Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer<p>Location: Toronto<p>Employment: Full-time, Hybrid<p>Job Summa…

Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer

Location: Toronto

Employment: Full-time, Hybrid

Job Summary

You will design and implement solutions that process and analyze financial data streams, contributing to the operational back and user-facing front end.

Key Responsibilities

You will be a crucial player in our engineering team, handling everything from data engineering to DevOps, back-end to front-end.

- Lead diverse development tasks, including system architecture, data engineering, and full-stack development.

- Build and deploy scalable systems tailored for data-driven

- Direct DevOps initiatives utilizing tools such as Docker and Terraform.

Who You Are

You're a builder at heart, driven by the challenge of solving complex problems. You excel in a fast-paced environment, equipped with a deep toolkit of software development skills. Ideally, you bring:

- A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or a related field.

- More than 10 years of hands-on experience across the full-stack spectrum, DevOps, and cloud.

- A passion for crafting products from scratch and relentlessly pursuing system optimization.

Apply by sending your resume and a cover letter to

Tandem | Founding Software Engineer | Remote | Full-time | $120k – $180k • 0.25% – 0.75%<p>Tandem i…

Tandem | Founding Software Engineer | Remote | Full-time | $120k – $180k • 0.25% – 0.75%

Tandem is reimagining the employer-employee relationship by making employer-sponsored training accessible to any employer with the imperative to grow.

Role: As a Founding Software Engineer, you'll shape our platform's tech backbone and drive technical direction. You'll influence a high-impact startup from the ground up, contributing to strategic decisions and hands-on coding.

Responsibilities: - Develop scalable software solutions across our full stack - Participate in all software development lifecycle phases - Help define and execute technical roadmap - Develop and maintain dev processes, tools, and workflows

Requirements: - 3+ years full stack experience, focus on scalable web apps - Strong Python skills, familiarity with Python backend frameworks - Proficiency in modern frontend frameworks (React/Next.js preferred) - Cloud services experience (AWS, GCP, Azure) - DevOps proficiency (Docker, CI/CD, monitoring) - Unix and command-line familiarity - Fintech vendor experience a plus (Stripe, Plaid, ledgers)

Tech Stack: Python (Flask), Typescript (Vue.js / Next.js / React), MongoDB, PostgreSQL, AWS EC2 + Vercel

We offer: - Competitive salary and stock options - Comprehensive health benefits - Flexible time off - New computer hardware


Churnkey | Technical Support Engineer | Remote (preferably in North or South American time zones) |…

Churnkey | Technical Support Engineer | Remote (preferably in North or South American time zones) | $80k to $110k per year |

Churnkey is a rapidly expanding customer-centric subscriptions company actively looking for a Senior Full-Stack Engineer. As an early engineer at Churnkey, you’ll work directly with our CTO and product team in architecting and developing new features and product lines. To get a sense of what we’ve been building lately, check out our launch log(

We’re looking for:

We are looking for a Technical Support Engineer to serve as a key player in both supporting our clients and contributing to our product development. This hybrid role is designed for individuals passionate about technology and customer satisfaction. Your responsibilities will not only involve addressing technical queries and issues, but also participating in feature development and product enhancements.

Desired skills to be successful:

* Technical Skills: Strong problem-solving skills with a foundation in software development, preferably in VueJS and NodeJS. A knack for troubleshooting and debugging technical issues.

* Customer Support Experience: Experience with customer support systems like Linear, Intercom, etc., and an ability to manage customer interactions effectively.

* Product Familiarity: Willingness to deeply understand our product suite, our technology stack, and the payment platforms we integrate with, such as Stripe and Chargebee.

If you or someone you know is a strong fit, please apply here:

Portrait Analytics | Senior ETL focused SWE and Senior SWE backend | Remote -+3 hours EST | Full Ti…

Portrait Analytics | Senior ETL focused SWE and Senior SWE backend | Remote -+3 hours EST | Full Time | | $150k - $200k, 0.5% - 1%

We're an early stage startup ( currently 9 employees ) building tools for public market analysis. We're leveraging LLMs and modern search systems to automate the finding and synthesis of information about public companies so that analysts can spend less time scouring and more time thinking.

Our tech stack: .NET, Python, AWS, Typescript CDK, Postgres, Rust

Senior SWE Search focused -

Senior SWE ETL data engineering focus -

Atrium | Backend&#x2F;Infra Engineer | Remote | Full Time<p>Web: <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;atrium.…

Atrium | Backend/Infra Engineer | Remote | Full Time


ABOUT: At Atrium, we are building an AI Powered Search engine for entities (companies and people) and topics. We are automating the construction of the world's largest open knowledge graph of companies, people and their relationships. We enable businesses to perform much more detailed comprehensive analysis of businesses surfacing information such as 1) Competitive landscape, 2) Product Whitespace, 3) ICPs and contacts who are likely to be customers

POSITION: We're seeking a talented Python Engineer to join our growing team and help build the future of AI-driven business analytics. Ideal candidate should have a strong grasp of AI and machine learning concepts, particularly in the realm of large language models (LLMs) and AI agents. Familiarity with GCP services is essential, as is experience with building scalable data pipelines.

APPLY: email us at:

Temporal Technologies | Multiple positions in United States - WORK FROM HOME | FULL-TIME |<p>Tempor…

Temporal Technologies | Multiple positions in United States - WORK FROM HOME | FULL-TIME |

Temporal offers an entirely new way to build scalable and reliable applications. Temporal enables developers to focus on writing important business logic, and not on managing state or worrying about the underlying infrastructure. Sequoia Capital led our last round of funding and our team has experience from start-ups and larger companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Uber, and more.

Temporal Investors Expand Funding:

Temporal in 7 minutes:

We're looking for senior level engineers for multiple roles - see here -


Senior Developer Success Engineer →

Staff Product Manager - Governance & Security →

Staff Software Engineer - Control Plane Core →

Senior Software Engineer - Cloud Infrastructure →

Senior Manager, Commercial Sales →

US benefits include: Unlimited PTO, 12 Holidays + 2 Floating Holidays, 100% Premiums Coverage for Medical, Dental, and Vision, AD&D, LT & ST Disability and Life Insurance , Empower 401K Plan, Additional Perks for Learning & Development, Lifestyle Spending, In-Home Office Setup, Professional Memberships, WFH Meals, Internet Stipend and more! Benefits outside the United States vary by country.

Apply here

Relevant Healthcare | Director of Engineering | Remote (USA + Canada)<p>Relevant (<a href="https:&#…

Relevant Healthcare | Director of Engineering | Remote (USA + Canada)

Relevant ( is a small and experienced team building an analytics and population health platform for non-profit clinics called Community Health Centers*. We're bootstrapped, fully remote, and hiring a director of engineering!

Read more about the role here: Read more about Community Health Centers here:

PMG | Software Engineers | ONSITE (Dallas) We are a digital marketing technology company that wants…

PMG | Software Engineers | ONSITE (Dallas) We are a digital marketing technology company that wants to make adtech and martech significantly more data driven. We are looking for folks who want to transition their careers from Software Engineers to AI Engineers

Galvanick | Seattle, Los Angeles | Full-Time | Onsite+ We are seeing: Senior detections engineers, …

Galvanick | Seattle, Los Angeles | Full-Time | Onsite+ We are seeing: Senior detections engineers, senior software engineers, senior threat hunter / security analysts, and a head of government engagement Galvanick secures the world's industrial systems and networks against cyber attacks. We aggregate data from across your industrial infrastructure, then contextualize and surface critical malicious behavior to your operations and security teams, enabling you to identify threats sooner and respond faster. Our customers range from startups to the Fortune 500. Apply here:

Rectangle | Software engineer | Full-time | Chicago USA | Onsite | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;recta…

Rectangle | Software engineer | Full-time | Chicago USA | Onsite |

The global supply chain has a collaboration problem. It's a mess of TMSs, ERPs, WhatsApp, emails, and spreadsheets. For the last 50 years, it's been solved with brittle EDI integrations to bridge walled gardens. We're taking a different approach. We aim to reshape how the supply chain collaborates and as a result redefine how trillions of dollars of goods get moved around the world.

We’re a small product team who have worked on anything from foundational technology at Flexport, self-driving cars, to core AI experiences and products at Google. We’re looking to bring a high level of craft to an industry that runs on incredibly outdated software.

If you're interested in learning more, send us an email at

Imbue | Engineering Manager | San Francisco | Full-time<p>Imbue builds AI systems that reason and c…

Imbue | Engineering Manager | San Francisco | Full-time

Imbue builds AI systems that reason and code, enabling AI agents to accomplish larger goals and safely work in the real world. We train our own foundation models optimized for reasoning and prototype agents on top of these models. By using these agents extensively, we gain insights into improving both the capabilities of the underlying models and the interaction design for agents. We aim to rekindle the dream of the personal computer, where computers become truly intelligent tools that empower us, giving us freedom, dignity, and agency to pursue the things we love.

For more example projects and benefits, see the full job description:

Please apply through the website above. All submissions are reviewed by a real person!

Fullstory | Atlanta or Remote (USA) | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;" rel="nofo…

Fullstory | Atlanta or Remote (USA) |

Fullstory provides session replay and analytics for websites and mobile apps. We have a couple of engineering roles open:

* Senior Security Engineer -

* Senior Data Engineer -

...and a number of other roles in sales, finance, marketing, and customer support. See for the full list and some general info.

I'm not sure what any of the pay ranges are, but I can say that as a Staff Software Engineer on the mobile team, I make a bit over $200k base, in addition to bonus and equity. All the usual benefits: healthcare, 401k matching (Vanguard), unlimited PTO (I take about 5 weeks a year), etc.

Feel free to reply here or email nathan@[company site] if you have any questions. (To apply, please submit your info on the website.) | Hybrid | NYC (in a beautiful office) | Full-time | Full-Stack &amp; Back-End Developers… | Hybrid | NYC (in a beautiful office) | Full-time | Full-Stack & Back-End Developers | B2B and B2C SaaS

Shmood is a VC backed company on a mission to eliminate design alignment churn.

We’re building Pinterest for design enterprises — to allow designers and their teams instantly align with clients of any background, on a project of any scale. To do this, we’re integrating a semantic data layer that takes multimodal design intent and communicates it, refines it, and turns it into actionable advice. (or email with an intro and resume and we will be in touch!)

CrazyGames | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2…

CrazyGames | | REMOTE | Full-time | Multiple roles

With recent technologies such as WebGPU and WebAssembly, the browser is quickly becoming a powerful gaming platform. High-quality 3D graphics and near-native level performance are becoming possible without the need for downloads, apps, or platform-specific development. Our browser games platform is already reaching more than 35 million people per month. We are self-funded, profitable, remote-first, and fast-growing.

We are currently looking for multiple people on the product and engineering side to bring our product to the next level.

Please note that we're looking for people who can work on a European timezone.

* Product Engineer:

* Data scientist:

* Front-end engineer:

* Performance marketing specialist:

We also have 1 role in Belgium specifically:

* Software Engineer:

Bonside | Senior Full Stack Engineer | New York City (NYC) | Onsite few days a week | <a href="http…

Bonside | Senior Full Stack Engineer | New York City (NYC) | Onsite few days a week |

Bonside is an NYC-based fintech startup providing financing to brick-and-mortar businesses ( We are looking to hire an experienced full-stack engineer to join as a founding member. Bonside has already deployed over 5 million dollars to brick-and-mortars in less than a year and is on track to more than double that in the coming months.

The team is currently 8 people and focused on hiring curious, ambitious, and thoughtful teammates. This opportunity presents a strong growth trajectory for a skilled engineer who will be instrumental in building delightful software, the architecting of systems, and the scaling of the engineering team. The company is at an exciting inflection point with a variety of interesting engineering challenges that include data engineering, an investment marketplace, and brick-and-mortar specific software. This role will work closely with our Head of Engineering (prev. Netflix).

Full job description:

Tech Stack: Typescript, NextJS, tRPC, Tailwind, Node, Python, Prisma, Postgres, Vercel, Supabase, Retool, ClickHouse, Metabase

Feel free to apply on the site or email me at

Hightouch |Remote (North America)|Full-time | Backend Engineers<p>Some background on Hightouch - ou…

Hightouch |Remote (North America)|Full-time | Backend Engineers

Some background on Hightouch - our mission is to help companies leverage their customer data to grow. We started with the problem of “Reverse ETL” or helping companies sync data from their data warehouse (e.g. Snowflake, Databricks, etc.) to 200+ SaaS tools (Salesforce, Marketo, Facebook Ads, etc.) without coding. Since then, we’ve evolved into a suite of tools around the warehouse (identity resolution, data enrichment, event streaming, etc.). We’ve raised a Series B and scaled to $20m+ ARR in 3 years with 600+ customers including Fortune 500 co’s like Spotify, the NBA, PetSmart, etc.

We are hiring for:

Software Engineer, Backend (Customer Studio):

AO Labs | Building an alternative to backpropagation | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;…

AO Labs | Building an alternative to backpropagation | | Berkeley, CA + remote

AI systems struggle with edge cases and understanding local context despite increasing model sizes. From our research at UC Berkeley into the evolution of intelligence from simple organisms, we’ve discovered the missing link is continuous learning (deep learning is pre-trained by design). Models built with our framework learn through customizable parameters similar to animal instincts, allowing for AI grounded with built-in memory and reasoning. We're a community of 160+ developers and researchers building general intelligence from the bottom-up from places like Berkeley, NYU, Imperial College, and Google.

We're building way outside of the current paradigm and we're looking for collaborators at all levels --hackers, contributors, the curious-- as we'll be making our first hires soon. Email with "HN Hiring" in subject line to: ali at or chat with us in our discord:

This post is near identical to mine from last month; if you reached out then, please know that I'll respond to you soon (I've been busy wrapping up a fundraise).

Junior | Founding (full-stack) Engineer | NYC | Full time<p>In the top 10% for seed B2B SaaS growth…

Junior | Founding (full-stack) Engineer | NYC | Full time

In the top 10% for seed B2B SaaS growth and top 1% for traction. We're growing rapidly and have ambitious plans to shape the future of knowledge work at the forefront of genAI. On a mission to transform private M&A deal-making by eliminating all of the donkey / process work done by deal teams and their advisors.

Full JD here:

Norm | New York City (NYC) + Remote | Multiple engineering roles | Full-Time | <a href="https:&#x2F…

Norm | New York City (NYC) + Remote | Multiple engineering roles | Full-Time |

Norm is building AI that understands regulations for regulatory compliance. Our AI currently automates compliance determinations for federally regulated financial content, though our vision is to build a platform that can handle any regulation in any industry. As AI begins to permeate our society, Norm aims to become a critical building block for other AI systems that need regulatory intelligence. You can read more about our vision here:

We just raised a $27m series A (on top of a $11m seed). We're growing quickly and have major, household-name financial institutions as clients and investors. We're working on hard, interesting problems and want to push the boundaries of what's possible for AI-driven products. We're hiring for a lot of technical roles, including:

AI engineer:

Product engineer:

Full-stack engineer:

Cloud infrastructure engineer:

Director of Information Security & Compliance:

Legal engineer:

We're also hiring for sales as well. The best way to apply is online through the links above (we review every application!) -- mention HN Who's Hiring in the additional information / cover letter section. Full list here:

Make Waves | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;…

Make Waves | | Lead developer & Marketing Manager | FULLTIME | ONSITE / HYBRID (>= one day in the office a week) | Amsterdam, NL

Make Waves was founded in 2021 by two brothers with a track record in the music and tech industry. We’re building a kinder, more helpful platform for independent artists to release their music and build a following. By providing artists with easy-to-understand tools and insights in a notoriously over-complicated industry, we want to empower DIY artists to control their careers without making concessions.

In the last years we’ve built the platform from the ground up and are now entering a phase where we’re focusing on growth and maturity. We’ve also secured funding for the next three to four years, so we can provide a stable job with great growth potential.

We are actively looking for a lead developer (with a hope you can transition into a CTO role in the near future) and a marketing manager. Unfortunately we can’t offer relocation or visa sponsorship and are only considering candidates that are able to join us in the office weekly.

Check out for more details.

Iudex AI | Software Engineers | Full-time | SF | ONSITE | $120k – $200k | 0.5% - 2% | No visa<p>Iud…

Iudex AI | Software Engineers | Full-time | SF | ONSITE | $120k – $200k | 0.5% - 2% | No visa

Iudex is a next generation observability tool. Our goal is to improve dev velocity by surfacing post deployment information intelligently by serving developers first. Our low cost, wide ranging framework integrations, and ease-of-us allow us to support both start ups and any enterprise looking to make their devs faster.

We are funded by Pear VC and are a very early stage company. We're looking for a founding engineer and engineers -- folks who are passionate about making awesome tools for their fellow engineers and are interested learning how to use AI to further this goal for both internal and external tools.

Email: if you're interested.

76 Software Engineering Group | Oklahoma City, OK | FULL-TIME | ONSITE | U.S. CITIZENSHIP REQUIRED<…

76 Software Engineering Group | Oklahoma City, OK | FULL-TIME | ONSITE | U.S. CITIZENSHIP REQUIRED

76 SWEG is a civilian software engineering organization operating under the United States Air Force. We are hundreds of (civilian) scientists and engineers that provide software, hardware, and engineering support solutions to a variety of Air Force and military platforms. We are located on Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, OK. We often operate like a contractor to other parts of the military and federal government by providing independent engineering services without seeking a profit. We have dozens of active projects using C, C++, C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, LabVIEW, Visual Basic, Assembly, Ada, Fortran, and other more esoteric languages. We have immediate opportunities available to hire candidates with degrees in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or closely-related fields.

If you are interested in learning more, please e-mail and tell them Jake sent you.

Saildrone | Software Engineer(s), Security | Hybrid in Alameda, CA or Washington, DC | US only, no …

Saildrone | Software Engineer(s), Security | Hybrid in Alameda, CA or Washington, DC | US only, no visas

Saildrone is on a mission to help scientists and sailors better understand the ocean and everything in it, to preserve a healthy ocean and a safe, sustainable planet. We make autonomous sailing robots that travel the oceans, measuring almost everything they can find along the way. Think of them as floating maritime tricorders. Saildrones have discovered new underwater mountains[1], circumnavigated Antarctica[2], and even traveled right through hurricanes[3]!

We are expanding our Security team with two software engineers to help cover a wide array of needs: building security services, helping other teams assess the security of their own work, running pentests and tabletops, teaching security classes, and working with auditors to prove we do all the above. You read that right - we do SWENG, APPSEC, OFFSEC, SECED, and GRC all at the same time! I can guarantee you'll never get bored.

I've listed two positions, but we're flexible on levels for the right candidates:

* Software Engineer:

* Senior Software Engineer:



[3] and

Digital Onboarding | Senior Full-stack Engineer, DevOps Engineer, QA Engineer, DBA | REMOTE (US bas…

Digital Onboarding | Senior Full-stack Engineer, DevOps Engineer, QA Engineer, DBA | REMOTE (US based) | Full time

Digital Onboarding is a marketing automation platform that helps banks and credit unions modernize their onboarding process and develop mutually beneficial, profitable relationships with their customers and members.

Stack: Elixir + Phoenix, React, Postgres

Send me an email me at careers at digitalonboarding dot com. Please include HN in your subject

Qventus | REMOTE (USA, LATAM, INDIA) | Engineering &#x2F; Product |<p>Qventus provi…

Qventus | REMOTE (USA, LATAM, INDIA) | Engineering / Product |

Qventus provides a real-time decision-making platform for hospital operations. Our mission is to simplify how healthcare operates so that hospitals can focus on delivering the best possible care to patients. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to create products and solutions that help nurses, doctors, and hospital staff anticipate issues and make operational decisions proactively. We work with leading public, academic, and community hospitals across the United States.

We are actively hiring for the following positions:

*Remote US:

- Sr. Data Engineer - GenAI Apps

- Sr. Data Platform Engineer

- Chief of Staff, AI Operational Assistant Innovation

- Senior Product Manager, Inpatient Solution

- Client Success Partner


- Lead Analytics Engineer

- Senior Data Engineer

- Technical Tooling Lead

- QA Manager

*Remote LATAM:

- Data Engineer ll

*To see a full list of openings and to apply, follow our Join Us page:

Peregrine Technologies | Senior Full Stack Engineer | San Francisco or DC - Hybrid | Full-time | $1…

Peregrine Technologies | Senior Full Stack Engineer | San Francisco or DC - Hybrid | Full-time | $130,000 - $215,000

About us: Peregrine exists to help public safety organizations better protect their communities and the privacy of those they serve.

Our tech stack includes: Python, Javascript / Typescript, Kubernetes, AWS, Elasticsearch, Kafka, Terraform, Pulumi, ArgoCD

Senior Full Stack Engineer:

Senior Backend Engineer:

Senior Frontend Engineer:

Senior Mobile Engineer:

Senior Product Designer:

Vannevar Labs | REMOTE-FIRST | FULL-TIME | Offices in DC and NYC<p>Vannevar Labs builds next genera…

Vannevar Labs | REMOTE-FIRST | FULL-TIME | Offices in DC and NYC

Vannevar Labs builds next generation defense software for the public servants keeping our country safe. As a team, we exist because we believe in public service, and we think that our democracy and government improve only if we put serious, collective effort into improving them, including the technology our government uses. We build software to help the the US deter and deescalate conflict. We are a profitable growth startup with some of the best defense investors in the world, including General Catalyst, DFJ Growth, Point72, and enterprise tech investors Costanoa and Felicis.

We're looking for engineers to lead the build out of our core AUTHZ + AUTHN platform, amongst other roles. Apply on our website:

MaFi Games | Senior SWE&#x2F;game dev | Contract or full-time | $70-110k | Remote | C#<p>I’m the co…

MaFi Games | Senior SWE/game dev | Contract or full-time | $70-110k | Remote | C#

I’m the co-founder of MaFi Games – an indie studio behind the game Captain of Industry. We are a small but passionate team who gave up their jobs at Google/Nvidia to pursue building the best factory simulation game possible, and we need more hands!

We are looking for an experienced software engineer to grow the team and accelerate our progress. We strongly prefer candidates with a background in game development or with experience in desktop UI, 3D graphics, and performance optimizations.

Some reasons you’d enjoy working with us:

* A multicultural, collaborative, and innovative work environment where your voice is heard.

* Fully remote job with flexible working hours and vacation schedule.

* High quality C# code base, code reviews, tests.

* High work satisfaction, work on a popular video game with a wonderful community.

As an example of our technical work see

If interested, please see the detailed info and requirements at, thanks!

Note that this is a fully remote job and we are happy to consider candidates from any country around the world!

Lingo | Senior Frontend Engineer | Remote | Full-time | $145 - $155k<p>Lingo is a user-friendly bra…

Lingo | Senior Frontend Engineer | Remote | Full-time | $145 - $155k

Lingo is a user-friendly brand management platform that seamlessly integrates digital asset management and digital brand guidelines into a single, intuitive platform. Developed by Noun Project, we enable teams at renowned companies such as Duolingo, Reddit, Eurorail, and Snap to maintain brand consistency on a large scale through a centralized brand hub.

In the role of Senior Engineer, you will be involved in all aspects of web development. This will involve close collaboration with our other web engineers as well as our backend engineers and designers, to translate concepts into functional features on the web.

Lune | Software Engineers, Sales | London or REMOTE (London +&#x2F;- 2 hours) | Full-Time | <a href…

Lune | Software Engineers, Sales | London or REMOTE (London +/- 2 hours) | Full-Time |

Lune’s mission is to make every product and service climate-positive by default.

With the Lune API, we enable companies to seamlessly build emissions calculations and high-quality carbon removal into their product and services and make it part of the customer experience. In the future, everything we do will have a positive impact on the planet – powered by Lune.

If you’re a talented engineer or sales professional who learns quickly and cares about tackling the climate crisis, we’d love to work with you!

These roles are a unique opportunity to be part of Lune’s core team, to have a real impact on our mission, and to define and scale the company into the future.

As we grow, you’ll have the opportunity to take on new responsibilities and help build a great company while tackling the greatest challenge of our time.


Tech stack: TypeScript, React, Nextjs, AWS, PostgreSQL, Terraform, Kubernetes.

Hiring for:

- Senior "bar raisers" Frontend Software Engineers

- Account executive - logistics

Sudowrite | REMOTE | Full-Time | Competitive Salary + Equity | Hiring: AI Engineer<p>- We believe t…

Sudowrite | REMOTE | Full-Time | Competitive Salary + Equity | Hiring: AI Engineer

- We believe the future of writing is AI & human collaboration. Sudowrite is the best AI for creative writers.

- We are profitable with a rapidly growing paying user base.

- We've been featured in The New York Times, New Yorker, Verge, etc.

- We believe new tools will enable a renaissance in art & creativity and we want to help the next generation of storytellers tell better stories.

- We’re 100% remote and support work-life balance. We meet up in person a few times of year, last time in Portland. We encourage diverse candidates from all over the world to apply.

- Details:

Numeric | Software engineer (4+ YOE) | ONSITE in San Francisco, CA | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;www…

Numeric | Software engineer (4+ YOE) | ONSITE in San Francisco, CA |

We're building the platform to automate accounting and tackle the underlying data issues which plague accounting and finance departments. Customers like Plaid, Wealthfront, AngelList, Mercury, and more depend on Numeric to automate their work, to collaborate, and to monitor, analyze, and share insights on their financial data. We've raised $10M to date from excellent investors like Founders Fund, Menlo Ventures, and more.

We're a product-first company with technical founders and an engineering team whose past experiences include Brex, Segment, Carta, and more. This will be a fit if you're excited to understand your users and the domain, as well as to have substantial responsibility and impact. We work in person in our SF & NYC offices, and prioritize speed and ownership (both technical and product ownership). We're growing rapidly, we're well-funded, and building out our team to continue investing in ambitious product goals.

Product-oriented engineers appreciated, bonus points for startup experience and/or full-stack experience with Typescript. >=3 YOE.

Apply: Email (mention hackernews in subject)

FUTO | Austin, TX | On-site &#x2F; Hybrid &#x2F; Remote | Full Time &#x2F; Hourly<p>FUTO is an orga…

FUTO | Austin, TX | On-site / Hybrid / Remote | Full Time / Hourly

FUTO is an organization dedicated to developing, both through in-house engineering and investment, technologies that frustrate centralization and industry consolidation. Through a combination of in-house engineering projects, targeted investments, generous grants, and multi-media public education efforts, we will free technology from the control of the few and recreate the spirit of freedom, innovation, and self-reliance that underpinned the American tech industry only a few decades ago. Our principles are here:

FUTO is hiring for two Quality Assurance roles.

QA Lead - We are looking for a full-time, in-person QA Lead to drive our quality assurance efforts across FUTO’s projects, with a focus on our Android applications. The ideal candidate is aligned with our principles, has a strong sense of software craftsmanship and will be highly active in dogfooding our products.

QA Tester - We are seeking an experienced QA Tester to join our team on a part-time or contract basis. The ideal candidate will have a keen eye for detail, a systematic approach to testing, and a strong ability to document and communicate findings. The position will be responsible for ensuring our applications meet the highest standards of quality.

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to jobs at futo dot org with the subject of the position you're interested in.

For those posting REMOTE (US) or Washington State-based jobs, please provide salary ranges in accor…

For those posting REMOTE (US) or Washington State-based jobs, please provide salary ranges in accordance with RCW 49.58.110. The civil penalties for not doing so can be significant.

London - Tipalti (Fintech)<p>We&#x27;re hiring two hybrid mobile engineers (React Native) - one sen…

London - Tipalti (Fintech)

We're hiring two hybrid mobile engineers (React Native) - one senior, one mid.

Also hiring one senior QA.

Send me a message (email is on and I can get the ball rolling very quickly.

RINSE | REMOTE or San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, New York, New Jersey, Seattle, Austi…

RINSE | REMOTE or San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, New York, New Jersey, Seattle, Austin, Dallas, or Washington DC | Software Engineer | Full-Time |

Rinse provides dry cleaning and laundry delivery services to customers in nine metropolitan areas in the US. We have sophisticated logistics optimization software, a polished consumer product, and firm business fundamentals. We're now almost a decade old - this is a stable, yet consistently growing and innovating, company.

Our engineering team is distributed across the United States and internationally, and has been entirely remote for years now, but a desk can be provided in the above cities if you'd prefer.

We're open to both newly-graduated engineers or more senior engineers, provided they meet our bar. We're particularly interested in true full-stack engineers, with strong back-end fundamentals in a Python / Django environment alongside React / Typescript familiarity.

Search term bingo: Logistics, Django, Python, Optimization, React, React Native, Postgres, Mobile Engineer

Interested? Email us as, or my first name at

Countfire | Senior Fullstack and backend Developers| Remote (but must based in UK) | www.countfire.…

Countfire | Senior Fullstack and backend Developers| Remote (but must based in UK) |

Countfire makes software for the construction industry. Our software is well loved because we try to design solutions that are a magnitude more efficient than existing tools. We use all sorts of tech, but mostly MobX, React, Typescript, Python, Hasura, Postgres, Terraform, and AWS.

We have a great loyal customer base and lots of exciting ideas that need bringing to life. Previously based in London, now seeking remote devs across the UK.

More info here

Feel free to contact me directly

Note, applicants must be resident in the UK. No recruiters.

Virta Health (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;virtahea…

Virta Health ( | SF/Denver/REMOTE (USA Only) | Full-Time

Virta Health is on a mission to transform diabetes care and reverse the type 2 diabetes epidemic. Current treatment approaches aren’t working—over half of US adults have either type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. Virta is changing this by helping people reverse type 2 diabetes through innovations in technology, personalized nutrition, and virtual care delivery reinvented from the ground up. We have raised over $350 million from top-tier investors, and partner with the largest health plans, employers, and government organizations to help their employees and members restore their health and live diabetes-free. Join us on our mission to reverse diabetes in 100M people.

Virta has been named one of Time's 100 Most Influential Companies 2023 and one of Fortune's Best Workplaces in the Bay Area 2023.

Positions are Remote-first (USA Only). Virta also has offices in San Francisco, CA and Denver, CO.

Tech stack: Typescript, React/React-Native, Python, GCP, Golang

Open Positions:

- Senior Backend Engineer - Activation ($185,000 - $240,000):

- VP, Insights & Analytics ($200,000 - $245,000):

Venture Global LNG | Data Scientist, Data Engineer | Arlington, VA ONSITE | VISA<p>Venture Global L…

Venture Global LNG | Data Scientist, Data Engineer | Arlington, VA ONSITE | VISA

Venture Global LNG is a natural gas company. Primarily, we liquify natural gas for export, but are expanding into other parts of the industry.

Our data analytics team is like a startup: informal, small, growing rapidly. We need 2 DS and 2 DE who know Spark and can autonomously design and execute complex work for high-level stakeholders.

Requirements for both: - 5 years professional, non-academic experience - Excellent communications - Strong Spark skills - Technical skills and ambition well above the average "good" candidate

Go to our jobs page and scroll to Information Technology / Data Engineer or Data Scientist to apply.

Direct links:

Apple | Senior Software Engineer | Austin &amp; Cupertino | Full-time | Onsite<p>The ASE Data Infra…

Apple | Senior Software Engineer | Austin & Cupertino | Full-time | Onsite

The ASE Data Infrastructure team is seeking an experienced senior software engineer to contribute to the development of our next-generation object storage infrastructure. As a key member of our team, you will play a critical role in designing and implementing solutions that enable seamless collaboration across Apple engineering teams.


- In-depth experience with object storage implementations: S3, GCS, Azure Blob Storage, MinIO, and Ceph - we are looking for candidates who have hands-on expertise with these technologies.

- Proficiency in Rust: You will be working extensively with the Rust programming language to build high-performance systems.

- Expertise in debugging and performance analysis: Experience driving performance analysis of end-to-end distributed systems is essential. We need someone who can quickly identify and resolve issues at scale.

- Micro-services architecture and container orchestration expertise: You have experience working with containers (e.g., Docker) and orchestrated them with tools like Kubernetes or similar. This knowledge is critical to our system's scalability and reliability.

- Relational and non-relational database expertise: PostgreSQL, Cassandra, and other databases are your area of specialization. You know how to design and implement efficient data storage and retrieval systems.

- Experience in data migration, disaster recovery, and capacity planning: We're talking about large-scale data management here. Your experience in these areas will be invaluable.

Responsibilities: Review and provide constructive feedback on pull requests and designs, fostering a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing. Collaborate with other senior team members across multiple sites to define high-quality and reliable standards for our solutions.

Location: Austin & Cupertino (onsite work required)

If you're passionate about building innovative software and pushing the boundaries of data storage, we want to hear from you! You can either apply directly ( or send me an email at mansur.ashraf@<company name>.com

Enveritas (YC S18, Non-Profit) | Backend Software Engineer | Remote &#x2F; Global | <a href="https:…

Enveritas (YC S18, Non-Profit) | Backend Software Engineer | Remote / Global | Enveritas is a 501(c)3 non-profit working on sustainability issues facing coffee farmers around the globe. We provide sustainability assurance for the coffee industry. We visit smallholder coffee farms around the world to understand their social, economic, and environmental practices. In 2024, we will visit over 70,000 farms across more than 25 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. We work with leading coffee roasters to understand the sustainability issues in their supply chain based on our sustainability standards.

* Backend Software Engineer - $130-$150k — (worldwide remote)

Roboflow | Field Engineer + ML Engineer | Full-time (Remote, SF, NYC) | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;…

Roboflow | Field Engineer + ML Engineer | Full-time (Remote, SF, NYC) |

Roboflow is the fastest way to use computer vision in production. We help developers give their software the sense of sight. Our end-to-end platform[1] provides tooling for image collection, annotation, dataset exploration and curation, training, and deployment.

Over 250k engineers (including engineers from 2/3 Fortune 100 companies) build with Roboflow. We now host the largest collection of open source computer vision datasets and pre-trained models[2]. We are pushing forward the CV ecosystem with open source projects like Autodistill[3] and Supervision[4]. And we've built one of the most comprehensive resources for software engineers to learn to use computer vision with our popular blog[5] and YouTube channel[6].

We have several openings available but are primarily looking for strong technical generalists who want to help us democratize computer vision and like to wear many hats and have an outsized impact. Our engineering culture is built on a foundation of autonomy & we don't consider an engineer fully ramped until they can "choose their own loss function". At Roboflow, engineers aren't just responsible for building things but also for helping us figure out what we should build next. We're builders & problem solvers; not just coders. (For this reason we also especially love hiring past and future founders.)

We're currently hiring full-stack engineers for our ML and web platform teams, a web developer to bridge our product and marketing teams, several technical roles on the sales & field engineering teams, and our first applied machine learning researcher to help push forward the state of the art in computer vision.







Athena Intelligence | Multiple Engineering Roles | New York City | ONSITE | Full-time<p>Athena Inte…

Athena Intelligence | Multiple Engineering Roles | New York City | ONSITE | Full-time

Athena Intelligence is engineering the future of work. We're at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence into enterprise operations, reshaping how humans and machines collaborate. Our flagship products include Olympus, an AI-native analytics platform, and Athena, an artificial employee designed to operate Olympus alongside enterprise teams.

We're looking for talented engineers to join our team:

- Platform Engineer: Build and maintain the core infrastructure and services that power Olympus and Athena. Design scalable systems that enable seamless AI integration.

- Product Engineer: Develop user and agent-facing applications within Olympus, including Reports, Sheets, Browse, Query, Notebooks, Spaces, and Flows. Create intuitive, AI-native interfaces.

- Forward Deployed Engineer: Work directly with clients to implement Olympus and Athena, engineering solutions at the edge to address real-world challenges.

Our tech stack includes: Backend: FastAPI, Yjs, Jupyter Server Frontend: TypeScript, React, Next.js, Yjs

More details on the roles:

We offer competitive salaries, equity, and comprehensive benefits. Our team previously deployed software at Palantir, IBM, Scale AI, and Yandex.

Athena Intelligence is fully in-person, working 5 days a week in our NYC office. We believe in the power of face-to-face collaboration and maintaining a strong team culture.

To apply, please email your resume and a link to your Github to Include the role you're applying for in the subject line.

Join us in shaping the future of work!

Technical Product Marketer at - You will be taking care of all things content marketi…

Technical Product Marketer at - You will be taking care of all things content marketing, SEO and Social Media. Understand the needs of our ideal customer persona and craft relevant content. It's 50% Content - 50% Distribution. At Inferless we are building a reliable Serverless GPU Inference for AI/ML Companies.

DM me on Twitter if interested - @aishwarya_08

Orases (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a>) | F…

Orases ( | Frederick, MD or 100% Remote (US) | Full Time | PHP, NodeJS, VueJS

At Orases, we create impactful software that helps our clients succeed and change the world. We're looking for an experienced full-stack developer to join our talented team.

We use PHP or Node on the backend, and Vue on the frontend. You'll be collaborating closely with stakeholders to turn complex ideas into reality. Whether you choose to work from our office in Frederick, MD, or remotely, we offer the flexibility you need, asking only for your availability during East Coast business hours. Outside of East Coast availability, we encourage you to work whenever you feel you do your best.

Taiyaki Studios | Anime Pipeline Engineer | Tokyo | On-site Full Time | Will Sponsor Visa<p>We’re b…

Taiyaki Studios | Anime Pipeline Engineer | Tokyo | On-site Full Time | Will Sponsor Visa

We’re building new pipelines for anime production. Join us and empower animators to focus on the fulfilling stuff - story, character design, art direction, cinematography - and take the grunt work off their plate.

Our tools are being used to produce original content in-house, so you’ll get to work directly with animators and help make anime!

Ideal candidate: nimble problem solver, comfortable learning how to build tools that integrate with existing industry-standard software, even if you’ve never used said software before. We value fast learners who are language agnostic.

Bonus: Python, ComfyUI experience.

Japanese proficiency not required, though nice to have. We’ll pay for weekly lessons if you want them.

If you need visa sponsorship, you’ll need a bachelor’s or 10 years experience. Not our requirement, gov’t requirement. We’ll help with all relocation logistics.

We pay 20M JPY/yr (~$125k/yr) + equity, 3-4X median salary in Tokyo, you’ll live in luxury or save a good chunk of your salary.

What have you shipped, tinkered with, or hacked together? Let us know:

Nooks (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a>) | Softwa…

Nooks ( | Software Engineers (full-stack & backend/applied ML) | Full-time | Onsite in SF (hybrid)

Hi, I’m one of the founders of Nooks — we’re trying to re-invent how sales teams work with real-time collaboration and AI.

Nooks is: - A virtual office: you can work from anywhere in the world, but still work with your team and get feedback and coaching like you’re sitting side-by-side. - An AI co-pilot. We learn how your team works, identify “winning” strategies/behaviors, then share them with the whole team during and after calls!

We’re working on fun engineering challenges including complex distributed systems, low-latency algorithms & infrastructure, and modeling sales calls with large language models. You'll also have the chance to make a huge impact on our customers (sales reps who spend 80% of their work day on Nooks.)

Right now we’re a small team (~15 engineers) growing super quickly - doubling revenue every quarter, and recently hit $5M ARR!

Looking for experienced engineers who love tackling difficult product questions and working closely with customers. Excitement about language models, few-shot learning and other recent AI advances is also a plus :)

I’d love to chat: reach me at nikhil [at] or apply at the link below:

Kajabi | Data Engineer Lead | REMOTE<p>I&#x27;m Aaron, leading the data team at Kajabi, a leading a…

Kajabi | Data Engineer Lead | REMOTE

I'm Aaron, leading the data team at Kajabi, a leading all-in-one platform for knowledge entrepreneurs to build, market, and sell educational content, communities, newsletters, and other digital products. We have helped entrepreneurs generate over $7 billion in sales from over 85 million customers to date.

Role: Data Engineer Lead

Location: Remote (USA)

What You’ll Do: • Shape our data strategy and develop robust data models. • Build and optimize data pipelines. • Enhance analytics and ensure data quality. • Collaborate with a dynamic and cross-functional team.

What We’re Looking For: • 5+ years in a data engineering lead role. • Proven experience with data pipelines, data models, and data governance. • Strong SQL skills and proficiency with dbt and Snowflake. • Experience with event-driven architectures and analytics databases (e.g., Apache Druid, ClickHouse).

Perks: • Fully paid medical, dental, and vision insurance. • Flexible vacation policy and telecommuting. • 401K with 100% match up to 6%. • Fitness incentives and wellness perks.

If you’re passionate about data modeling and creating impactful metrics, we want to hear from you.

Apply here:

Company: Writer (100 MM Series B Gen AI startup)<p>Writer is the full-stack generative AI platform …

Company: Writer (100 MM Series B Gen AI startup)

Writer is the full-stack generative AI platform for enterprises. Our integrated system of LLMs, graph-based RAG, AI guardrails, and development tools makes it easy for organizations to deploy AI apps and workflows that deliver impactful ROI. We're in Forbes top 50 AI start ups!

Roles: Technical Lead Manager (SF-based): AI Engineer (SF, NYC, London): Backend Scala Engineer:

I don&#x27;t know how to contact the &quot;whoishiring&quot; user, but could the template be change…

I don't know how to contact the "whoishiring" user, but could the template be changed so that the remote location(s) are specified. Lots of companies say "REMOTE" but mean "REMOTE (US)". It's hard for people outside the US to know whether they are eligible.

I suggest location(s) are comma-separated in parentheses with a special value "Anywhere" for any country in the world.

Timezones should also be allowed, in which case they should be in brackets []. The assumption with timezones is that any country in the timezone range is allowed.


"REMOTE (Anywhere)"

"REMOTE (US, Canada)"

"REMOTE [UTC-1 to UTC-3, ET, PT]"

Rippling | Senior Software Engineer | ONSITE San Francisco | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;www.ripplin…

Rippling | Senior Software Engineer | ONSITE San Francisco |

Join me at Rippling and be the first founding engineer on my team. We're building a brand new zero-to-one product and as founding engineer you'll get to architect it from the ground up, and scale it up from a handful of initial customers to thousands. This is a cool and unique opportunity to work with other former startup founders (like me) to build something new inside a great and fast-growing company.

Apply here:


Email me: jbrusstar [at]

(And if you're interested in Rippling but not my role specifically, we have many other roles open too, which you can check out here:

MTA (... trains and buses) | Full-time | NYC | 3x&#x2F;week in office (onsite)<p>We&#x27;re hiring …

MTA (... trains and buses) | Full-time | NYC | 3x/week in office (onsite)

We're hiring one product manager and one software engineer.

Our team works on all the (non-ad) screens in the subway, as well as two apps (TrainTime and the MTA app) and our website. We're a team of 20, mostly engineers, a few PMs and a designer. We operate like a startup within the MTA and are responsible for all customer-facing digital endpoints.

See one of our products here:

wfisher [at] mtahq [dot] org

Grid Status | Senior Software Engineer | Remote or Hybrid Chicago | Full-time | <a href="https:&#x2…

Grid Status | Senior Software Engineer | Remote or Hybrid Chicago | Full-time |

Grid Status is one of the most widely used energy data platforms in the world. Our data has been used in reporting and analysis by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, the Federal Reserve, and by thousands of users who regularly visit our products every month.

As one of the first members of our engineering team, you will have a hand in both defining and implementing the product we deliver to customers. No experience in the energy industry is necessary—just a strong eagerness to learn. Our team’s passion and expertise will help you quickly get up to speed.

Our stack is mostly: python, react, postgres, snowflake, AWS

Job posting:

To apply: email us at with a resume, link to any projects, and why you're a fit for the role.

Val Town | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a> | Fou…

Val Town | | Founding DevRel | ONSITE (Brooklyn) | Full-time | $150k & 1% equity

Val Town is the serverless JavaScript platform for side projects and internal tools. In your browser, you can build APIs, websites, crons, and email handlers. Write code, hit save, and your code is deployed.

We're hiring a DevRel engineer to inspire and support our community. We're looking for someone bursting with creativity, enthusiasm, and is extremely prolific in public. We want someone who loves coding, writing, sharing demos, and getting likes and upvotes. This role would be perfect for someone who thrives making tons and tons of little prototypes, as well as writing docs, guides, and tutorials to bring others along with them.

I'm Steve (one of the founders) and I've been doing most of the DevRel role myself thus far. I put a lot of time and thought into who we're looking for:

If that sounds like you, please reach out :)

Hatchet (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a>) | New York City…

Hatchet ( | New York City (IN-PERSON) | Full-time

We're hiring a founding engineer to help us with development on our open-source, distributed task queue:

We recently launched on HN, you can check out our launches here and here We're two second-time YC founders in this for the long haul and just wrapped up the YC W24 batch.

As a founding engineer, you'll be responsible for contributing across the entire codebase. We'll compensate accordingly and with high equity. It's currently just the two founders + a part-time contractor. We're all technical and contribute code.

Stack: Typescript/React, Go and PostgreSQL.

To apply, email alexander [at] hatchet [dot] run, and include the following:

1. Tell us about something impressive you've built.

2. Ask a question or write a comment about the state of the project. For example: a file that stood out to you in the codebase, a Github issue or discussion that piqued your interest, a general comment on distributed systems/task queues, or why our code is bad and how you could improve it.

Speedify | Senior Software Engineer | Location: Philadelphia, PA | ONSITE at once per week | Full T…

Speedify | Senior Software Engineer | Location: Philadelphia, PA | ONSITE at once per week | Full Time

At Speedify we make complex networking tasks easy by developing apps that deliver faster, more reliable, and more secure Internet to users all across the globe.. We now have millions of customers using Speedify, the only app that can combine multiple internet sources into one bonded super-connection for more stable and secure livestreaming, video calling, and web browsing.

Speedify’s engine is powered by C++, and if you want to make the Internet faster and more reliable, we want to hear from you! Speedify is based in Center City, Philadelphia, PA. This is a hybrid role that expects employees to work in the office at least one day per week.

* Proficiency in C/C++

* 5+ years of experience in software development

* Improve and extend our C++ packet processing engine

* Improve and expand our automated test suites


TeamSnap | Multiple Roles | Remote (US Only) | Full-time | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;"…

TeamSnap | Multiple Roles | Remote (US Only) | Full-time |

TeamSnap is hiring for multiple positions to join our remote-first team. We work every day to simplify the lives of players, coaches, parents, and sports organizations by taking the headache out of organizing sports.

Engineers at TeamSnap are critical to our technical and product innovation. We build applications and services with Ruby, Elixir, React, TypeSript, Go[lang], Swift, Kotlin, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Docker, Kubernetes, Firebase, and Google Cloud. On the Full Stack side, “T-shaped” developers are encouraged.

Open technical roles:

- Senior Android Engineer

- Senior Data Engineer

- Senior iOS Engineer

- Senior Software Engineer (BE/Fullstack)

- Software Engineer

We also have a number of non-technical roles available as well!

View all roles here:

Spacelift | Remote | Europe | Full-time | Senior Software Engineer | $80k-$120k<p>We&#x27;re a VC-f…

Spacelift | Remote | Europe | Full-time | Senior Software Engineer | $80k-$120k

We're a VC-funded startup building an automation platform for Infrastructure-as-Code, adding a Policy-as-Code layer above it, in order to make IaC usable in bigger companies, where you have to take care of state consistency, selective permissions, a usable git flow, etc.

On the backend we're using 100% Go with AWS primitives. We're looking for backend developers who like doing DevOps'y stuff sometimes (because in a way it's the spirit of our company), or have experience with the cloud native ecosystem. Ideally you'd have experience working with an IaC tool, i.e. Terraform, Pulumi, Ansible, CloudFormation, Kubernetes, or SaltStack.

Overall we have a deeply technical product, trying to build something customers love to use, and already have a lot of happy and satisfied customers. We promise interesting work, the ability to open source parts of the project which don't give us a business advantage, as well as healthy working hours. We've also got investment days on Fridays, when you can work on anything you want, as long as it could possibly benefit Spacelift in some way.

If that sounds like fun to you, please apply at

You can find out more about the product we're building at and also see our engineering blog for a few technical blog posts of ours:

Eigen | Full-Time | product engineers, ex-technical founder engineers, and ai engineers | REMOTE (a…

Eigen | Full-Time | product engineers, ex-technical founder engineers, and ai engineers | REMOTE (all remote) | Hiring GMT-8 to GMT+2

Eigen helps companies build world-class AI products, enabled by the cutting edge of AI and LLMs. Products span spaces from edtech to leadgen to finance.

* we are a real business — profitable with $XM in revenue this year.

* we need: product engineers, ex-technical founders, and ai engineers to build products. Experience with typescript stacks and/or python is fantastic.

* smart team. ex. stanford ai lab, harvard, uber, tinder, etc.

* if you're a fullstack ts dev and are interested in growing into AI, this role is perfect for you.

* if you like learning about new industries and working on different kinds of projects regularly, this role is perfect for you.

send an email to careers [at] eigen (.) net with a resume/site link/whatever is indicative of you. No need to write long email, just a "hi" is great :)

Empower Delivery | Engineering | Remote (US ony) | Full-time<p>We&#x27;re a restaurant tech company…

Empower Delivery | Engineering | Remote (US ony) | Full-time

We're a restaurant tech company on a mission to make restaurants better for everyone. We offer a full end-to-end product that allows customers to run their own online ordering, process the orders using our kitchen suite and deliver the orders using their own dedicated fleet of drivers. We strive to give restaurants back the control they've lost to the third party middlemen.

We run a monorepo Elixir/Phoenix LV codebase backed by Postgres. We maintain a couple native apps that leverage KMM and SwiftUI/Jetpack.

We're a small remote-first company based out of Indianapolis, IN.

We're seeking senior level talent to join our team. You will work across a wide problem space in a pretty fun domain.

Elixir experience a plus, but not required.


  - Senior Engineer - Full-Stack Elixir/LV
  - Mobile Engineer - KMM / iOS / Android
If you are interested please reach out to me at dan 'at' | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Full-time | Hybrid&#x2F;ONSITE | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;qua… | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Full-time | Hybrid/ONSITE | | climate tech

I'm head of Software at Quatt, a quickly growing startup/scaleup building heatpumps to help fix climate change. Heating and cooling is 50% of all energy used in the EU. Heat pumps save 10 times more CO2 for each Euro spent on them compared to electric cars. We're building the most accessible and smartest heatpump on the market. Our product is live, we have thousands of customers, tons of data, and I really like the impact we're having. I'm currently looking for a few roles for my department, as we believe having the best software will allow us to have the best product. Our backend and frontend is Typescript.

  * Medior QA / Test automation engineer
  * Senior app developer (React native)
  * Senior Backend developer (Typescript)
  * Medior Full-stack developer (Typescript)
  * DevOps Engineer
Now is a great time to join, as the software team is still small but growing quickly. These and other vacancies are on our careers page: Email me directly ( ) for questions or apply via the career page. Unfortunately, at this time, you have to be allowed to work in the EU: we're not able to sponsor Visa

WunderGraph | Multiple Roles | REMOTE | Full-Time WunderGraph (growing global customer base, 20K we…

WunderGraph | Multiple Roles | REMOTE | Full-Time WunderGraph (growing global customer base, 20K weekly downloads and growing)

APIs are the backbone of every modern organization. But building and maintaining APIs is hard, especially when you'd like to scale API development across multiple teams. The key to success is collaboration.

Our mission is to take API collaboration to the next level. With Cosmo, we're give platform teams a solution to provide a self-service API Developer Platform to their teams. We believe that Open Source is the key ingredient to become the number one solution for API Development and Collaboration.

The project is completely open-source.

You will be an integral member of an expanding team at a VC-funded startup with a dynamic mission to innovate and transform the field of GraphQL Federation.

Apply here:

or email me directly at stefan [@]

Avy (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a>) | Mult…

Avy ( | Multiple Roles | Salt Lake City, UT | REMOTE (USA) or ONSITE

We are an early-stage, well-funded, stealth startup making humans and computers work together more efficiently. Experienced team from Apple AIML, Bose, Amazon, and other great companies.

We're hiring for:

- Integrations and server engineer (Go/TypeScript/Python connections to data sources, and data syncing) with some devops responsibilities

- Generalist AI/ML engineer (writing agent code, RAG, prompt engineering, etc)

We're distributed but expect travel for regularly scheduled on-site, in-person work in SLC, with future presence in New York City.

Please visit

ParaFi Technologies LLC | U.S. remote possible, San Diego preferred | full-time | Infrastructure En…

ParaFi Technologies LLC | U.S. remote possible, San Diego preferred | full-time | Infrastructure Engineer

ParaFi Technologies is a small team operating some of the highest-performing blockchain validators and node infrastructure. We are looking for a passionate, junior- or mid-level engineer to develop software and infrastructure (Python, Go, Terraform, Docker, etc.) and be an integral part of ParaFi Technologies' growth.

You can apply by sending a thoughtful email to | Staff Fullstack Engineer &amp; AI Product Engineer | Typescript&#x2F;React | Remote (+ in… | Staff Fullstack Engineer & AI Product Engineer | Typescript/React | Remote (+ in person in SF, Austin, NYC) | Full-time

Dev tools company with 125,000+ users in less than 2 years. $10M in funding from Vercel CEO, GitHub CTO, Cloudflare CEO, etc.

We’re building a flight recorder for web apps – so anyone can report issues to engineers in a way that's actually debuggable (w/ console, network, websockets debugger, etc).

Small, senior team – several ex-engineering directors turned ICs (mostly ex-early Cloudflare). Looking for staff-level engineers with experience building highly performant front-end apps.

Stack: React/Typescript and MobX (MST) on the frontend, and Node/GraphQL across our backend.

The challenge ahead: Scaling. Usage 10x’ed last year, and our users are in 176 countries, on all sorts of devices, network conditions, etc. Our bar for quality is high.

As a dev tool, developers at Jam are directly connected and involved with the product. Your usage of the product will directly inform the direction of Jam’s future.

Apply here (we read and respond to every submission):

Redo (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a>) | S…

Redo ( | Software Engineer (full stack + mobile) and UX Designer | Salt Lake City, onsite

Series A, 60 employees, 100% in-office.

Ecommerce returns management. Rapid growth, strong economics, raised $15m+, profitable three of the last six months.

TypeScript, React, Node.js, MongoDB+PostgreSQL, AWS

Exa | San Francisco | In person | Full time | $130K-180K<p>Jeff, cofounder of Exa here. LLMs repres…

Exa | San Francisco | In person | Full time | $130K-180K

Jeff, cofounder of Exa here. LLMs represent a brand new opportunity to organize humanity's knowledge, in a way that hasn't been done before. We're an AI research lab focused on AI-powered search algorithms (using embeddings), currently applied to vast swaths of the web (we make our money as a search API).

We're hiring pretty broadly across engineering - AI research, high performance Rust (e.g., we build an in-house vector DB), and full stack. If the mission of organizing the Internet motivates you, it's a good fit :)

Radar Labs | Software Engineers (backend, full-stack, mobile) | ONSITE in New York City | Full Time…

Radar Labs | Software Engineers (backend, full-stack, mobile) | ONSITE in New York City | Full Time |

- Radar Labs is the location infra dev tool.

- Doing 1B+ API calls per day

- Our main languages are Rust and TypeScript, and we also use mobile and offline pipeline languages (Python, Scala, and Terraform).

- We're based in NYC with our HQ in Union Square.

Interesting things we're working on:

- HorizonDB, our Geospatial database written in Rust

- Precise indoor location more accurate than iOS and Android leveraging sensors on the device and ML models

- Mobile infrastructure that automatically configures itself optimizing battery-life and location accuracy for different use-cases over time

- Frontend tools to visualize and debug location data at scale

What you'll do:

- Work on core Radar infrastructure (mobile, backend, full-stack)

- Have your work run on 100's of millions of devices

- Talk to Radar customers and prospects, hear their feedback, incorporate it into your work and make them successful

Check out our jobs page here:

If you have any questions, feel free to reply here or you can e-mail me at

Recharge | Engineering, DevOps | REMOTE | Full-time | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;…

Recharge | Engineering, DevOps | REMOTE | Full-time |

Recharge is an e-commerce and subscription management platform that powers the growth and retention strategies of more than 20,000 brands serving over 100 million subscribers. We're looking to expand some of our primarily backend engineering teams to support new feature development and product reliability.

Tech stack: Python, Flask, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, React, Vue, GCP, Kubernetes, etc.

We're hiring:

- Senior DevOps Engineer:

- Senior Backend Engineer (Core Commerce):

- Senior Software Engineer (Merchant Experience):

The above are all referral links for current jobs, but you can also see a full list of jobs and apply online at

Beacon AI | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a…

Beacon AI | | Full-Time | SF Bay Area Hybrid

Beacon AI builds R2-D2 for pilots and an aircraft operator data platform. We use AI and technology to augment pilots to help them fly safer and more efficiently. Our pilot assistant, Murdock, and Lighthouse platforms are designed for commercial and defense aviation operations.

** We recently secured additional investments and contracts and anticipate growing our team about 25-30 new team members over the next year! **

Our team has unique, directly relevant industry expertise in aviation, AI, and autonomy. Join a growing engineering team supported by a world-class advisor team, talented developers, and amazing investors, including Sam Altman, Scout Ventures, JetBlue Ventures, Zach Perret (Plaid), Countdown Capital, and many others. Learn (a little bit) more at

*We do not work with outside talent agencies. Please do not message from one, thank you.*

We are looking for Senior I, Senior II, Staff, Tech Lead, or Engineering Manager level candidates in the following:

* Advanced Pilot Assistant Software (C++, Python, AI/Autonomy/Flight Software/Feature Engineer) This role builds the brains for Murdock. * iOS Software This role builds the primary pilot interface for Murdock * Senior React Web Application Engineer This role builds our web application, Lighthouse. Preferably full-stack (AWS infra). * Cloud Infrastructure Software * Technical Sourcer & Recruiter

Apply directly at and mention that you found this post on HN!

Datadog | Software Engineers | ONSITE (Boston, Lisbon, Madrid, NYC, Paris, Tel Aviv) | Full-time<p>…

Datadog | Software Engineers | ONSITE (Boston, Lisbon, Madrid, NYC, Paris, Tel Aviv) | Full-time

Datadog is a monitoring, tracing, logs system, and more, for your infrastructure and services. We build our own tsdb, event store [1][2], distributed tracing tools, cutting edge visualizations, and more. We love shipping great experiences for customers just like us and are growing fast! We write a lot of Go, Java, Python, Typescript (with React), and a bit of other languages. We run on k8s, and are multi-region and multi-cloud.

We're looking for people who can build systems at scale as we process trillions of events per day. Let us know if that's you!



Surge AI (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a>) |…

Surge AI ( | Software Engineers (full-stack, backend / infra) and Strategic Project Lead ( | Full-time | SF or Remote

Our mission at Surge is to build the human infrastructure behind the next wave of AI and LLMs. We’re building a data platform that powers AI teams at OpenAI, Anthropic, Meta, Google, and more. Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback is the critical technique behind the new generation of AI assistants, and that human feedback comes from us. Our product has been a game-changer for the top AI teams in the world. Here are some examples of our past work:

- Creating the GSM8K dataset:

- Collecting RLHF data for Anthropic's Claude:

You’d be joining a small, rapidly growing team of former engineering and ML leaders from Google, Meta, Twitter, and Airbnb. We work in small groups, ship quickly, and value autonomy and ownership. No previous AI experience is required, if you have the engineering skills you can learn what you need on the job.

We're looking for engineers with a few years of experience and you can work out of our office in SF or remotely. Please reach out to us at with a resume and 2-3 sentences describing your interest. Excited to hear from you!

Egregious AI | Fullstack Engineer | London | full-time | ONSITE | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;egregi…

Egregious AI | Fullstack Engineer | London | full-time | ONSITE |

Egregious is making the internet a better place by building AI to detect scammy and deceptive accounts on social media. We use maths, ML and tonnes of code to map & simulate the emergence and spread of harmful content.

We're the smallest big data company you've never heard of and we're looking for an exceptional, mission-oriented engineer to join us as employee #3 in our London office.

You'll need

* Exceptional React, Vite, Javascript, CSS & Tailwinds skills

* Solid understanding of asynchronous request handling and RESTful APIs

* Proficiency with Git, Docker, Kubernetes and Azure/AWS/GCloud

* Experience with PostgreSQL, MySQL, ElasticSearch, MongoDB or similar

* Experience with Python is a plus

Unfortunately we can't sponsor Visa holders. Candidates must be EU/UK passport holders and resident in the UK for the last 5 years. Please send your resume to: rupert at egregious dot ai.

Whalesync (YC S21) | Founding Engineer | US Time Zones | Fully Remote (can hire internationally) | …

Whalesync (YC S21) | Founding Engineer | US Time Zones | Fully Remote (can hire internationally) | Full-time

I'm the cofounder of Whalesync (YC S21) and we're hiring a founding engineer. We're a small team building a technically-challenging product, starting with two-way data syncing between SaaS applications.

Tech stack: GCP, TypeScript, Node/NestJS backend, Next.js frontend (React, Mantine), Postgres and Redis data stores

If interested, please reach out to us here!

Andela | Multiple engineering roles | Remote | Full-time | $80k-$120k USD + equity<p>Andela exists…

Andela | Multiple engineering roles | Remote | Full-time | $80k-$120k USD + equity

Andela exists to ensure technologists have access to equal opportunity regardless of where they live. Our digital talent solve complex and compelling problems, changing their career trajectory and quality of life, while companies can craft a workforce that represents the world around them with lower costs, faster speed, and greater flexibility

We are a remote only company and have multiple positions open in our Engineering team. These positions are internal, not serving our clients, but working on the products that helps us achieve that goal.

Please mention HackerNews in the application. Some positions state a specific geographical location (LATAM), but we are open for people from anywhere as long as they can overlap their work hours with CST/EST.

Technical Leader (VueJS/Ruby) -

Staff Engineer (NodeJS) -

Senior Backend Engineer (NodeJS) -

Elicit (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;careers" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;elicit…

Elicit ( | Oakland, CA and Hybrid | Frontend, AI, and Full-stack software engineering roles.

Elicit is automating high-quality reasoning so that we can help the world make more breakthroughs in every domain: from climate change to the gut microbiome to longevity and economic policy.

We’ve scaled to over 200,000 monthly users purely by word of mouth and recently crossed $1.5MM in annual revenue, 7 months after launching subscriptions.

We’re now building out our software engineering team, and hiring across several technical roles.

If you'd like to know more about some of the work we're doing you could check: - A recent blog post current UX work: - Me talking about our "AI engineer" role on a podcast a couple of weeks ago:

Check out the careers page linked above, or email me at

Rainbow (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;www.userai…

Rainbow ( | Backend or Fullstack Software Engineer | $150-180k | Full Time | Hybrid (2 days on-site in SF)

Rainbow is a tech-enabled small-business insurer. We built technology that underwrites small businesses (starting with restaurants) and evaluates them against various risks to provide them with insurance policies. We are looking for an experienced software engineer to join our team and help us grow and innovate.

We're seed stage, but post-product market fit. We've grown massively over the past year. Most of our problems we're currently working on are about building tech to manage the overwhelming amount of demand we have from our customers.

Position Details: - Title: Backend / Fullstack Software Engineer - Compensation: $150k to $180k in Salary + Stock - Employment Type: Full Time - Location: Hybrid (2 days on-site in San Francisco)

Job Requirements: - 3+ years of professional experience as a software engineer - Experience in fintech is a major plus - Familiarity with our tech stack (Golang, React through a Next.js app, GraphQL, PostgreSQL) is beneficial but not required

Why You’d Enjoy Working with Us: - You're joining a small fast paced team: 7 engineers, 20 people total - Direct impact on solving real-world problems for small businesses - Hybrid work model with 2 days on-site in SF - Competitive salary and benefits

If interested, please reach out at with your resume attached to the email. You can also visit our site to learn more:

Lago | Data Scientist | European Union | full-time | REMOTE or in-person in Paris, France | <a href…

Lago | Data Scientist | European Union | full-time | REMOTE or in-person in Paris, France |

Lago is the leading open-source usage based billing API and is serving companies such as, Groq, Together. We’re backed by YC, FirstMark Capital, Clement Delangue (Hugging Face), Romain Huet (OpenAI).

We’re looking for our first Data Scientist, to leverage the usage/consumption/payment data we produce and build data-oriented features for our customers.

We can sponsor visas in France. If you live in another country in the European Union, we’re open to it (as long as the timezone is +2/-2h from Paris) but unfortunately cannot sponsor the visa.



Job description:

Contact: talent [at]

LeagueApps | Office in NYC, or Remote almost anywhere in US | Full-time | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2…

LeagueApps | Office in NYC, or Remote almost anywhere in US | Full-time |

LeagueApps is a youth sports management SaaS. We help youth sports organizers run their business, providing the tools they need to manage registration, scheduling, payments, and more. We believe that every kid should have the opportunity to play, and we provide 1% of our revenue to youth sports accessibility.

We're hiring:

- Product Manager

- Senior Fullstack Engineer

- Business Development Representative (New York Only)

- Growth Marketing Manager (New York Only)

Find other roles on our Job Board:

You can also use this link to join our talent community, and our recruiters will reach out when new positions become available:

These links are all referral links, but you can also apply via

Spellbrush | Anime AI researcher, Software Engineer, or Unity Engineer | San Francisco OR Tokyo | S…

Spellbrush | Anime AI researcher, Software Engineer, or Unity Engineer | San Francisco OR Tokyo | Sponsors Visas

Spellbrush (YCW18) builds state-of-the-art AI foundational models for anime and video games.

We probably spends 10x more compute on anime than anyone else in the industry - we think our results over at speak for themselves.

Looking to both expand our game development team and our AI research and data processing teams.

JAX and TPU experiences are a plus.

Otaku looking for a job in AI are welcome to ping over name of best waifu or husband to

Property Meld | Senior Software Engineer | Full-time | Remote (US &amp; Canada) or Rapid City, SD<p…

Property Meld | Senior Software Engineer | Full-time | Remote (US & Canada) or Rapid City, SD

Looking for something more meaningful? How about the opportunity to have a direct impact on the property maintenance experience for hundreds of thousands of residents?

Welcome to the future of property maintenance. Property Meld’s vision is to radically improve how the property management industry handles property maintenance. If you’ve ever had a maintenance issue at your housing rental, you know how much of a pain it can be to get it fixed quickly and reliably. It doesn't have to be this way. We're rethinking the entire property maintenance experience from the ground up with two things in mind - first, driving the cost of doing maintenance to the absolute minimum, and second, providing an experience to residents and property owners that makes them want to stay with their property manager. If you are excited about turning something that has historically been a negative experience (maintenance) into a positive experience, we'd love to talk with you.

Stack: Python, Django, Typescript, React, PostgreSQL

Senior Software Engineer:

If you are interested or have any questions email us at ` at` or apply via the above links.

Pincites | Software Engineers | ONSITE (NYC) | Full-time<p>Pincites is automating contract review w…

Pincites | Software Engineers | ONSITE (NYC) | Full-time

Pincites is automating contract review with AI. We integrate with Microsoft Word to help in-house legal teams review and redline contracts faster. You can read more at

We're early stage (YC S23), growing fast, and are looking for engineers who are excited about building the next generation of legal tooling. We write a lot of Go and TypeScript (with React) and are currently looking for an experienced frontend developer.


Founding Engineer Location: San Francisco Employment: Full-time, Hybrid (3 days in person)<p>We&#x2…

Founding Engineer Location: San Francisco Employment: Full-time, Hybrid (3 days in person)

We're rebuilding the financial ledger, revolutionizing how multi-location businesses assess their performance, and empowering them to make better and more timely decisions. Our software streamlines data collection, reporting, and analysis, arming business owners with the insights they need to thrive.

We're looking for a talented and passionate Founding Engineer to join us early, working closely alongside the founding team. Our tech stack includes Rust, Typescript, Next, WASM, and Postgres.

Reach out to to apply.

Tulip | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;eng" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;…

Tulip | | Boston, MA, Munich, Germany, and Budapest, Hungary | Full time | Onsite

Tulip is transforming manufacturing. Our customers use Tulip to create apps without code and to connect their apps to machines, sensors and smart tools. Each process is different, and every shop floor is filled with exciting challenges, technological and otherwise. Tulip’s no-code app editor lets customers build custom apps to their specific use case. You’ll contribute to software used to make gigantic CNC mills, high-end pharmaceuticals, jewelry, PCBs, and more.

Our team prizes intellectual generosity, collaboration, and deep ownership. We appreciate teammates from different backgrounds and experiences, and in particular we are looking to bring folks in on:

Head of Product Management: lead the Tulip Product Management team and work across product and engineering to identify areas of growth and scale for our existing products and beyond

Analytics, Team Lead: lead and grow a team owning the interface used to collect, analyze and build data dashboards with high fidelity and contextualization

Build, UI Lead: translate design systems to code, partnering with both sides of the product-engineering coin to steer our frontend guild

DevX, Engineer: make it easier for developers to write better code faster, by creating the tooling they wish they had time to write

Apply at or email us at “jobs [at] tulip [dot] co” if you want to learn more

Column (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;…

Column ( | Software Eng (Backend), Software Eng (Infrastructure) | San Francisco, CA | Full Time

Column is the first nationally chartered bank built from the ground up for developers. We provide an API first, modern banking experience for our customers, replacing the bloated middleware and legacy software that currently powers most financial companies.

Started by the co-founder of Plaid, Column has a team of <10 engineers and is currently processing hundreds of billions in payments annually, supporting some of the largest and most sophisticated fintech companies. We are looking for experienced backend and infra engineers to join our team. We all work on high impact, independently driven projects - writing code for regulated financial infrastructure at scale.

Apply here: or read more about our hiring philosophy here:

Feel free to email me with any questions: praful@

Rollbar | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a> …

Rollbar | | Remote Europe, Budapest | Engineering

About Rollbar:

* We're a ~30-person team (SF, Budapest, remote US and Europe) with a mission to help developers build software quickly and painlessly

* We help tens of thousands of developers find and fix errors faster.

* Our backend handles billions of errors with low latency and high reliability

* Our front-end allows developers to discover and drill down across millions of errors in real-time

* Our customers are some of the best engineering teams in the world, including Twilio and Shipt

* Our values are honesty, transparency, pragmatism, and dependability

* Our tech stack includes Python, Node.js, TypeScript, and React; MySQL, Kafka, ClickHouse, Elasticsearch, and Redis; Kubernetes, Terraform, and Google Cloud Platform.

We're currently hiring for:

- Senior Software Engineer, Full-stack (Europe)

Please apply via: | Full Stack Product Engineer | London, UK | Hybrid or REMOTE in UK | Full-time | Fintech<p… | Full Stack Product Engineer | London, UK | Hybrid or REMOTE in UK | Full-time | Fintech is looking to hire our first engineer. We are looking for a “Full Stack Product Engineer” to help build our product.

We are building technology that enables financial institutions to flexibly embed LLM capabilities into their workflows and product offerings.

The founding team has worked at world-leading financial and research institutions, and brings together decades of experience in data technology, graphs, and finance. We have extensive prior experience building data teams and launching data products from scratch.

FAQ: Pre-seed. VC-backed. Team of three. Fully remote but centred around London

For more details see

Company: Planeto (early stage cleantech startup)<p>Planeto develops next generation software for de…

Company: Planeto (early stage cleantech startup)

Planeto develops next generation software for design and operation of clean district heating and cooling networks, to accelerate adoption of renewable energies for zero emissions cities.

Hiring a Senior Software Engineer, REMOTE (EU/UK/CH, head office in Geneva, Switzerland)

Monad Labs | NYC, Hybrid 3-days On-Site (Relocation Package included)<p>Monad Labs just raised $225…

Monad Labs | NYC, Hybrid 3-days On-Site (Relocation Package included)

Monad Labs just raised $225M in series A funding to scale our team in bringing the Monad blockchain to production this year.

Founded by Jump Trading alums, Monad Labs is a tech startup using low-latency programming, compiler optimization, and multithreaded computing to build an ultra-high-performance smart contract platform.

We are hiring for the following: Senior Software Engineer (does require blockchain or crypto experience):

Senior Devops Engineer:

Quasar AI | Go Software Engineer | Remote | Full Time | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;…

Quasar AI | Go Software Engineer | Remote | Full Time |

Quasar AI seeks a Go software engineer to work on our components, extensions, and tooling.

Quasar AI is a software platform that helps businesses find opportunities in their data, leading to better outcomes.

We have several other opportunities open!

Bruinen | | (Senior) Software Eng | in-person &#x2F; remote San Francisco<p>Bruinen is w…

Bruinen | | (Senior) Software Eng | in-person / remote San Francisco

Bruinen is working on infrastructure technology for edge environments - we're starting with the database. Our database, Delta, is local-first and distributed. Each device (AV, robot, drone, sensor) can continue working without connectivity, and merge it's changes (conflict free) whenever it comes back online.

We target use-cases in the harshest environments - where connectivity is expected to drop: battlefields, at sea, in the air, and in the wilderness.

We're written completely in rust (though its not a requirement for this position, come learn!).

If interested, email me at tevon at bruinen dot co

Canvas (The Spatial Computing Company) | Full Stack QA Engineer | Full-Time | Remote<p>Apply Here f…

Canvas (The Spatial Computing Company) | Full Stack QA Engineer | Full-Time | Remote

Apply Here for the Full Stack QA Engineer >>>

At Canvas, we’re working on spatial computing - using computer vision to 3D reconstruct and understand your surroundings so that software can operate over real-world spaces. We believe it will power the next generation of augmented reality and some of the key parts of virtual reality as well.

[3D, QA, SQA, computer vision, CV, photogrammetry, geomatics, SLAM, Python, full-time, remote]

AllSpice | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;allspice.…

AllSpice | | Boston, MA / SF or Remote/Hybrid | Full time | Sr. - Principal | golang, Vuejs, rust

At AllSpice, we're building the future of hardware development and collaboration, applying modern software design principles to the hardware industry with revision control, design review, and automated test (think GitHub/Bitbucket for hardware). AllSpice is unlocking the next generation of smart vehicles, IOT devices, rockets, medical devices, robotics, and much more.

We have a highly-capable, tight-knit, remote-first team with a flex office in Somerville, MA and competitive benefits. We strongly value continuous communication and personal development. See more on our careers page []

We’re hiring primarily for:

Principal / Lead Fullstack SW Engineer - Take a pivotal role on our incredible engineering team by helping coordinate our application architecture and implement new product features. You'll work on optimizing 2d graphics rendering, scaling application code, and testing/planning architecture to support new feature development of our git hosting platform. More info here:

Mid / Sr. Frontend Software Engineer - You'll be the subject matter expert for our front-end testing (Vue, JS, Golang, Playwright, jest), and working with open-source projects to extend our testing capability.

Director of Sales - We're also hiring for a director of sales with expertise in enterprise B2B software. It's a phenomenal opportunity to streamline our sales process & coach our capable and growing sales team.

Tech Stack: Docker, Terraform, GoLang, Rust, Python, Vue

See our careers page:

Apply by emailing us at jobs<AT>allspice[dt]io (<AT> -> @, [dt] -> .) with [HN] in the title and a link to your GitHub/GitLab profile and/or resume.

IVPN | Senior Infrastructure Engineer | Remote (UTC-1 to UTC+3) | Full-time | <a href="https:&#x2F;…

IVPN | Senior Infrastructure Engineer | Remote (UTC-1 to UTC+3) | Full-time |

IVPN is a privacy-focused consumer VPN service in operation since 2010. We have high ethical standards, regular security audits and a stellar reputation among security and privacy analysts.

We are looking for a Senior Infrastructure Engineer to help: -- maintain our existing infrastructure -- implement a new server architecture for our VPN gateways that we have been working on for the past year that is open, immutable, diskless, secure and built on bare-metal servers

The position is fully remote with high level of autonomy.

Requirements are experience with: -- infosec, specifically with regards to cryptographic controls used on servers e.g. Public key crypto, reproducible builds, TPM -- TCP/IP, UDP, SSL/TLS and other related Internet protocols -- configuration management tools e.g. Ansible, Puppet, Salt -- managing Linux servers, including bare-metal -- Python, Go or other scripting languages

You can email me if you have any questions about the role: viktor at

If you are ready, it's better to apply here:

Note: target budget for this role is 55k to 70K EUR pa. depending on experience.

Resemble AI | San Francisco Bay Area (office in Mountain View, CA) | Full-Time | Full-Stack Enginee…

Resemble AI | San Francisco Bay Area (office in Mountain View, CA) | Full-Time | Full-Stack Engineer

We're creating state of the art Generative Voice AI and Deepfake Detection models. Looking for a few engineering roles to fill.

Deep Learning Engineering Manager - Experience managing a research unit, PyTorch, experience with Speech models a bonus. Full Stack Engineer - Python, Ruby on Rails, Typescript (React), bonus if you have experience with Next JS Machine Learning Engineer (Inference and Production) - PyTorch, ML Deployment tools, Cloud Platforms, Knowledge of containerization and orchestration technologies (Docker, Kubernetes), bonus if you've had experience with ONNX or TensorRT.

If interested, reach out directly to me: zohaib [at]

Tracebit | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</…

Tracebit | | Multiple roles | London, UK | Full-Time | On-site (5 days)

Tracebit lets security teams implement ‘assume breach’ with automated cloud based honeypots or canaries.

Off the back of a successful seed fundraise from tier 1 VCs, we are actively hiring for smart people who get things done in the following positions:

   - Founding Engineer | £70-100k + equity | 
On-site roles (5 days a week) in Central London.

Learn more and apply:

Motive | Electrical Engineers (Buffalo, NY), Product Managers, Engineers, AI | Remote Opportunities…

Motive | Electrical Engineers (Buffalo, NY), Product Managers, Engineers, AI | Remote Opportunities Available |

Motive builds technology to improve the safety, productivity, and profitability of businesses that power the physical economy. The Motive Automated Operations Platform combines IoT hardware with AI-powered applications to automate vehicle and equipment tracking, driver safety, compliance, maintenance, spend management, and more.

Motive serves more than 120,000 businesses, across a wide range of industries including trucking and logistics, construction, oil and gas, food and beverage, field service, agriculture, passenger transit, and delivery. Motive is proud to be a Forbes Cloud 100 company and a 2020 Career-Launching Company by Wealthfront.

We are looking to hire team members that are passionate about building products that will have a massive impact on the lives of people. We seek and embrace diversity in all of its forms. We continuously push ourselves to think differently and take ownership wherever it's needed. This is a place for dreamers and doers to succeed. If you share our passion for achieving what some say is impossible, join us.

Visa Sponsorship: We can transfer H1b visas, we are also hiring in India, Canada, Taiwan, and Pakistan

Sample Tech Stack: Golang, Ruby, Java, AWS, PostgresSql, DynamoDB, Redis, Cassandra, Kafka, etc.

SmarterDx | 150-230k+ + equity + benefits | Remote (US only) | Multiple roles | <a href="https:&#x2…

SmarterDx | 150-230k+ + equity + benefits | Remote (US only) | Multiple roles |

We are a rapid growth health tech company using AI to improve hospital revenue cycle (making healthcare costs lower and allowing doctors to focus on patient care). The current team is very high functioning (MD + data scientist combos, former ASF board member, Google and Amazon engineers, Stanford LLM researchers, etc.) and initially scaled the company to $1MM+ in contracted revenue without raising capital.

We have been backed by top investors including Floodgate (Lyft, Twitch, Twitter), Transformation Capital, and Bessemer for a total of $71mil, including our $50mil Series B announced in May 2024, and are currently on pace to 20-30X in revenue over a two-year time period.

We are looking for: Staff and Senior SWE - Senior and Non-Senior Data Engineers and Scientists - Engineering Managers (SWE + Data) - Sales - Several more roles

We have PMF, and it's time to scale! For more and to apply, see

Railway | Full-stack Engineering (Product), Product Designer, Developer Relations, and Platform Eng…

Railway | Full-stack Engineering (Product), Product Designer, Developer Relations, and Platform Engineering (Infra) | REMOTE (International) |

Tired of trying to beat kube into shape? Does writing YAML to ship code fill you with utter dread? Dream of a future where deploying software is simple, and you don't need an army of infrastructure engineers to build that perfect janky bash script™ to make life easy?

We're Railway, and we think infrastructure can be better. So far we've built out a platform loved by hundreds of thousands of users who simply tell us "Give me Postgres", "Deploy this repo", and we make it happen

Fair warning! The problems are complex: home-rolled hypervisors, cut-above container orchestration, over/under/whateverlay networks, virtio device drivers, edge proxies, IAM that doesn't suck, kitchen sinks - we need to build it and we're looking for likeminded individuals who think this stuff is fun.

Four open roles (apply below!):

+Full-stack Engineer (Product): -Apply here: ( -Blog post about the team: (

+Product Designer: -Apply here: (

+Developer Relations: -Apply here: (

+Infrastructure Engineer: -Apply here:( -Blog post about the team: (

See you soon, and happy shipping.

Bolna open source voice AI | Software engineering (Multiple roles) | Remote (SF) | <a href="https:&…

Bolna open source voice AI | Software engineering (Multiple roles) | Remote (SF) |

Bolna is building an open source orchestration for Voice AI and we're looking for software engineers (platform, infra, AI/ML, dev-rels, etc) having rich experience in Python.

Please email your CV or contact us to learn more: "founders [AT] bolna [DOT] dev"

Sourcegraph | San Francisco, Remote | Full-Time | Developer, Designer who codes, EM who codes, PM w…

Sourcegraph | San Francisco, Remote | Full-Time | Developer, Designer who codes, EM who codes, PM who codes, Customer Eng, Dev Marketer |

Sourcegraph is building the code intelligence platform that powers the world's best code search and the most popular open-source AI coding plugin.

We aim to automate 99% of the toil of software engineering with great code understanding tools and human-guided AI code generation. The remaining 1% is the creative spark of software development and our mission is to enable every dev to focus on this, rather than the tedium that makes coding inaccessible to 99% of humans. Our core tech includes our code knowledge graph, global search index, frontier LLMs (the best proprietary and open-source models with in-house finetuning), and OpenCtx, an open protocol for technical context. Our customers range from startups to the Fortune 500. Our founders still code.

Apply here:

Autodesk | Technical Consultant, Senior Technical Consultant, Principal Solution Architect | Remote…

Autodesk | Technical Consultant, Senior Technical Consultant, Principal Solution Architect | Remote, US | Full Time

Autodesk has an internal consulting organization to help design solutions for our customers. We offer custom development, product plugins, and architecture review and recommendation.

The tech stack involves NodeJS/React front-end development and C# backend development. Backend development can be for web solutions or plugins for our products.

Our solution architecture teams work alongside the developers and customers to help design solutions either directly for the customers, or for our teams to implement.

Currently we have three consultant positions available with more becoming available later this year - we're growing! The specific consulting positions are req IDs (searchable in Workday) 24WD79331, 24WD79332, 24WD79342

If you have any questions or would like to grace me with the use of a referral link - please reach out at rob dot harbaugh [AT] $companyname dot com

PB Vision | Senior Python Engineer | REMOTE | Full-time | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;…

PB Vision | Senior Python Engineer | REMOTE | Full-time |

At PB Vision, we are revolutionizing how pickleball players hone their skills. Our innovative computer vision digests gameplay footage into high-fidelity, granular data which captures the nuances of each moment of the game. This data empowers players to improve in unprecedented ways.

This is your chance to contribute to a revolutionary product and make a significant impact on the sport of pickleball. With your technical expertise, you will lead our initiatives for transforming low-level computer vision data into actionable insights for players. You will design, develop, test, maintain and improve the algorithms and systems which produce these insights.

- Independently develop algorithms to extract valuable insights from low-level computer vision data.

- Architect and implement robust systems to monitor and improve insights.

- Diagnose and resolve data quality issues.

- Collaborate with cross-functional teams to translate feature requests into comprehensive, user-first designs.

Shoot me (Ryan) an email hckrnews[at] with your resume and let me know why you'd be a good fit!

Vaarst | UK, Bristol - Hybrid | Full or part time | can&#x27;t sponsor visas<p>Vaarst focuses on th…

Vaarst | UK, Bristol - Hybrid | Full or part time | can't sponsor visas

Vaarst focuses on the energy transition space, we're currently developing autonomy solutions for offshore wind where we're working on subsea autonomous visual inspection combined with our data and ML platform and SubSLAM technology.

We are growing quickly and looking for people who enjoy working on challenging projects in fast paced environments - think deploying autonomous robots to autonomously survey subsea structures.

Robotics, Senior and Principal Engineers - £100-150k Software, Senior and Principal Engineers (C++, Python, Computer vision, SLAM) - £100-150k Unreal Engineers, Senior and Principal UX Designers Product Managers

Gamma Reality Inc<p>Imaging Scientist<p>Hardware &#x2F; Electronics Engineer<p><a href="https:&#x2F…

Gamma Reality Inc

Imaging Scientist

Hardware / Electronics Engineer to learn more about how GRI is changing radiation detection.

Plotly | | Senior Software Engineers, Full Stack, Senior Software Developer in Test | Ca…

Plotly | | Senior Software Engineers, Full Stack, Senior Software Developer in Test | Canada |Remote, Full-Time

As a company with roots in the open-source community, Plotly introduced web-based data visualization to Python. Today, the company offers Dash Enterprise, which provides the best software tools and platform to enable every enterprise in the world to build and scale data applications quickly and easily.

We are growing our team and hiring for the following roles:

Senior Software Developer in Test (Full-Time, Remote in Canada)

Staff Software Engineer, Full Stack (Full-Time, Remote in Canada or United States)

If interested, apply here -

I help lead the Coinbase Developer Platform team (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;…

I help lead the Coinbase Developer Platform team (

Our goal is to build crypto developer tools that bring millions of developers and billions of users into crypto (today, crypto has <50k active developers). If you're a developer, our job is to make it simple to build products, while providing the trust, scale, and usability that users depend on Coinbase on. Our teams work directly with our CEO (Brian Armstrong, YC S12).

We're looking for three sets of roles:

- Full stack engs for our Developer Platform Portal, Commerce, and Staking teams

   - You have a passion for crypto (even if you're new to the space)
   - You care deeply about developer experience (geeking out about things like SDK design)
   - We move at the pace of a startup, with value to full stack skillset, shipping fast, total ownership
- Senior Product Manager, ex-engineer, who has built API products before and written documentation

- Engineering Manager for our Commerce team ( ), help make onchain payments a reality

To apply, submit here:

Engineering Manager


Product Manager

Glide | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a> | Senior Plat…

Glide | | Senior Platform Engineer, Data | Remote | Full Time

Glide is building a simpler, faster way for anyone to build custom software for their business without any technical or design skills. Tens of thousands of non-technical people use Glide to build apps to power their businesses, organizations, personal projects, and more.

Glide is looking for a Senior Platform Engineer to help evolve our data sources strategy, become more efficient with our infrastructure utilization as we scale, and achieve a high level of operational excellence for availability, security, and performance.

The ideal candidate has a specialty in provisioning and managing large-scale, persistent data sources (e.g., PostgreSQL, Apache Kafka, NATS, etc…) in a variety of cloud environments. They are comfortable evolving legacy services already in production by using progressive rollout techniques. And they leverage observability and appropriate testing to build confidence in a service.

Full description and application at:

Quadrature | London or New York | Full-time | Onsite | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" re…

Quadrature | London or New York | Full-time | Onsite |

We are seeking experienced, hands-on, software developers to join our team here at Quadrature.

If you have an interest in the financial markets and wish to work in a team developing our next generation systems we want to hear from you.

In return we'll offer you a highly collaborative environment where you will be able to see the impact of your work on our bottom line. We have zero silos and teams engage across our business to achieve our shared goals.

You can learn more about what we can offer here:

To apply please reach out

Cleric | Multiple Roles | San Francisco | Full-time | $160K-$200K + 0.5%-1.5% equity | Visa Sponsor…

Cleric | Multiple Roles | San Francisco | Full-time | $160K-$200K + 0.5%-1.5% equity | Visa Sponsorship

At Cleric we're building an AI-powered agent that helps engineers quickly diagnose and resolve production issues, freeing them up from operational toil. We've raised a $4.3m seed from a leading AI VC and Silicon Valley angels.

The ideal candidate loves building tools for engineers, and is obsessed with generative AI. You'll join a team of AI, software, and infrastructure veterans working in-person from San Francisco.

Email me (CTO) at or apply at

Two Six Technologies | Reverse Engineer&#x2F;Vulnerability Researcher | Arlington, VA | ONSITE | F…

Two Six Technologies | Reverse Engineer/Vulnerability Researcher | Arlington, VA | ONSITE | Full Time | Two Six Technologies is seeking Reverse Engineers & Vulnerability Researchers to perform in-depth reverse engineering and exploit development to transition those findings into capabilities. We are looking to hire a number of Security Researchers with experience in the following categories: firmware reverse engineering, hardware reverse engineering, and Linux/UNIX kernel development. Additional opportunities are available for embedded software engineers, RF electronic design engineers, FPGA/ASIC design engineers, hardware reverse engineers, firmware reverse engineers, and low-level developers looking to enter the security field. If you work in the embedded security domain, we would love to hear from you. Preference is for applicants who hold a TS clearance at the minimum with the ability to obtain SCI. If interested, please reach out to our team @

Sitewire | Full Stack Rails Engineer | Full-Time | REMOTE (US-only) | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;si…

Sitewire | Full Stack Rails Engineer | Full-Time | REMOTE (US-only) |

Learn more or apply at - I personally review every application, so just mention you found us on HN.

Sitewire improves cash flow for real estate developers and members of the skilled trades. Our customers rely on us for project budgeting, virtual inspections, and draw management. The mobile-first, self-service draw process empowers workers with instant payments while combating fraud. We’re looking for an experienced and entrepreneurial Full-Stack Rails Engineer (senior or above) to help us achieve an ambitious growth plan. You will be a core member of the engineering team, working alongside peers with the support of a mature founding team expert in construction, mobile, and IoT.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Hotwire (Turbo / Stimulus), Tailwind, Postgres, Sidekiq

Experience with 3D graphics, machine learning, mobile, or React are all pluses.

OwnerRez | Remote | Senior Full Stack Engineer | Full Time OwnerRez is a vacation rental software p…

OwnerRez | Remote | Senior Full Stack Engineer | Full Time OwnerRez is a vacation rental software platform for property managers and owners that integrates with channels like Vrbo, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and as well as direct websites to manage vacation rental properties, bookings, and guests -- making the entire process automated.

We're looking for a senior full stack engineer to join our team to design and develop features end to end -- from web UI to backend business logic, services, and the database. We’re also looking for ops skills and desire to join our on-call rotation.

Our stack: .NET (MVC, jQuery on the frontend, WebAPI on the backend), MySQL, Redis, DynamoDB.


Aurora Energy Research | Lead&#x2F;Senior Software Engineer | Oxford UK, Gurugram India | Full-time…

Aurora Energy Research | Lead/Senior Software Engineer | Oxford UK, Gurugram India | Full-time | Hybrid Onsite |

We have openings for Software Engineers in Oxford and Gurugram. Our tech Stack is mainly Python, Typescript, MySQL. Details of the openings and links to apply are:

* Senior Software Engineer - Oxford

* Software Engineer - Oxford

* Technical lead - Gurugram

For more information about our benefits, check out Life at Aurora checkout

Fractional AI | Founding Engineer | San Francisco | Onsite | Full-time<p>Who: We&#x27;re Fractional…

Fractional AI | Founding Engineer | San Francisco | Onsite | Full-time

Who: We're Fractional AI -- the dev shop for difficult enterprise applications of genAI.

Looking for: You! Full-stack founding engineers (5+ years of experience, 150k-210k cash, meaningful equity, 99% healthcare premium coverage )

How: apply or reach out to me (ben@

Why we may be a great fit:

-High impact AI projects - we work on companies' hardest problems to get genAI into production (in the same quarter you might build an AI phone agent for one customer and automate a complex workflow for another customer)

-Culture of a startup but substantive problems to solve that impact millions of users

- Curious, humble, banter-y in-person team comprised of multi-time founders

Why we may not be the best fit:

-Excellence isn't really really important to you (this is less of a 'move fast and break things' role, though we respect that ethos!)

-Predictability is important to you - we work across customers, tech stacks, industries etc

-Interacting with customers isn't your thing

Dagster Labs | Software Engineers, Product Managers, Designers | SF, Minneapolis, NYC or Remote | F…

Dagster Labs | Software Engineers, Product Managers, Designers | SF, Minneapolis, NYC or Remote | Full-time | Open-source

Dagster is the data orchestration platform built for productivity. Data engineers all around the world, in every industry, use Dagster to build scalable and maintainable data applications like ETL pipelines, ML training pipelines, data integrations and similar systems.

Data applications are the true core of AI and ML training systems, and our goal is to make Dagster the de facto standard for structuring these systems.

We’re an early stage, well-funded startup team with a proven track record of shipping open source software with global adoption. We put a premium on respectful, clear, and complete communication, and we expect each other to be creative, curious, effective, and empathetic.

More info:

Electric Hydrogen | | Staff Data Engineer, Senior Data Engineer | San Carlos, CA; Natick, M…

Electric Hydrogen | | Staff Data Engineer, Senior Data Engineer | San Carlos, CA; Natick, MA; or Hybrid Remote | Full-time | Visa

Electric Hydrogen builds the world's most powerful electrolyzer at 100MW using modular & integrated design to radically lower the cost of green hydrogen production and increase global adoption. We just raised $380M in Series C financing, claiming the title of the first $1B green hydrogen start-up as recently covered by WSJ and TechCrunch.

The digital team works on everything from R&D to manufacturing and field services. Our 100MW plant has thousands of sensors sampling at 1hz - 5khz or more, requiring robust data processing, visualization, analytics & data science infrastructure. We deploy to some of the most remote regions on the planet with a product that needs to work reliably for decades, creating a unique challenge for networking, data ingestion & software development. Moreover, our Gigafactory and R&D labs are constantly collecting data for continuous improvements & scientific discoveries, all requiring different features & architecture to support and scale.

Benefits include competitive salary, ISO, 401K with match, and more.

- Staff or Senior Data Engineer:

We have offices in Natick/Boston, Devens, MA, San Carlos & San Jose and support hybrid remote & relocation. If interested, please reach out to me: rzhang at

Timeline | London, United Kingdom | Senior Full Stack Engineer (full-time, contract) | Remote<p>We&…

Timeline | London, United Kingdom | Senior Full Stack Engineer (full-time, contract) | Remote

We're looking for experienced Senior Software engineers! TL;DR: Our tech stack is Elixir, Elm and Rust. We are a rapidly growing company (100% YoY since launch). We work remotely. We work asynchronously and in four-week cycles using the Shape Up methodology. About Timeline: We are disrupting the financial planning and portfolio management software for advisers in the UK. We manage over £6B of clients assets on behalf of financial advisers.

Apply here:

Sumble | | Data&#x2F;Backend&#x2F;Full-stack Engineering + first GTM | Remote-only North…

Sumble | | Data/Backend/Full-stack Engineering + first GTM | Remote-only North-America timezones

Sumble's applying language models (both small and large) to build high-quality datasets. Near-term our focus is company-related data that we integrate with customer's Salesforce data to make go-to-market operations more efficient. Long-term we want to become the first place you go to find high-quality data that lives outside your organization.

Currently a team of 7 engineers, including Kaggle/Google/Primer/Stack Overflow/Meta alumni.

Our tech stack includes Python, FastAPI, React/Typescript, GCP (postgres + alloydb + cloud run), regular expressions, and Pytorch/Gemma/Mistral.

Challenges we face include:

- Transforming noisy datasets + noisy models into high quality data products

- Making expensive analytics computations run efficiently

- Managing the complexity of an increasing number of data sources, models, and operations on top of these

If this excites you, get in touch with us by emailing me at ben at sumble.

Blackshark AI | Senior Software Engineer &amp; Senior Machine Learning Engineer | Full-time | Austr…

Blackshark AI | Senior Software Engineer & Senior Machine Learning Engineer | Full-time | Austria or Remote EU

Satellite and drone imagery access is on the rise, and traditional image processing methods are struggling to keep up. Our scalable AI quickly extracts global features, providing real-time, on-demand geospatial insights with impressive speed and accuracy. We are turning months of manual work into mere minutes, and with much better results. Our platform also powers our 3D synthetic solutions, which enable large scale simulations and visualizations. Our applications cover various domains, from intelligence and defense solutions for US and US allies to disaster relief, flight simulation and training, insurance, smart cities, urban planning, and more.

Backend Tech Stack: Python Fast API PostgreSQL Docker RabbitMQ Kubernetes Azure

Deep Learning: Pytorch, Torchvision, scikit-learn

Image Processing: Numpy, PIL, OpenCV, SciPy, scikit-image, matplotlib, kornia

Geospatial: RasterIO, Geopandas, GDAL/OGR, QGIS, ArcGIS

Apply at: or reach out to HM at: 'eivanov@' + username[:10] + '.' + username[10:].lower()

ML6 | Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer | Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch, GCP, AWS, Azure | Ful…

ML6 | Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer | Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch, GCP, AWS, Azure | Full-time | Amsterdam, Berlin, Ghent (EU) On-site/hybrid

We are a Machine Learning consulting company that builds end-to-end Machine Learning solutions. By applying the latest AI research, we keep our clients at the forefront of innovation.

If you are interested check out: and

Work on innovative projects for the biggest clients across Europe such as Randstad, ASML, FUNKE, and many more! Whether it’s about leveraging LLMs to improve customer support, building data lakes on cloud platforms to improve storage or implementing models using sensor data for quality control. You can find it all at ML6.

You will mostly work with Python and a range of ML frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, or HuggingFace Transformers to solve hard Machine Learning tasks and help bring these application into production by building data pipelines and cloud infrastructure on all of the major cloud providers (GCP, AWS, Azure).

We are looking for:

• (Senior) Data Engineer

• (Senior) Software Engineer

• (Senior) Machine Learning Engineer

• Alliance Manager – Azure

• AI Team Lead

• AI Client Executive

• AI Client Partner

• AI Project Manager

• Talent Partner

Apply at:

Cardless | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;www.…

Cardless | | San Francisco, Hybrid (3x/week in person) | Full Time

At Cardless, we’re building a credit card and loyalty platform that consumer businesses use to engage their customers. We’ve launched 13 credit cards, with our most recent launch being two premium cards with Qatar Airways. We help businesses bring imaginative card programs to life, and have pioneered technology to embed credit card features natively into their products. You can learn more about us at our blog -

We are in a growth phase right now and there is a lot of interesting product and platform work to be done over the next year. We are a team of 6 engineers so far and are actively hiring experienced senior engineers who can not only provide direction for the next generation of scaling but also get comfortable in getting their hands dirty in improving our technical systems! Our BE stack is predominantly Java running on AWS (K8s, Dynamo).

More information on the role can be found below:

- Senior Software Engineer - Backend ($160,000 - $200,000 USD):

Loop | | Marketing&#x2F;Product&#x2F;Design&#x2F;Engineering | On-site San Francisco, CA, …

Loop | | Marketing/Product/Design/Engineering | On-site San Francisco, CA, Chicago, IL | H1B OK

Loop is on a mission to unlock profits trapped in the supply chain ( and lower costs for consumers. Bad data and inefficient workflows create friction that limits working capital and raises costs for every supply chain stakeholder.

Loop’s modern audit and pay platform uses our domain-driven AI to harness the complexity of supply chain data and documentation. We improve transportation spend visibility so companies can control their costs and power profit. That is why industry leaders like J.P. Morgan Chase, Great Dane, Emerge, and Loadsmart work with Loop.

A recent WSJ piece on Loop -

1. Raised $65m from JPM GEP, Founders Fund, 8VC, Susa Ventures, Flexport, Index, and Expa.

2. 35 paying enterprise customers with multiple-year contracts; 60+ customers in the pipeline.

3. High-caliber team of engineers and operators from Google, Scale AI, Flexport, Uber, Rakuten, Square, Meta, Stanford, Brown, Princeton, and Yale.

4. 5+ years cash runway

Fullstack Engineer San Francisco -

Fullstack Engineer Chicago -

Senior Product Designer San Francisco -

Figma | Senior&#x2F;Staff Security Engineer | Remote (US &#x2F; Canada), or in-office SF&#x2F;NYC |…

Figma | Senior/Staff Security Engineer | Remote (US / Canada), or in-office SF/NYC | Full-time | $149k - $350k

The security team at Figma spans a bunch of areas (AppSec, Infra, AI/ML, etc). I am currently working on securing our recently announced AI features -- how do you deal with model security? Especially when some of those models include private data? Not a lot of prior art here, so it's an interesting learning experience!

We're really just looking for smart people that want to find problems to chip at. The company is growing fast and there is no shortage of interesting work. (I wrapped up my YC startup to join the team!)

Generic job req is here:

Feel free to email me at fwortley at <name of company above>.com

Neuronostics | Senior Engineer | Python | Bristol, UK (Hybrid) | up-to £85K<p><a href="https:&#x2F;…

Neuronostics | Senior Engineer | Python | Bristol, UK (Hybrid) | up-to £85K is revolutionising neurological disease diagnosis and prognosis through innovative algorithms and software.

We're seeking a lead engineer to join our early-stage team and help bring our products to market.

Key skills: Python, Django, HTMX, postgres, terraform, AWS, full stack development.

Email in profile for general questions about the role/company, or application link:

Yarn (YC W24) | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a> | Foundin…

Yarn (YC W24) | | Founding Engineers | NYC In-Person | Full Time

Yarn is Figma for video.

We're taking a novel approach in the video space. We think making videos is reasoning-heavy, so we're focusing on using LLMs and interfaces to orchestrate the best domain-specific models. We want to help people create high-end output, not programmatic AI slop.

We believe in small, in-person, talent-dense teams.

We're looking for smart generalists that enjoy picking up new challenges and learning new tech.

If you're interested in learning more, get in touch jasper @ or apply at

Aleph | REMOTE PT - ET Hours | Software Engineer, Eng Manager, AE | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;www.…

Aleph | REMOTE PT - ET Hours | Software Engineer, Eng Manager, AE |

Aleph is redefining the world of Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A). We operate in a well-defined software category with a multi-billion TAM yet a lack of a clear winner. We’re here to change that, and our early results speak for themselves.

We’re backed by top VCs (Bain Capital Ventures, Khosla Ventures, YC, Picus Capital), and work with customers like Eight Sleep, Webflow, Turo, Notion, and others.

What we’ve built so far is the most seamless way to centralize all of a company's financial data – think expenses from Quickbooks or Netsuite, pipeline forecasts from Salesforce – and bring it into the tools finance teams are already using. But the vision goes way beyond that. We’re building the source of truth for a business’ data, and ultimately the platform businesses use to make better decisions.

We’re way ahead of schedule due to our unique approach, with pretty much no churn, and rapid growth despite no marketing spend to date.

See more details and apply via

The amount of on-site only job listings now in 2024 is insane.<p>I cannot believe you people will w…

The amount of on-site only job listings now in 2024 is insane.

I cannot believe you people will work for these companies and managers that require on-site and not fight back. We're losing our power. I hope nobody applies to these jobs.

Datadog, on-site only in NYC, Paris, Boston and Tel Aviv.. lmao. I live in one of the USA HCOL cities (not those, I'm Denver/Austin) and I wouldn't go near those places rent wise. $3500/month for a 2 bedroom is high enough for me to sit on my computer and write go. I've worked at 4 companies in the last decade moving off of Datadog to Grafana and they require on-site in NYC to write log chutes and charging an insane amount for their product while paying their NYC engineers $300k+. Wild.

Akkio | Fully Remote | Full-time | Frontend &#x2F; Full Stack Engineers (Junior and Senior) | $120k…

Akkio | Fully Remote | Full-time | Frontend / Full Stack Engineers (Junior and Senior) | $120k-$180k + equity

Use Akkio to help digital marketing agencies build & deploy AutoML pipelines, using Generative AI for data exploration and cleansing, and other marketing-specific feature sets

We're looking for solid and enthusiastic frontend/full stack engineers to help us build and scale our data platform. Vue.js, Node.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, Firebase

Must be authorized to work in the US and have timezone overlap with the US


Cartesian Systems (MIT Startup) | Lead Mobile Engineer (Android) | Boston (on-site) | Full-time<p>I…

Cartesian Systems (MIT Startup) | Lead Mobile Engineer (Android) | Boston (on-site) | Full-time

I’m the CEO of Cartesian Systems, a seed-stage MIT startup on a mission to map the physical world at unprecedented scale and precision. We're looking for a lead mobile engineer to complement and amplify our core team at Cartesian, as we transition our product to scale.

Here's some info about us and the role:

- Cartesian spun out of my lab at MIT in 2023 after 7 years of award-winning research/IP development in indoor mapping & localization. Since then, we have built our first product, deployed it with early customers, and are cashflow-positive.

- Joining Cartesian now is a unique opportunity to lead a core component of our product as we transition to scale and to help shape the product roadmap and company culture.

- You'll lead the end-to-end design, development, and deployment of our native Android application, mentor other engineers, implement novel features like real-time user feedback and AR guidance, and collaborate on shipping stable and performant enterprise products.

- Our current app is native Android and written mostly in Kotlin. The core pages include location tracking, BT and camera sensor data, and live updating maps.

More information about the opening and how to apply here:

Schelling AI | Interns | London, UK<p>Open source, decentralised generative AI launching later this…

Schelling AI | Interns | London, UK

Open source, decentralised generative AI launching later this month from original team at Stability AI.

Hiring an intern class working on a series of pieces on how generative AI will impact sectors, society and more, plus how the technology will evolve.

This would particularly suit those passionate about AI & Web3, working direct with CEO and researchers based on location in London (High Street Kensington).

Apply at with the most original take on how generative AI will impact society or a sector you can think of plus CV.

Health Partners Group | Fully Remote (UK ONLY, NO VISAS) | Tech Leads, Developers, Data Analysts &a…

Health Partners Group | Fully Remote (UK ONLY, NO VISAS) | Tech Leads, Developers, Data Analysts & QA Lead

Join us in shaping the future of occupational health, mental health and employee wellbeing services. At Health Partners Group, we stand at the forefront of occupational health, merging expert advice, clinical excellence, and cutting-edge technology. Our mission? To forge health programmes that not only enhance wellbeing but also boost performance across workforces.

Who You Are

You're passionate about leveraging technology to transform healthcare. Your drive is matched by your technical expertise and you're looking to make a real impact within a dynamic team. You understand that your role is more than a job; it's about enhancing the lives of millions.

Roles We’re Hiring For:

Tech Lead’s to lead squads of six product, development and QA engineers. Senior .Net Developers to join one of our squads to work with product and QA engineers to deliver key features and functionality. .Net Developers to join one of our squads to work with product and QA engineers to deliver key features and functionality. Data Analysts to join our MI & Data team who use Power BI, SQL Server and various tooling to generate the insight that we provide our clients. Automation QA Lead to manage the QA team on a day-to-day basis while being an individual contributor, guiding the development of our automation test framework.

What We Offer:

A collaborative environment that thrives on innovation and new ideas. A competitive salary with a comprehensive benefits package. Opportunities for personal and professional growth. A flexible working policy to support your work-life balance.

How to Apply:

Send your CV, along with a cover letter that tells us your story and why you're the perfect fit for our team, to Please specify the role you're applying for in the subject line and confirm you have the right to work in the UK. We do not provide sponsorship currently.

Health Partners Group is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

qBraid | Cloud DevOps Engineer | Full-time | ~$100K (dependent on locale) + equity | Remote or In-P…

qBraid | Cloud DevOps Engineer | Full-time | ~$100K (dependent on locale) + equity | Remote or In-Person (Chicago, IL)

We are qBraid ( – a leading platform for accessing quantum software and hardware. We are building a cloud-based IDE optimized for quantum computing, and we're looking for an experienced Cloud DevOps Engineer to join our passionate team!

We are seeking someone with expertise in EKS/GKE/self-hosted k8s, load/network balancing, and scaling cloud infrastructure. If you have experience with quantum computing, that's a huge plus, but it's not necessarily required.

*Some reasons you’d enjoy working with us:*

* A collaborative, innovative work environment where your voice is heard. * Opportunities to work on pioneering quantum computing projects. * Competitive salary with equity-based compensation. * Professional development opportunities, health care, and paid lunches.

*Basic Qualifications:*

* Experience developing applications with JavaScript, TypeScript, Python. * Experience deploying/managing containerized applications with Kubernetes and Docker. * Strong experience using AWS and GCP cloud services. * Experience with NoSQL databases (e.g., MongoDB, DynamoDB). * Experience with Node.js runtime environments and REST APIs. * Experience with Git, CI/CD workflows, and event-driven automation. * Experience building cloud-based solutions and scaling cloud infrastructures. * Self-motivated and comfortable working both independently and collaboratively on complex projects in a fast-paced environment. * Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

*Preferred Qualifications:*

* Enthusiasm for quantum computing. * Familiarity with the Jupyter stack (i.e., JupyterHub, JupyterLab, Jupyter Notebook).

*If interested, please send your resume and a little blurb about why you are interested in qBraid to* | Fully Remote | USA&#x2F;Canada | Full-time Series B | 16M Funding | AI Industry | B2… | Fully Remote | USA/Canada | Full-time Series B | 16M Funding | AI Industry | B2B and B2C SaaS

1. Lead Software Engineer - $175k - $250k Base Salary + Equity

2. Senior Information Security Manager - $150k — $165k USD Base Salary + Equity

3. VP of Marketing - $225k - $300k Base Salary + Equity

Treatment Technologies &amp; Insights (TTI) | Frontend Engineer | ONSITE | Los Angeles, CA. | <a hr…

Treatment Technologies & Insights (TTI) | Frontend Engineer | ONSITE | Los Angeles, CA. |

Treatment Technologies & Insights, Inc. (TTI) aims to improve treatment experiences and outcomes for cancer and chronic illness patients. We develop custom software and mobile applications to help patients manage their treatment and generate insights on their personal experiences with high acuity or chronic conditions.

We have aggressive plans to continually enhance our infrastructure, and due to ongoing partnerships and strategic growth, we’re seeking to grow our Engineering Team.

We are hiring:

- Frontend Engineer: | Software &amp; Data Engineering | Hybrid (Boston&#x2F;Somerville MA) At Matterwork… | Software & Data Engineering | Hybrid (Boston/Somerville MA) At Matterworks we are building AI tools to extract insights from the ever-growing corpora of biological data and to unlock opportunities in therapeutic discovery, development, and manufacturing. We are building large-scale deep learning models of biological data to predict the phenotype and behavior of biological systems.

Throughout the interview process you can expect the following during your time with us: - Phone call to review with hiring manager - Virtual pairing interview (system architecture and design) - Hopefully a quick decision and offer!

Principal Software Engineer, Full Stack -

Principal Data Engineer -

VIVA Finance | Atlanta, GA | Junior&#x2F;Senior Back-End and React Developers, Project Manager<p>VI…

VIVA Finance | Atlanta, GA | Junior/Senior Back-End and React Developers, Project Manager

VIVA is a Fintech Startup based in Atlanta, GA with the mission to build a more inclusive financial system. VIVA offers unsecured personal loans to subprime customers who have traditionally been excluded and taken advantage of by the legacy financial institutions. The VIVA difference is to underwrite heavily on employment history and set up repayments through voluntary direct deposit payments from the borrower paycheck.

We are a VC backed company and have been in business for 5 years. We hit cash-flow positive in May and are now default alive with our ongoing growth series B likely to be our final round. We are growing the team to further support our personal lending product, in addition to getting the staff to support building new products to diversify our revenue streams.

Our tech stack for the back-end is fully on AWS, using Lambda and ECS for compute and Typescript as the language, but experience with this specific stack is not necessary for talented candidates. Preference is given to candidates who can come 4 days a week to our new office on the Atlanta Beltline (next to Krog Street Market) but remote positions are available for strong candidates able to work hours in eastern timezone.

Send me an introduction (alex at with a resume and we will be in touch!

Intertie | Lead Full-Stack Software Engineer | Hybrid (SF Bay Area) | Full-time<p>We&#x27;re a clea…

Intertie | Lead Full-Stack Software Engineer | Hybrid (SF Bay Area) | Full-time

We're a clean tech startup working with solar/storage systems, backed by top tier VCs including True Ventures. We've developed an AI driven energy management system along with our own UL certified battery based energy storage systems for commercial properties. We also have ancillary products (EV charging, sales tools, etc) to make building and operating clean energy systems easier. We're running a number of live sites, have a good pipeline, and just finished raising our Series A.

We believe great software is the core of great products, especially when working with hardware. We're looking for a strong senior full stack software engineer to anchor our software team as we grow.

Lead Full-stack Software Engineer - Go/Golang, Python - Javascript, Devops, energy domain experience a plus Reach out to me (BC, CTO) at jobs+hn [at] to make a difference in the world and help build a great company (no recruiters please).

Kensho Technologies | Engineers across the stack | Full-time&#x2F;Hybrid| (Cambridge&#x2F;Boston)&#…

Kensho Technologies | Engineers across the stack | Full-time/Hybrid| (Cambridge/Boston)/NYC

At Kensho, we leverage S&P Global’s world-class data to research, develop, and implement leading AI and machine learning capabilities that drive fact-based, objective decision making. From deep learning speech recognition and transcription to advanced visualizations, entity recognition, state-of-the-art search, and an AI-driven research platform, the Kensho team brings actionable insight and order to complex data. Our products power S&P Global and deliver innovative solutions and capabilities to their clients.

Founded in 2013, Kensho is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts with an office in New York City. In 2018, S&P Global acquired Kensho for $550M, the largest AI acquisition in history to date.

We are currently looking for a • Senior Backend Software Engineer • Senior ML Engineer • Technical Program Manager • and more!

To see all open positions visit

Crusoe | Onsite&#x2F;Hybrid – San Francisco | Climate Tech, Cloud Compute, Distributed Systems, Cry…

Crusoe | Onsite/Hybrid – San Francisco | Climate Tech, Cloud Compute, Distributed Systems, Crypto |

Crusoe is on a mission to align the future of computing with the future of the climate.

Data centers consume more than 2% of the world's electricity. We power data centers with stranded energy such as gas flares and underloaded renewables , so for every GPU hour you use on Crusoe Cloud, you're offsetting 0.5kg of CO2e, or approximately 4.4 metric tons over an entire year. The more compute you use, the more CO2 and other greenhouse gasses you offset.

Crusoe Cloud ( offers the cleanest and lowest-cost GPU cloud computing solution in the world for workloads including graphical rendering, artificial intelligence research, machine learning, computational biology, therapeutic drug discovery, simulation and more.

Here's a quick video so you can see what the systems look like in action, flames and everything:

High Priority Open Roles:

- Senior/Staff Site Reliability Engineer - Running kubernetes at scale, building observability stack

- Senior/Staff Infrastructure Engineer - Work in on prem environments, bare metal provisioning, and automation

- Staff Network Engineer - Backbone Networking, Edge Networking, Network Protocols, Network Automation

- Senior Staff/Principal Software Engineer - Deep experience building Cloud core services and features

- Senior/Staff Software Engineer - Cloud core services and features, managed k8s services experience

- Staff Security Engineer - Infrastructure/Cloud Security, Product/AppSec, IR, Security Tooling & Automation

- Engineering Managers - Player-coach who can manage team and get in trenches and write code

View full list of roles and apply here: Questions? Email:

Automattic | Remote | Full-time | Multiple roles | $110-$210k+ and great benefits<p>We&#x27;re look…

Automattic | Remote | Full-time | Multiple roles | $110-$210k+ and great benefits

We're looking for engineers to help us build, grow, and maintain products used by over a billion people each month across, WooCommerce, WordPress VIP, Jetpack, Tumblr, Beeper &, Day One, Pocket Casts, and many more.

If you love the open web, open source, radical problem ownership, and simple over pure solutions, Automattic is probably the place for you.

Did you know that every five years, every Automattician deserves a sabbatical – 3 paid months off! Even I, as a CEO, took mine this year:

Product-minded Generalist

  * endlessly curious about how things work – infrastructure, language and libraries, product, and business
  * solves problems across any level of the stack, in any codebase
  * comfortable with using mostly PHP and JavaScript, no need to have serious experience with them
  * apply at
Systems Engineer

  * removes friction between developers and shipping software
  * owns availability, performance, and security
  * shares code, experience, and knowledge both internally and externally
  * apply at
…or find something else on

Jane Street | Hybrid | Full-time<p>If you haven&#x27;t heard of us before, we’re a quantitative tra…

Jane Street | Hybrid | Full-time

If you haven't heard of us before, we’re a quantitative trading firm that cares a lot about technology. This means building elegant solutions that scale well, never assuming that “best in market” is the same as “best possible,” and ensuring everybody has the resources needed to do their jobs well.

We're looking for engineers in New York, London, Hong Kong, and Singapore including, but not limited to:

- Meticulous and experienced Windows Engineers to help run our entire Windows infrastructure, from managing Active Directory and DNS, to acting as an escalation point for more complex issues in the Windows Desktop environment --

- Linux Engineers to join a group of Systems Engineers, Administrators and Programmers, tasked with maintaining and improving the linux platform that powers Jane Street's production trading systems --

- Software Engineers who are intimately tied into every area of our business. We are big believers in functional programming, using OCaml, a statically-typed functional programming language, as our primary development language. We also believe in the value of open source software, using it in our daily work and releasing hundreds of thousands of lines of our own code as open source --

For more about technology at Jane Street, visit:

Gizmo | Software Engineers | London | Hybrid | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">…

Gizmo | Software Engineers | London | Hybrid |

Gizmo is a startup on a mission to make learning so easy and fun that anyone can learn anything. We're aiming to help 1 billion people learn by building Duolingo for Anything - a fun gamified way of learning anything!

We’re an early stage well-funded startup that's grown 11X in the last year. We're run by a former Google marketer & Amazon machine learning researcher, a former teacher, and a database specialist who became best friends while studying at Cambridge University. You'd be one of our first hires and an incredibly important part of the team.

Apply for backend ( or frontend roles ( or just email robin [at] with a CV

Security Risk Advisors | REMOTE (US) | DevOps Engineer III SRA’s mission is to level up every day t…

Security Risk Advisors | REMOTE (US) | DevOps Engineer III SRA’s mission is to level up every day to protect our clients and their customers. The DevOps Engineer III position will be part of Security Risk Advisors’ Software Development Team. We team with SRA’s Advisory Services, CyberSOC, and Research & Innovation teams to enhance our information security consulting practice in addition to building and deploying tools that serve our employees and our clients. We are rapidly improving our flagship product, VECTR (, an industry recognized Purple Team management and reporting platform. We’re looking for new team members to help us grow VECTR and build additional information security tools. This is an outstanding opportunity to work in a growing niche and interact with well-known client organizations.

- 5+ years previous professional operations or DevOps experience working with cloud or virtualized installations of custom software. - Containerization Experience: Deep understanding of Docker and other containerization technology and orchestration. - Cloud Platforms: Demonstrated experience with cloud service providers such as AWS, GCP, or Azure, particularly their Kubernetes offerings such as Amazon EKS, Google Kubernetes Engine, and Azure Kubernetes Service. - Strong in CI/CD Pipelines: Knowledge of continuous integration and continuous deployment/delivery methodologies and tools like Jenkins, GitLab, CircleCI, and ArgoCD. - Programming and Scripting: Proficiency in a scripting language such as Python, Go, or Bash and a strong understanding of infrastructure as code (IaC) tools like Terraform, Ansible and Helm. - (Preferred) Proficient in Kubernetes: Must be able to deploy, configure, and manage Kubernetes clusters along with services and pods.

Visit to learn more and apply.

PostHog | Full-Time | product engineers and ex technical founder engineers | REMOTE (all remote) | …

PostHog | Full-Time | product engineers and ex technical founder engineers | REMOTE (all remote) | Hiring GMT-8 to GMT+1 PostHog helps engineers build better products by combining product analytics, feature flags, session replay.

* open source, building a dev tool. We have a public handbook ( if you want to learn how we work, pay and more in complete detail.

* we are a real business... at $12M ARR / profitability in sight / lots of capital / grew revenue 4x last year

* we are growing through more autonomy and transparency not through process.

* we have a ton of scale and a bunch of super interesting technical problems to solve

* we're building 20 more products over the next couple of years, so you could end up building one of those

* we need: product engineers and ex technical founders to build products

Antithesis | Software Engineers, ML Research Scientists | Northern VA | ONSITE | <a href="https:&#x…

Antithesis | Software Engineers, ML Research Scientists | Northern VA | ONSITE |

Antithesis is using deterministic simulation, fuzzing, and novel ML techniques to improve software testing and increase developer velocity. For an idea of what we're doing, see Will's talk here: or read the Simulation Testing section of Fully funded medical, dental, and vision insurance. Unlimited vacation (with mandatory MINIMUM vacation time). Flexible hours. Incredible, cohesive team with the hardest and most interesting problems to solve.

We're doing things nobody has done before, so we don't need familiarity with any particular language, framework, domain, or anything like that. Don't care. What we do care about: you're smart, get things done, a joy to work with, and are comfortable dealing with open-ended problems.

Apply at (Don't worry too much about which role you choose. We're looking for engineers who are ready to learn, not those that know everything already!)

We're also hiring for professional services roles. Feel free to ask about those.

Laudio | Senior or Staff Software Engineer | Full-time | Remote (US only for these roles, ET or CT …

Laudio | Senior or Staff Software Engineer | Full-time | Remote (US only for these roles, ET or CT preferred) |

Laudio is an intelligent platform that prioritizes and automates the highest impact responsibilities of frontline leaders, creating large-scale change in health systems.

We're looking to add a couple software engineers to our engineering team. We're largely using React, Node, and AWS.

If interested, see more information in the job posting here:

Doowii | Full Stack Engineer | Remote (US) | Full-Time Doowii is on a mission to empower educators …

Doowii | Full Stack Engineer | Remote (US) | Full-Time Doowii is on a mission to empower educators with AI-driven data analytics solutions that enhance educational outcomes. We’re a rapidly growing EdTech startup that recently closed a $4.1M fundraising round backed by GSV Ventures, Better VC, Avesta Fund, and more (press release:

What We Do:

-Provide AI-driven data analytics solutions for schools/universities, essentially serving as an AI data scientist for educators. -Seamlessly integrate advanced data analytics into major EdTech platforms through partnerships.

About the Role: We’re looking for a Full Stack Engineer who is passionate about making a difference in education. You'll work on developing and maintaining scalable web applications using a modern techstack. Your role will involve collaborating with other engineers to design and implement new features, optimizing our applications for genAI accuracy, speed, and scalability, and contributing to a high standard of code quality. Needs to have the startup hustle mindset.

How to Apply:

Go to this link:

Looking forward to hearing from you! | Remote-first with PST overlap | Engineering &amp; Growth | $75-150k base &amp; 200k+ eq… | Remote-first with PST overlap | Engineering & Growth | $75-150k base & 200k+ equity |

Hi all, I’m Yuriy, founder of Previously worked as software engineer & developer advocate at Cloudant (YC S08, Acq. by IBM), Meteor (YC S11), Parse (YC S11, Acq. by Meta), and explored Ai/ML (computer vision for self-driving cars) before diving deep into crypto.

Puma Browser is focused on making LLMs easy to use on your mobile phone. Private by design.

Here’s a quick demo we posted recently:

We’ve raised Angel and Pre-Seed Rounds from some of the best builders in crypto and Ai: Illia Polosukhin (NEAR Protocol), Sridhar Ramaswamy (Snowflake CEO, Neeva, Greylock), Jason Warner (ex-GitHub CTO), Chris Larsen (founder of Ripple), Don Ho (Orange DAO, Quantstamp), Protocol Labs, Shima, SBI, Fenbushi, HashKey and more.

- We value Optimism, Kindness, Curiosity, Speed and Grit.

- Only two recurring weekly meetings to maximize state of flow: Monday all-hands, Friday Demos.

- Careful with growth and never had to do layoffs.

- Capital efficient with 3+ years of runway.

Open Roles: Eng (iOS, Android, Ai/ML, Browser Extensions), Based Social Media Intern; Internships: Eng, Design, Growth

How to Apply: visit or email careers+hn [at] with your GitHub, a note on what you're most proud of building and what you'd like to build next.

Thank you!

CodeWeavers | St Paul, MN, USA | Full Time | REMOTE | Wine and General Open Source Developers | C-l…

CodeWeavers | St Paul, MN, USA | Full Time | REMOTE | Wine and General Open Source Developers | C-language systems programming

CodeWeavers needs new, full-time developers to improve Wine's ability to run games and other types of software and integrate well with the native operating system and other system components. Positions are available to work on a variety of Wine-based software, including CodeWeavers's own CrossOver product; the Proton project for Valve Software; and projects for other clients and software internal to CodeWeavers.

We are hiring remote programmers, US or international, as well as workers local to Saint Paul, Minnesota. We will consider relocation, if desired, on a case-by-case basis. Please see link above for information, benefits, requirements, and how to apply.

Please direct any questions to the email address on our Jobs page. | Python Django Developer | Hybrid (Schweinfurt, Upper Bavaria, Germany) | Fulltime o… | Python Django Developer | Hybrid (Schweinfurt, Upper Bavaria, Germany) | Fulltime or Parttime

We provide Python and Django apps and services. Looking for a developer to join our team.

If interested send your CV to

ChatGPT Writer | React Dev | Remote &#x2F; India | India Timezone | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;chat…

ChatGPT Writer | React Dev | Remote / India | India Timezone |

# Hiring a React Dev for my AI-based SaaS tool, ChatGPT Writer.

ChatGPT Writer ( is a small, fast-growing, remote-first AI startup. Our product is a browser extension and web app that helps users draft emails and messages, correct grammar mistakes, rephrase text, summarize articles, and much more using latest AI models. It is 5-star rated with 700,000+ downloads.

### Tech Stack

- Chrome Extension: Plasmo framework, React, Typescript, Tailwind.

- Web App: Next.js, Typescript, Tailwind.

- Database: PostgreSQL (via Supabase).

- Hosting: Vercel, Supabase, Firebase.

- Logging & Analytics: Mixpanel, Axiom, Cloudflare Web Analytics

- Misc: OpenAI APIs, Stripe, Firebase Auth.

### Tools We Use

- Coding: VSCode, Github.

- Design: Figma.

- Notion for team wiki, docs, and project management.

- Communication: Slack, Google Meet.

Rygen | Senior Software Engineer | Greenville, SC | Onsite |<p>Rygen designs and builds t…

Rygen | Senior Software Engineer | Greenville, SC | Onsite |

Rygen designs and builds technology solutions to empower the logistics industry. Shippers, carriers, vendors, and 3PLs that join Rygen are able to eliminate painful tasks like shipment tracking, contract management, invoice payments, and other tedious tasks, allowing them to focus on the core parts of their business.

Rygen has a product-focused team that enjoys building out tools that fundamentally move the logistics industry forward. The team is made up of talented individuals from both technology companies and traditional logistics companies.

We're looking to add an additional mid level or senior software engineer to the team.

We're also looking to hiring a product manager to help us focus on building the right thing.

These are ONSITE positions, you will be expected to be in the office 2-3 days a week.

If you're interested, apply via LinkedIn or send your resume to rparris at with 'HN' in the subject.

S64 Capital (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;s64c…

S64 Capital ( | Fullstack Engineer | London, UK | ONSITE | Full-time

We are building a system to democratise access to private markets. We work with top GPs, Asset Managers and private banks.

We are looking for Fullstack Engineers to join our fast growing team, working in Typescript and web technologies.

email adam[dot]iley[at]s64capital[dot]com for more information

Waitwhile | Stockholm, Sweden | Onsite&#x2F;hybrid remote | Full-time Waitwhile works to eliminate …

Waitwhile | Stockholm, Sweden | Onsite/hybrid remote | Full-time Waitwhile works to eliminate the 1 trillion hours that people spend waiting in lines every year. Our platform is trusted by over 10,000 companies worldwide and has helped more than 250 million people enjoy a radically better waiting experience at places like IKEA, Louis Vuitton, Costco, Tribeca Film Festival and more. Hiring for multiple roles for our Stockholm office. Come join our wonderful, supportive team!

- Frontend Software Engineer: Junior or senior frontend focused engineer with big interest in building scalable and maintainable apps built with modern Angular and RxJS based in Stockholm.

- Solutions Engineer: Customer facing product expert and problem solver with engineer chops based in Stockholm.

SailPoint | Senior macOS Developer | Full-time | REMOTE (UK) | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;www.sailp…

SailPoint | Senior macOS Developer | Full-time | REMOTE (UK) |

We're looking for a macOS developer with:

* macOS security knowledge

* Experience with Rust / Go

to join our new Endpoint Privilege Management team and help design and build the product from the ground up.

Learn more and apply at

Why don’t European companies ever list their compensation? I have absolutely no idea if I should ev…

Why don’t European companies ever list their compensation? I have absolutely no idea if I should even apply!

Hozana | Lyon, France or remote from France | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;" rel=…

Hozana | Lyon, France or remote from France |

We're a Catholic tech non-profit committed to creating digital solutions for spiritual growth and community building.

We have about a million active users on our apps: and

We are hiring:

- a polyvalent Backend engineer

- a traffic manager

- a QA analyst (part-time)

Find out more and apply at

OpenEye | ONSITE (Hybrid-schedule) in Liberty Lake, WA | Full Time<p><p><a href="https:&…

OpenEye | ONSITE (Hybrid-schedule) in Liberty Lake, WA | Full Time

OpenEye mainly deals in physical security solutions for businesses, including Point of Sale integration, cloud management of NVRs, sensors, and cameras, video analytics, etc.

The job posting is for our OWS (OpenEye Web Services) team and we are looking for an experienced developer (SE II). Java Spring on the backend. React + Typescript on the frontend.

Most of our time is in the office, but we do have hybrid desk-sharing schedules available, and even if you aren't part of that, you can work from home 6 days per month, and exceptions are also flexible if you've got a one-off reason to need more in a month.

Better Stack | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;betters…

Better Stack | | /^(Full-?stack|Frontend) Engineer$/i | EU in UTC ± 3h

We are software builders at :heart:

CEO is a software engineer, COO is a software engineer and you guessed it; CTO is an engineer, too.

We're helping developers in building a better internet. If you love building amazing software, you're at the right address.

How we operate:



apply at

Vestwell | Backend Software Engineers &amp; Product Managers | HYBRID&#x2F;ONSITE 2x&#x2F;week | Ne…

Vestwell | Backend Software Engineers & Product Managers | HYBRID/ONSITE 2x/week | New York, NY | Austin, TX | Phoenix AZ | Full-time

Please email me at julia.pitts [at] vestwell [dot] com with your resume as soon as possible if interested:

Vestwell, a series D fintech startup, is hiring for 4+ product and engineering roles. We are now the fastest growing retirement plan recordkeeper with 2,000% growth over the past 3 years and aim to power all payroll-deducted workplace savings programs for businesses, such as the 401(k), 403(b), and IRA.

Please view the job descriptions for each role below ( and email me at julia.pitts [at] vestwell [dot] com with your resume. All of the following positions are HYBRID meaning you must be less than 2 hours commuting distance from either our New York, NY | Austin, TX | Phoenix AZ office in order to be onsite 2x/week or 2x/every other week (if between 1.5-2 hours away).

Backend Software Engineer (python) HYBRID - New York, NY | Austin, TX | Phoenix AZ

Staff Software Engineer (c#) HYBRID - New York, NY | Austin, TX | Phoenix AZ

Sr. Software Engineer (typescript) HYBRID - New York, NY | Austin, TX | Phoenix AZ

Product Manager HYBRID - New York, NY | Austin, TX | Phoenix AZ

Sr. Software Engineer (c#) HYBRID - New York, NY | Austin, TX | Phoenix AZ

Senior Software Engineer (Backend or Fullstack) | | remote | full-time | EU timezone<p>…

Senior Software Engineer (Backend or Fullstack) | | remote | full-time | EU timezone

We build games that sports fans love to play. Based in the UK, we're a top B2B provider in the gaming sector, powering fan engagement in over 50 countries with notable names in sports and entertainment. Founded four years ago, our company has seen a 100%+ revenue growth annually for three consecutive years. The 15-strong team at Splash works fully remote and values independent and self-motivated members.

We’re looking for several experienced Software Engineers. You’ll build backend/fullstack components and contribute towards system architecture, security and scalability. As part of the engineering team, you’ll own the whole development lifecycle from receiving/aligning requirements to development, test and operations.

Responsibilities - You own the development of backend or full-stack features end-to-end.

- Collaborate with stakeholders, ensure product quality and impact decision making.

- Optimize applications for speed, security and scale.

Requirements - 5+ years of relevant engineering experience at tech and product-driven companies

- Proficiency with some backend language (we use Java)

- Some experience with relational databases (we use Postgres)

- Desire to work fully remote and to proactively approach issues

- Fluent English

Depending on your location we’ll offer a competitive market rate salary for your experience level as well as stock options.

Contact: Oliver Renner, CTO -

Mattermost | Senior Software Design Engineer | US Remote | FT | $127,000 - $170,000<p>Mattermost pr…

Mattermost | Senior Software Design Engineer | US Remote | FT | $127,000 - $170,000

Mattermost provides secure, workflow-centric collaboration for technical and operational teams that need to meet nation-state-level security and trust requirements. We serve technology, public sector, national defense, and financial services industries with customers ranging from tech giants to the world’s largest banks, to the U.S. Department of Defense and governmental agencies around the world.

We are looking for a remote, US-based Senior SDE with a strong background in Go and SQL, who can work collaboratively on a fast-paced team, wants to own their projects end to end, and can find creative solutions to solve hard problems for our top customers.

Join our team:

Harvard SEAS, ONSITE (Boston area, MA, US)<p>I have one opening in a new project around AI for prec…

Harvard SEAS, ONSITE (Boston area, MA, US)

I have one opening in a new project around AI for precision medicine. One thrust is about combining biomedical knowledge graphs and large language models into a biomedical-fluent core platform. Another thrust is about UI for data-rich programmable systems. The opening is for either a research engineer or a postdoc, with different criteria in each case. The research engineer would be responsible for quarterly demo-driven deliverables. The postdoc would be expected to develop a research agenda with these applications in mind.



ROCKSTAR GAMES | NYC-San Diego-New England| FULL-TIME | .NET SOFTWARE ENGINEERS | Existing Visa Transfers Welcome

A career at Rockstar Games is about being part of a team working on some of the most creatively rewarding and ambitious projects to be found in any entertainment medium. You would be welcomed to a dedicated and inclusive environment where you can learn, and collaborate with some of the most talented people in the industry.


Develop highly scalable server-side features for our online game console clients using object-oriented development in C#, ASP.NET, and SQL Server.

Develop back-end services and APIs. Actively practice Test Driven Development (TDD) while developing new features and refactoring existing code.

Work in an AWS cloud-based, event-driven microservice architecture with a high priority on web performance optimization.

Collaborate with other Rockstar technology teams across our worldwide studios.

New York:

San Diego:

New England:

You can see our other openings here: | Berlin | ONSITE&#x2F;HYBRID | Senior Software Engineer<p>An early stage startup from … | Berlin | ONSITE/HYBRID | Senior Software Engineer

An early stage startup from Berlin, we build a SaaS platform for renewable energy developers to evaluate and identify sites for their projects faster. More details here:

Keywords: TypeScript, Python, Django, Postgres, geospatial data, maps, AWS.

Apply via email: contact at domain

Mindbody + ClassPass | Software Engineering and Product | REMOTE in the Americas and India<p>We&#x2…

Mindbody + ClassPass | Software Engineering and Product | REMOTE in the Americas and India

We're revolutionizing the fitness & wellness industry, and we’re looking for talented people to help us do it. Mindbody + ClassPass bring together the best of both sides of the market: Mindbody is the industry’s most trusted all-in-one technology platform; ClassPass is one of the most popular apps for fitness & self-care enthusiasts. Together we’re partnering with more than 70,000 fitness studios, gyms, salons, and spas around the world. We’re not just another tech company—we’re far and away the leader of our industry. So join the team, work with mission-led people, and enjoy amazing benefits.

More information at: | Remote, US only | Head of AI + All Eng Roles| full-time | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F… | Remote, US only | Head of AI + All Eng Roles| full-time | See positions 12 month old startup with $13m seed funding started by a veteran team building generative AI foundation models and apps on top of healthcare data! If you know healthcare data, workflows like prior auth, or transformers please apply. We run $Ms of GPUs so this is fun!

AI eng, API eng, Data Science. Email with your resume. | Junior-Mid AI&#x2F;ML&#x2F;Backend Engineer (fulltime) + Junior-Mid QA engineer (par… | Junior-Mid AI/ML/Backend Engineer (fulltime) + Junior-Mid QA engineer (part-time) | REMOTE (EU timezone if freelance contract OR Spain/NL for employee contract) | 2-4k/month

We build an LLM-based conversational assistant deeply integrated in the Edtech ecosystem. Aim to relieve teachers and admin workers of tedious "easy" questions so they can focus on important cases. Moving towards knowledge management and course support.

Early startup, small, tightly knit team (5 engineers, 2 implementation/process-focused folks, 1 sales guy, 1 marketing gal, 1 chill product-centered CEO). We're slowly scaling and expanding.

Stack (not crucial but you should at least be proficient in python):

- FastAPI python backend - MongoDB - Langchain for the AI aspects, slowly moving away from it - Next.js (react) frontend - AWS

We have two open roles. Common requirements: excellent spoken English, a generalist/"get things done" mentality (we're a small startup), and sufficient drive/curiosity to figure things out (and build them/fix them) on your own - we don't micromanage.

- Junior/mid AI/backend engineer: you'd start off supporting me with developing the AI aspects of the product - for now, mainly the conversational interface. This isn't a purely ML position; for now lots of the work is SWE/back-end dev. Projects on the roadmap: migrating away from Langchain, building robust testing and observability for LLM performance, experimenting with and improving the RAG pipeline, fine-tuning/distillation where relevant to reduce latency/costs.

Experience requirements: ~masters level education in relevant field (doesn't have to be a masters/formal education, but you need to convince us you have an equivalent level of experience/understanding) & 1y of full-time relevant work experience (can be as student job)

- Junior/mid QA engineer (part time, can be negotiated). Two main aspects to this: 1. Improve and expand our back-end tests; in particular, add E2E and integration tests 2. Manual QA as part of our release cycle, which you will then slowly automate with browser automation tools (selenium).

Experience requirements: ~bachelor level in relevant field & 1y+ of relevant QA experience OR ~3-4 years of highly relevant work experience.

Send e-mail at `luca @ learnwise . ai` with brief intro + CV :)

Oxidian | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;www.oxidian.…

Oxidian | | Remote (Ireland/EU)

We build software for governments. We're doing to government software services what challenger banks did to banking.

Our clients are mainly governmental research institutions - we're building tools for scientists to process & visualise data, HPC data processing libraries, plus web apps to make people's working lives easier.

Currently hiring a senior LLM chatbot developer with Mistral experience.

Lovable (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a>),…

Lovable (, creators of GPT Engineer ( | ONSITE+HYBRID | London / Stockholm | Full-Time | Generalist and Product Engineers

We're a small team of serial (ex-YC) founders, CTOs, designers, and IOI gold medalists focused on being the first to make autonomous code generation work.

Our SaaS product is in closed beta, with a waitlist of 27k people. As one of our first employees, you will have a significant impact on shaping our product and company. Our open-source roots stem from gpt-engineer, the CLI tool with 51k GitHub stars ( — arguably the world's most popular open-source codegen project.

Building an AI Software Engineer is a hard problem. We believe hiring the brightest and most ambitious minds in Europe is key to success. We are passionate about building a great product and seek equally ambitious and motivated individuals to ship fast.

We are looking for:

- Product engineers: Product-minded full-stack engineers to work on our core product.

- Generalists: Creative and algorithmic minds with a track record of solving difficult problems in physics, computer science, or mathematics.

- Technical ex-founders/CTOs: To own large sets of problems and drive product engineering forward.

Our stack: FastAPI backend, Next.js (subscribed to edit events in application DB), Cloud Run,, Supabase, GCP/AWS.

Sounds interesting? Read more and apply at:

Sphinx Defense | Engineering, DevOps, &amp; Product | Remote (US Only), DC, Colorado Springs, LA | …

Sphinx Defense | Engineering, DevOps, & Product | Remote (US Only), DC, Colorado Springs, LA |

Sphinx Defense builds software to solve complex national security problems for America and its allies. Founded by engineers and technologists with deep experience across commercial and defense technology, we're building a vehicle-agnostic communication infrastructure to enable satellite operators to securely utilize antenna networks and maneuver satellites in real-time. We're bootstrapped, profitable, and growing aggressively.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile:

In July, we will be posting a few roles: a Backend Engineer, Sr. Backend Engineers, and a DevOps Engineer. Job postings will be up in the coming weeks but apply to the general interest application and list which role you would be interested in :

Glass Health (YC W23) | Full-time | Founding Senior Software Engineers (full-stack, backend, LLM, p…

Glass Health (YC W23) | Full-time | Founding Senior Software Engineers (full-stack, backend, LLM, product) | FULLY REMOTE (US or UK time-zones) | $130k-$210k + equity, flexible

We build a platform for AI-assisted medical diagnosis and clinical decision-making. Doctors spend twice as much time with computers as they do with patients; our product helps doctors make decisions and draft documentation in seconds. To date, tens of thousands of clinicians have used Glass to generate drafts of differential diagnoses and clinical plans.

We went through Y Combinator last year and have raised > $7M (led by Initialized with some of the most brilliant founders in healthtech: Tom Lee, founder of One Medical; Connor Landgraf, founder and CEO of Eko Health; and Heather Hasson and Trina Spear, the co-founders of FIGS. We’ve also been featured in leading clinical lectures like UCSF Grand Rounds and news outlets like NPR and TechCrunch.

Our CEO/co-founder Dereck is a doctor who studied medicine at UCSF and Brigham and Women's Hospital, and our CTO, Will (me), is a highly experienced engineering leader & successful founder. Join us!

Tech Stack: Django, Typescript, React, Redux, Postgres.

Apply by sending a resume/linkedin to will at glass dot health, or feel free to apply on Lever and mention HN!

Hex | Visualization Engineer | Remote - US | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;" rel="nofoll…

Hex | Visualization Engineer | Remote - US |

Hex is changing the way people work with data. Our platform makes analytics workflows more powerful, collaborative, and shareable. Hex solves key pain points with today's data and analytics tooling, and is loved by thousands of users all over the world for the beautiful UI, new superpowers, and boundless flexibility.

We are a tight-knit crew of engineers, designers, and data aficionados. Our roadmap is full of big ideas and little details, and we would love your help bringing them to life.

Hex has raised over $100m from great VCs and angels, giving us many years of runway and the ability to pay competitive salaries, offer great benefits, and provide meaningful equity.

We're looking to grow our team with a second full-time Visualization Engineer (in addition to me!) working on no-code tools for visualization. See for more details.

Evaboot | 1st engineer Python Django Backend | Full-Time | REMOTE | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;evab…

Evaboot | 1st engineer Python Django Backend | Full-Time | REMOTE |

Hi, we are 2 co-founders and we bootstrapped to 2M€ ARR in 2.5 years.

Evaboot help sales teams create prospecting databases from LinkedIn.

Goals: • Refactoring the existing Python-Django backend codebase. • New features development after refactoring period.

Requirements: • Serious experience in Python, Django, Celery. • You have refactored a lot of spaghetti code before (and not just your own).

Bonus Points: • Experience with Heroku • Django REST framework • Scraping projects

Details, context and application right here:

Don't be shy and don't hesitate to ask questions :)

CloudTrucks | Mid-level - Senior Machine Learning Engineer | San Francisco | hybrid&#x2F;onsite* | …

CloudTrucks | Mid-level - Senior Machine Learning Engineer | San Francisco | hybrid/onsite* | Full-time

CloudTrucks is building a platform that reimagines what is needed to operate a trucking business. We use technology and data to innovate in a space that affects one of America's largest essential workforces. We work on everything from logistics to fintech to business automation! We have series B funding with multiple years of runway and are looking to add to our talented team of engineers and data scientists.

Our tech stack: Python, Airflow, Vertex AI, Qwak, GCP, Postgres



Zeller | Senior&#x2F;Lead Android Enginner | Australia (Melbourne, Onsite), India (Remote) | Full-t…

Zeller | Senior/Lead Android Enginner | Australia (Melbourne, Onsite), India (Remote) | Full-time |

Zeller is building a better business bank. Join the Native Mobile team and work on our EFTPOS payment terminals, contribute to payment technologies in our iOS/Android app, and help steer the course of other associated technologies.

Android and Kotlin are our fundamental skillset, Kotlin Multiplatform, Compose Multiplatform and iOS are a bonus.

Interested? Questions?

Zetier | Arlington VA | Onsite | Full-Time | CNO Developers and Researchers<p><p>At Zetie…

Zetier | Arlington VA | Onsite | Full-Time | CNO Developers and Researchers

At Zetier, we recognize the evolving landscape of cybersecurity challenges. Our client-centric approach is designed to tailor solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. Through our deep expertise and relentless commitment to innovation, we craft strategies that ensure robust security while promoting efficiency. Every client is unique, and our solutions are tailored to the specific needs, budgets, timelines, and nuances of each project. Our promise is to deliver excellence while ensuring you stay ahead in an ever-changing cybersecurity environment.

deeplify | CTO (late co-founder) | REMOTE (ideally Germany based) | Full-Time<p>Deeplify develops a…

deeplify | CTO (late co-founder) | REMOTE (ideally Germany based) | Full-Time

Deeplify develops an AI-based inspection platform that automates quality inspections for safety-critical components and infrastructure. Our platform helps industries like aerospace, energy, and automotive create defect detection algorithms using sensor data.

As we expand, we're seeking a visionary late cofounder to join as CTO. This role will shape and drive our product, translating AI concepts into user-friendly features and leading our roadmap.

For more info contact directly!

Stainless | Generalist Engineers, First AE | NYC ONSITE | Full-time<p>Stainless is building the pla…

Stainless | Generalist Engineers, First AE | NYC ONSITE | Full-time

Stainless is building the platform for high-quality, easy-to-use APIs. Our first product is SDKs as a service.

When you `npm install openai` or `pip install anthropic` or `go get …cloudflare`, for example, you’re downloading code that we generated. (I built the codegen system at Stripe for their SDKs, and am now building a better version for everyone.)

Next, we want to make it easy to build amazing REST APIs. REST is simple and ubiquitous, but right now it’s also messy, chaotic, and hard to get right. We’re going to build great open-source standards and tooling that bring the benefits of GraphQL (types, field selection/expansion, standards) and gRPC (types, speed, versioning) to REST.

We’re ~2y old, ~10 people, have strong revenue (could choose to be profitable), and great customers (including OpenAI, Anthropic, and Cloudflare). We’re backed by Sequoia.

As one of our first ten engineers, you’ll get autonomy to build great products, skilled peers, opportunity for tremendous impact, competitive salary, and a very competitive ownership stake.

We’re looking for exceptionally productive, thoughtful, tasteful, and kind people with a passion for making software development better for everyone.

Want to build the future of API tooling? Say hi: alex at

Agenta | Hybrid (Berlin) | Full Time<p>Agenta is an open-source LLM developer platform that provide…

Agenta | Hybrid (Berlin) | Full Time

Agenta is an open-source LLM developer platform that provides all the necessary tools for rapidly building reliable LLM applications. Features include prompt management, evaluation, human feedback, and observability. Find out more about us at

Our tech stack includes Python, FastAPI, MongoDB, Typescript, ReactJS, and NextJS.

We are hiring:

Founding Product Engineer - Frontend: Ideally, you have previously worked in early-stage startups, can manage features from design to production, and have some background in LLMs.

You can find more details about this role here:

If you're interested, please contact us directly at: | Multiple roles | Germany (Remote&#x2F;Hybrid) | Full-time | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;… | Multiple roles | Germany (Remote/Hybrid) | Full-time | Cobalt helps secure leading companies (e.g. Dropbox, PagerDuty) by connecting them with on-demand pentesting experts. Our application brings both sides together to identify, triage and fix vulnerabilities. Ten years in and over 30K commits later, our technology has been battle tested by thousands of users and we’re still having fun. We’re a team of can-do people who care about craft, collaboration, and our customers.

If you enjoy making an impact, the Cobalt Engineering team is excited to hear from you. We are hiring for multiple roles. All applicants will need to be permitted to work in Germany >>

+ Senior Data Engineer (AI):

+ Backend Engineer (Ruby/Rails) :

Spider Strategies | Senior Java&#x2F;Web Developer | REMOTE (USA) | Full-time, 4-day work week (8-h…

Spider Strategies | Senior Java/Web Developer | REMOTE (USA) | Full-time, 4-day work week (8-hour days) |

Spider Strategies is seeking passionate full stack engineers to join our rapidly growing team. We’re the creators of Spider Impact, the leading Balanced Scorecard software in the market. As we expand into the broader business intelligence market and AI, we're looking for talented individuals to help take our company to the next level.

We believe in the importance of work-life balance, which is why we offer a 4-day work week with 8-hour days and flexible hours. This allows our developers to enjoy fulfilling, low-stress lives, and manage any social or family obligations they may have outside of work. When on the clock, they can focus on tackling interesting problems with clear minds. Our team loves working here, as demonstrated by an average tenure of more than 8 years on the software development team.

Requirements: Java and/or Kotlin (7+ years), JavaScript (7+ years), unit testing, SQL, DOM manipulation (VanillaJS, jQuery, D3, or similar)

Our Tech Stack: Our application uses Java and Kotlin to connect a relational database backend to a modern web frontend. We're looking for a full stack developer who can code a complete feature spanning the entire application stack. Don't worry if CSS isn't your strong suit - we have some CSS experts in-house who've got you covered.

Code Quality and Developer Productivity: With 20 years of experience developing our flagship software, we understand the importance of writing code that stands the test of time. We place a big emphasis on code quality, developer productivity, and test-driven development. This includes writing simple software that is easy to understand and maintain. By focusing on simplicity, we ensure that our codebase is more reliable, easier to debug, and can be efficiently extended and adapted as our business grows. You'll be expected to be familiar with industry best practices and to participate in code reviews to maintain our high standards of code quality.

To support your productivity, we provide top-of-the-line equipment, minimize unnecessary meetings and ceremonies, and allow you to work without interruption from the comfort of your home.

You can find more details and apply for the job at

We&#x27;re hiring software engineer.<p>Spherity is building decentralized identity management solut…

We're hiring software engineer.

Spherity is building decentralized identity management solutions to power the 4th Industrial Revolution, bringing secure identities to machines, algorithms, and other non-human entities.

The client focus is primarily on technical industries like pharmaceuticals, mobility and logistics.

Apply at:

Hi! I am Julie who just graduated from Penn and have 3 years of working experience in marketing and…

Hi! I am Julie who just graduated from Penn and have 3 years of working experience in marketing and fintech. I am very interested in the Growth Marketing role, applied via the link, and would be grateful if we could connect!

  Location: Philadelphia/ Remote in US
  Willing to relocate: Yes

I wrote a python script to plot a graph of mentioned technologies here, and their counts from the c…

I wrote a python script to plot a graph of mentioned technologies here, and their counts from the comments. Colab link:-

APPMANA | GAME DEV | ML ENG | Remote or Local (San Francisco) | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;appmana.…

APPMANA | GAME DEV | ML ENG | Remote or Local (San Francisco) |


    We had the highest engagement ad on Meta in 2023:

    We make a streaming technology for instant loading, photoreal interactive ads and games.
    We also make generative AI art and tools for artists at game studios and ad agencies.
    We're 4 people located in San Francisco. Selection of customers: Nike, Hyundai, VISA. Backed by 8VC.

    Experience valued: Unity, Kubernetes, Next.js, Python PyroPL & Torch


TLAB WEST AB | Gothenburg, Sweden | Full time | Hybrid<p>We&#x27;re looking for an embedded develop…

TLAB WEST AB | Gothenburg, Sweden | Full time | Hybrid

We're looking for an embedded developer to work with us on our small- to medium sized embedded products. Our main area of work is in access control and alarm systems for large sites and high security requirements.

Experience in embedded C and/or embedded Linux required, but you'll also be exposed to C#, Python, etc.

Founders @DogpatchLabs| Multiple cofounder roles | Dublin | Full-time | On-site Join the next gener…

Founders @DogpatchLabs| Multiple cofounder roles | Dublin | Full-time | On-site Join the next generation of important founders to find your cofounder and build a startup from scratch, fast. Join a network of the most ambitious talent(formerly at Google, Microsoft, NASA, Meta, Stripe, AWS, MIT, SpaceX, Intercom and Wayflyer), who want to build a startup now. Over 6 months, experiment, sprint, build and pitch for your first €100K, while getting paid to do it. If you are a passionate builder who wants to change the world, you can apply here: or email

Sirona Medical | Remote from CA, WA, OR, NV only | Radiology AI platform | Software Engineering<p>S…

Sirona Medical | Remote from CA, WA, OR, NV only | Radiology AI platform | Software Engineering

Sirona Medical is actively interviewing and hiring multiple Backend Engineers with production level proficiency with Python, multiple Frontend Engineers with expertise with React and two DevOps/Infrastructure engineers with proficiency with a wide array of cloud services across AWS and Kubernetes.

Sirona is a 65 person company with a team of 30 highly skilled, kind and talented engineers. If you're looking to make an impact while working with an engaged, mission driven team, let's talk.

Our open roles are listed here:


Viator | Software Engineer and Manager all levels | Full time | Remote &amp; Hybrid On-site | Polan…

Viator | Software Engineer and Manager all levels | Full time | Remote & Hybrid On-site | Poland, Portugal, UK

Viator connects suppliers to travelers, creating the world's largest platform for travel experiences.

We are growing fast and have many positions to fill in Poland, Portugal and the UK. We are looking for managers and engineers at all levels for full-stack, backend, SRE and data teams. Roles can be remote or in the office. For the remote roles you still need to be based somewhere in Poland, Portugal or the UK. We can't offer remote working from other countries right now.

The full list of open roles is here:

Phrasing | Full-time | CTO | REMOTE (EU)<p>We&#x27;re looking to build our own small, cracked team …

Phrasing | Full-time | CTO | REMOTE (EU)

We're looking to build our own small, cracked team to take on Duolingo and bring language acquisition to the masses. The team is currently 1 engineer and 1 designer.

Tech stack:

- ClojureScript + local-first front-end

- Elixir + Phoenix back-end

- Elixir + Nx + Axon to fine tune and train ML models

- Postgres database

- Some Python (legacy)

If you're interested, you can find more at

illwerke vkw | F# data engineer &#x2F; backend developer | Bregenz (AT) or remote in AT&#x2F;DE | f…

illwerke vkw | F# data engineer / backend developer | Bregenz (AT) or remote in AT/DE | fulltime

illwerke vkw is a hydropower focused utility in western Austria. The position requires fluent German. The position is within a math-heavy team working on power plant scheduling and energy trading algorithms in F#.

- Official link:

Standard (YC S17) | Staff Site Reliability Engineer | Remote - US | $190K—$225K | <a href="https:&#…

Standard (YC S17) | Staff Site Reliability Engineer | Remote - US | $190K—$225K |

Standard is equipping brick-and-mortar stores and their suppliers with the data they need to solve the hardest problems in physical retail. We're 100% remote with employees across the US and Europe. We offer excellent benefits and perks, such full health insurance and flexible PTO and working hours.

Apply here:

Questions? Email me: maru at standard dot ai

Alchera | Software Engineer | Full-time | Remote - UK only | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;www.alchera…

Alchera | Software Engineer | Full-time | Remote - UK only |

Alchera is a specialist in enterprise-grade mobility and infrastructure systems, providing the software tools and machine learning applications to power data-driven infrastructure.

Our engineering team is looking to hire another software engineer!

As a Software Engineer you will be designing and implementing data pipelines and applications across the stack, powering data-driven decision making in transport infrastructure

Our core stack: React, Python, Snowflake DB, Dagster

Connect with our team here:

Apply here:

Converge (YC S23) | Founding Account Executive | London | £80-100k<p>Converge is vertically integra…

Converge (YC S23) | Founding Account Executive | London | £80-100k

Converge is vertically integrating the modern data stack for B2C by bringing customer data collection, identity resolution, attribution, data forwarding, and analytics into a single platform.

We are urgently looking for our first sales hire. This role consists of owning sales cycles end-to-end, helping us build out sales enablement materials, and listening deeply to customer problems to solve

This is a very exciting time to join Converge:

- 0 -> 160+ customers in the last 18 months

- revenue 5x in the last 12 months

- cash-flow positive in the last 8 months

- more than doubled usage in the last 4 months

Full role desc here:

Are you passionate about AI and looking for a role in a fast-growing start-up? Encord (YC Winter 20…

Are you passionate about AI and looking for a role in a fast-growing start-up? Encord (YC Winter 2021) is hiring across multiple departments in San Francisco and London!

We have openings in:

: Full Stack, Front-End, Back-End Engineer, Engineering Manager : Product Manager : Technical Recruiter : ML Solutions Engineer : SDR, AE, Commercial Associates : Customer Success Manager Why Encord?

   : Tackle interesting problems that make a real difference.
  : Play a pivotal role in helping companies on the forefront of Vision AI.
  : Enjoy the benefits of hybrid work with great colleagues.
Find all our roles here:

Thirdfort | London, UK | multiple roles | remote (within UK) or hybrid&#x2F;onsite | full-time<p>Hi…

Thirdfort | London, UK | multiple roles | remote (within UK) or hybrid/onsite | full-time

Hi everyone from the Thirdfort team! We’re a Series A startup on a mission to protect society from fraud and money laundering using a Cloud based SaaS platform. With fraud and money laundering skyrocketing, regulated professionals are struggling to keep pace with their compliance obligations. Thirdfort turns compliance into a competitive advantage, offering beautifully secure onboarding for regulated businesses operating across legal and property. We’ve already protected over 1.5 million people through life’s big transactions, with a core aim to protect many more.

We have the following open positions:

- Senior DevOps Engineer - cloud hosted using GCP

- DevOps Engineer - cloud hosted using GCP

- Senior Software Engineer - we use Go, Typescript,Next.js but are open to people with a different tech stack.

- Frontend Engineer - we use Go, Typescript,Next.js but are open to people with a different tech stack.

Please see open roles at -



Neon — Ship Faster with Postgres (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;…

Neon — Ship Faster with Postgres ( | Remote | Full Time

Neon is distributed team building open-source, cloud-native Postgres. We are a well-funded startup with deep knowledge of Postgres internals and decades of experience building databases. Our storage layer is written in Rust, and our cloud control plane is written in Go. We are on a mission to enable developers to “Ship faster with Postgres”.

We are hiring for a few positions: * Software Engineer, Developer Productivity

* Software Engineer, Team Lead (Control Plane)

* Software Engineer, Team Lead (Identity)

* Systems Software Engineer

* Site Reliability Engineer (Azure)

* Fullstack Engineer

Careers page with individual links for each open position:

If you want to learn more about the engineering work we do, check out some of these blog posts:

* tenant-storage-engine-for-postgres-written-rust



Please email me directly via david at neon dot tech! | REMOTE (EUROPE) or ONSITE(ISRAEL)| Staff Software Engineer, Backend Team Lead<p>We in… | REMOTE (EUROPE) or ONSITE(ISRAEL)| Staff Software Engineer, Backend Team Lead

We investigate cloud alerts with LLMs - see

Email natan at our domain

Smarkets | Full Time | Hybrid - Onsite (London, UK) &amp; Remote EU&#x2F;UK<p>Smarkets is a betting…

Smarkets | Full Time | Hybrid - Onsite (London, UK) & Remote EU/UK

Smarkets is a betting exchange for sports and political trading that has handled over £29 billion in volume since 2010. Our company mission is to fix the betting industry with the best products and best prices.

We are currently looking for:

Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer (Remote EU/UK) -

Senior DevOps Engineer (London) -

Senior Data Engineer (London) -

Staff Engineer (London) -

Tech Lead - Backend (London) -

Software Engineer - Backend (London) -

Software Engineer - Fullstack (London) -

Hellotext | Full Stack Ruby on Rails Wizard | Remote | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;…

Hellotext | Full Stack Ruby on Rails Wizard | Remote |

Hellotext is a new B2B software service for eCommerce, providing powerful tools for customer profiles, segmentation, campaigns, automations and team inbox.

We are looking for a Ruby on Rails wizard. If you are a full-stack perfectionist who can handle UI with the highest level of detail, write elegant and efficient code, and manage backend operations seamlessly, we want to hear from you.

- Strong experience with Ruby on Rails

- Proficiency RoR frontend ecosystem (Hotwire, TailwindCSS, ViewComponent)

Apply at:



Ideogram | Full-time | NYC, Toronto | Onsite&#x2F; Hybrid |<p>Ideogram is an AI company…

Ideogram | Full-time | NYC, Toronto | Onsite/ Hybrid |

Ideogram is an AI company on a mission to help people become more creative. The company is developing state-of-the-art AI tools that will make creative expression more accessible, fun, and efficient. It's pushing the limits of what’s possible with AI, with a focus on creativity and a high standard for trust and safety. The company has built its own foundation models for text to image synthesis and as a result, Ideogram models have unique capabilities, such as rendering coherent text into images.

We believe everyone has an innate desire to create and share their creations with each other. To this end, we invite dreamers from all backgrounds to join and collectively shape a more creative future.

Open positions:

•Backend Engineer | NYC, Toronto | Onsite/Hybrid

•Full Stack Engineer | NYC, Toronto | Onsite/Hybrid

•Machine Learning Data Engineer | NYC, Toronto | Onsite/Hybrid

•Machine Learning Engineer | NYC, Toronto | Onsite/Hybrid

Counsel (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;www.…

Counsel ( | Founding Engineer (full-stack) | Full-time | Onsite in NY (but open to Remote case-by-case)

Hi, I'm the founding engineer here at Counsel.

Counsel is trying to re-invent how healthcare is delivered by building an AI-first medical practice from the ground up. We believe in a future where patients can get unlimited, instant access to personalized medical advice from real clinicians over text.

We're a small team (3 people) but we've already signed contracts with leading healthcare organizations, and we are on track to serve hundreds of thousands of patients on our platform within the next year. We have raised over $10M from top-tier VC firms and angel investors, and are looking for founding engineers to join our team!

We're working on some hard engineering and product challenges, including building a best-in-class clinical copilot, a unique patient-facing care platform, and a rebuild of many antiquated healthcare experiences that exist today.

We're looking for strong full-stack/ML engineers who love tackling unique engineering and product questions and want to come build the future of AI and healthcare with us.

More info:

If interested, reach out to, or me directly at

Intuition Machines, Inc. | Multiple Positions | REMOTE | Full-Time<p>Intuition Machines uses AI&#x2…

Intuition Machines, Inc. | Multiple Positions | REMOTE | Full-Time

Intuition Machines uses AI/ML to build enterprise security products (hCaptcha security suite). We apply our research to systems that serve hundreds of millions of people, with a team distributed around the world. Our approach is simple: low overhead, small teams, and rapid iteration.

We are looking for a passionate Site Reliability Engineer/DevOps Engineer to help us maintain, grow, and scale our SaaS security platform. Our goal is to automate everything! In this role, you will have a high impact and ownership, move quickly, use the latest technologies, mentor, and partner with other team members to drive initiatives. If this sounds interesting and you have strong skills in Kubernetes, monitoring, CI/CD, and a solid background in Python or other backend languages, we want to hear from you.


Among others, we're also looking for:

Senior Python Engineers

Senior Data Engineer

Senior ML Engineer

Senior Growth Marketing Manager

All open roles:

Y Combinator | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;careers">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;www.y…

Y Combinator | | Full-time | San Francisco (In person only) |

My name is Ryan and I’m an Engineer & EM here on Y Combinator’s software team. I’ve helped us hire 8 of our amazing teammates, and – spoiler alert! – we’re hiring for three more full stack software engineers.

Why would you want to work at YC? Well, the short of it is that you’d get unprecedented insight into how companies are started – with access to all the talks, constantly being around founders, and working directly with YC Group Partners. Our GPs are possibly the 12 most knowledgeable people in the world about starting companies. You’d be hard pressed to work here and NOT learn something new about startups every day – which might be helpful if you’re interested in starting a company yourself.

Software also touches everything YC does. When I went through YC in 2013, the core pieces of the YC batch were a dinner each week, a 1-1 with your group partner, and an end-of-batch Demo Day event to raise money. Today, YC offers so many software tools to help founders build their companies, including:

- Demo Day website, which has helped founders raise $3B+ over the last 3 years

- Work at a Startup, where 1000s of companies have hired from a pool of 1M+ job seekers

- Bookface, a tool for YC founders to support and help each other build their companies

YC software runs kind of like a startup: we have a small engineering team (12 people) full of full-stack software developers (Rails, React, Postgres) who talk to our users, ship fast and iterate often. YC’s great for people who like to move fast and learn quickly. As a member of our team, you’d work with and learn from some pretty experienced people who were early at Facebook, Carta, Salesforce, Twilio and other top companies. Many of us have also been founders, and seven former employees have gone on to start startups that were funded by YC.

Building software at YC isn’t for everyone – YC’s real product is the Batch program and the Group Partners’ advice and help for the life of your startup. Our software team is often in the background, helping scale YC’s ability to help more companies, and in a way that means more 1-1 attention and support for each founder. What keeps me motivated is continuing to scale and improve YC through software, and getting to work with some of the most kind and talented people of my 20+ year career.

If you have questions, I would love to answer them here. (It would help me understand how I can make our role & work more clear!) And if this resonates with you, shoot me an email with what you’d most be excited to work on (job descriptions below) –

Y Combinator, Product Engineer on Bookface -

Y Combinator, Product Engineer on Work at a Startup -

Y Combinator, Product Engineer on Internal Tools -

Nymbus | Remote | Full-time | Multiple roles | US and Mexico only | FULLY paid insurance (including…

Nymbus | Remote | Full-time | Multiple roles | US and Mexico only | FULLY paid insurance (including family) + bonus + equity

Nymbus ( isn't just a leader in fintech; we're a community of innovators passionate about reimagining banking. Our award-winning modern core platform and cloud-based technology serve as the backbone for financial institutions eager to modernize and excel.

I am the hiring manager for the Java and Python role, the cloud role is in a peer group. We are currently looking for:

Senior Java Developer -

Senior Python Developer -

Senior Cloud Developer -

Feel free to email me llewis [at] or apply on the job postings.

ChartMogul | Remote (EU) | Full-time<p>Coming up on our 10th year, we&#x27;re building the leading …

ChartMogul | Remote (EU) | Full-time

Coming up on our 10th year, we're building the leading Subscription Analytics Platform for growing SaaS businesses. We're a remote-first company with 68 team members across 23 different countries. Profitable and self-sustaining since our seed funding.

Tech Stack: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, Typescript, Postgres, AWS

Senior Ruby Engineer, Integrations Team:

Assembled | Software Engineer, Product Manager | San Francisco or New York | Full-time<p>Assembled …

Assembled | Software Engineer, Product Manager | San Francisco or New York | Full-time

Assembled helps customer support teams resolve issues with the right agent, providing the right answer, at the right time. Over 300 industry leaders, including Etsy, Stripe, and Georgia's Department of Human Services, use Assembled’s workforce management and GenAI-powered automation products to make optimal staffing decisions, improve productivity, and reduce wait times.

Our co-founder & CTO wrote a post recently on how we're using RAG with Reciprocal Rank Fusion to automate support responses:

Our open roles include:

- Software Engineer:

- Product Manager:

- And more:



Electric Twin | Multiple Roles | ONSITE LONDON | Full-time<p>Electric Twin is building advanced sys…

Electric Twin | Multiple Roles | ONSITE LONDON | Full-time

Electric Twin is building advanced systems to predict human behaviour leveraging LLM technology. Founded by ex-Chief advisor on Digital and Data to the Prime Minister and ex-commanding SAS Officer, we are looking to scale our team across software engineering, data science and AI / ML engineering

Software Engineer:

Data Science: Work on improving the accuracy of the Electric Twin engine and play a central role in our work with customers.

ML Engineer: Design and implement state-of-the-art AI models that predict human decisions.

Email me directly at yoanna.peneva [@]

LMAX | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a> (…

LMAX | (see also | On-site (Hybrid) in London | Full-time

At LMAX, we run multiple institutional execution venues for FX and cryptocurrency trading on our home-grown low latency (~60μs) exchange infrastructure.

We're a super collaborative team that pair program a _lot_, and start most new features with a test. That allows us to change things quickly, safely and together. If that sounds like something you'd enjoy, get in touch.

For (much!) more information, please see

Want to apply, or have any questions? Please e-mail

3Play Media | Staff API Engineer | Boston, MA | 1-day-in-office hybrid or REMOTE | Full-time | 3pla…

3Play Media | Staff API Engineer | Boston, MA | 1-day-in-office hybrid or REMOTE | Full-time | | $170-$190k w/ 10% bonus + equity

3Play is a company focused on ensuring content is accessible to all across disability and language. Our human-QA’d live captioning, transcription, audio description, translation, and dubbing services are used by over 10,000 higher ed, enterprise, media, and government customers.

I’m leading a team that focuses on globalization/localization of content. We are currently investing in new dubbing tools using voice synth and translation models. It’s a really fun challenge since 3Play has a contractor market for filling in places where models don’t have enough accuracy or yield poor results; a unique position to be in for designing workflows and fine-tuning models. I’m looking for a strong API engineer who has established Rails experience and enjoys collaborating on integrations, productionizing models, and working closely on new editor views in Remix. It’s a small team; we’d get to work closely together and you’d be very influential with the direction of the product!

Feel free to email your resume at nathanael [at] or apply directly with the full posting at Mention HN if you apply on the site!

Phoenix Suns | Senior Software Engineer | Phoenix, AZ; ONSITE | Full-time<p>We&#x27;re building out…

Phoenix Suns | Senior Software Engineer | Phoenix, AZ; ONSITE | Full-time

We're building out an engineering team with the mission to help win an NBA Championship. We work with coaches, scouts, and performance staff to build software that delivers the right information at the right time.

Tech stack: TypeScript, React, Prisma, MySQL, Nginx, and AWS

Apply here:

Email: mrose [at] suns [dot] com

java remote

java remote

PlatoPayments | Senior Software Engineer | Hybrid (Melbourne Australia) | Full-time<p>We are a new …

PlatoPayments | Senior Software Engineer | Hybrid (Melbourne Australia) | Full-time

We are a new startup building software to make construction payments faster, easier and more transparent.

Tech Stack: React, Typescript, Replicache, Node.js, Postgres.

More information: - -

Email me: anthony at

still-unnamed | Software Engineers, ML Engineers | Remote<p>We have a proof of concept and just sec…

still-unnamed | Software Engineers, ML Engineers | Remote

We have a proof of concept and just secured $400K in seed funding for our website/app that is oriented around interviewing/screening using AI/video assistants. We still do not have a name yet and you would be joining early enough to get a meaningful amount of equity and $90k-180k depending on what we can all agree on.

Like I said, we have a working proof of concept but far from polished, ideally using the product will be the second step of the interview processes. While python based, a fair amount of what we have is based around external APIs at this point but you ideally need to have some ability to get working research implementations going as part of the product uses somewhat cutting edge research and our intent is to move more in that direction (e.g. putting research ideas into the product that fit our product vision) as we get further along.

Send an email to me (include something you have worked on that you think is interesting or cutting edge) at seededstartup(at)

Master Works Software Pvt Ltd | Multiple Positions | ONSITE | Full-Time<p>Master Works Software Pvt…

Master Works Software Pvt Ltd | Multiple Positions | ONSITE | Full-Time

Master Works Software Pvt Ltd is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge AI-based products. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, we aim to revolutionize various industries through our advanced technology solutions. Our team is dedicated to creating impactful AI-driven applications that cater to a diverse range of needs.

We are excited to announce multiple open positions in our dynamic team for our office in Hyderabad, India:

• Computer Vision Engineer • Full Stack Developer (ReactJS + NodeJS) • Java Developer • UI/UX Designer

If you are passionate about AI and want to be part of a team that is shaping the future, we would love to hear from you. Please send your CV to

Visit us at and to learn more about our company and our innovative projects.

ESG Book | Platform Engineer (All levels) | Full Time | London, UK &#x2F; Remote (EU) | <a href="ht…

ESG Book | Platform Engineer (All levels) | Full Time | London, UK / Remote (EU) | Founded in 2018, ESG Book is a global leader in sustainability data and technology. We are a fast-paced, exciting young company that combines cutting-edge technology and proprietary research. We pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial spirit, and dynamic work environment.

ESG Book went through a successful series B funding round in 2022 and will now continue to advance ESG Book’s next-generation technology capabilities, enabling clients to meet increasingly complex sustainability requirements, and accelerate the company’s expansion as it responds to growing demand for technology enabled ESG data solutions.

Platform engineer:

Apply on workable, or email me directly. Feel free to drop any questions you may have also:

Spill (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;www.spill.…

Spill ( | Fullstack Engineer (£65-80k) | London, UK (HQ) | ONSITE | Full-time

Our aim is to make counselling and therapy free at the point of use for as many people as possible. We do this by selling a mental health support product to businesses.

We're a small product-focused company, we don't employ any salespeople, and we are cashflow positive.

We're hiring a Mid-Level Fullstack Engineer into our product and engineering team of 8.

email calvin[at]spill[dot]chat for a more thorough job spec

Virgin Media O2 | Senior Machine Learning Engineer (MLOps) | London, UK | Full-time<p>We are lookin…

Virgin Media O2 | Senior Machine Learning Engineer (MLOps) | London, UK | Full-time

We are looking for Engineer with strong Software Engineering and DevOps experience with a Machine Learning flair. Our platform is relatively mature and built using Vertex AI Pipelines (Kubeflow with TFX) in GCP.

More info:

Bee | Product Engineers, AI Engineers | San Francisco&#x2F;Hybrid Remote Bee is a personal AI compa…

Bee | Product Engineers, AI Engineers | San Francisco/Hybrid Remote Bee is a personal AI companion that enhances your daily life by understanding your needs and assisting with tasks.

Integrated with wearables, Bee learns from your interactions to provide personalized support, perform actions on your behalf, capture important moments, offer summaries, and help you stay organized.

With a novel mobile phone agent system, we give every user’s personal AI its own cloud phone to perform actions on their behalf.

We are backed by top-tier investors and founding team includes YC/TikTok/Twitter alums. Bee aims to help people feel more present in their daily lives by taking care of the details and allowing users to focus on what truly matters.

We're also expanding our team in San Francisco with hybrid roles, currently seeking: - Product Engineers - AI Engineers - Product Designer - Marketer

Email us!

Job Summary: Artificial Intelligence Engineer<p>Company: Advanced Recovery Systems Location: Florid…

Job Summary: Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Company: Advanced Recovery Systems Location: Florida, United States Job Type: Full-time, Mid-Senior level, On-site or Remote/Hybrid Flexible

The Senior Software Developer, AI, will play a critical role in the development and integration of AI products, with responsibilities in both front-end and back-end development. Key tasks include system integrations, API development, assistant system prompt engineering, multimodal LLM integration, UI/UX design, and creating robust back-end services.

Key Responsibilities:

• AI Product Development: Contribute to the development of AI projects that advance healthcare technology. • System Integration: Work on integrating various systems and developing APIs. • UI/UX Design: Enhance user interfaces and experiences for AI products. • Multimodal LLM Integration: Implement large language models in AI applications. • Collaboration: Work in a collaborative environment that values innovation and teamwork.

Why Join ARS?

• Impactful Work: Contribute to a mission-driven organization that positively impacts patient care and efficiency. • Innovative Environment: Engage in cutting-edge AI projects.


eduMe | Senior Software Engineer | London | Hybrid | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel=…

eduMe | Senior Software Engineer | London | Hybrid |

eduMe is a mobile-based training platform for the frontline workforce.

We're backed by top-tier venture capital firms, including Prosus, Workday Ventures, and Valo Ventures. We collaborate with companies like Uber, Kering, and Marriott to integrate learning experiences into daily tools and utilise AI for lesson generation.

We're seeking a senior software engineer to drive our technology forward and directly impact our mission.

Apply at

Warp Dex | Generalist hackers and engineers | REMOTE | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;" re…

Warp Dex | Generalist hackers and engineers | REMOTE |

Warp is a new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX), built entirely in an Ethereum smart contract, with no external dependencies. Its novel innovation is a new data-structure that enables it to match buyers and sellers completely on-chain without capital-inefficient liquidity pools, and with lower fees than most other exchanges (both centralized and decentralized). More information at this conference presentation:

The project is in final stages of testing, aiming to go live in the next few months. We are looking for a few more generalist, security-minded hackers and engineers to round out our tech team. Blockchain experience not required, we can teach that, but we have a high bar for general computer science and software engineering capability.

Built by an experienced team who previously co-authored Lightning Network (, Plasma (, and Handshake (, among others. We work remotely but with regular company-paid on-site/in-person work sessions, both in the US and Asia. Health care and usual benefits included.

Contact byron|| if interested.

Ameba | Multiple Roles | London | Full-time | On-site Join us in building Ameba, the AI-powered pl…

Ameba | Multiple Roles | London | Full-time | On-site Join us in building Ameba, the AI-powered platform revolutionising supply chains! We’re hiring a backend engineer, frontend engineer, sites reliability engineer and product designer to join our growing team in London. We're a startup made up of experienced entrepreneurs (who have previously raised $160m+) and builders (formerly at Google, Microsoft, Snap, Palantir & MIT). We have big ambitions and are backed by the best investors in Europe. You can apply to our open roles on LinkedIn: Or email me: craig at

Fondant | Generative 3D workflows | AI&#x2F;ML Engineer (diffusion models) | Full time, REMOTE<p>We…

Fondant | Generative 3D workflows | AI/ML Engineer (diffusion models) | Full time, REMOTE

We are hiring for diffusion model experts at Fondant. You will be a great fit if you can implement, customize and deploy SOTA open-source research in image, 3D and video diffusion models. Experience with finetuning and pretraining would be a huge plus.

Reach out at my username [at] with a short blurb about yourself and link(s) to personal contribution(s) e.g., open-source code, cool demo of something you built etc.

Fondant is on a mission to make 3D more accessible. We are building a tool that harnesses the latest advancements in generative AI/ML to make new 3D workflows for modeling and rendering. Traditional 3D tools are often unapproachable (think Blender, 3DS Max). We are leveraging the lessons learnt from computer graphics + SOTA work on 3D reconstruction, NeRFs, gaussian splatting and image generation.

We have an early product + users + funding.

Stream | Multiple Positions | Amsterdam, NL and Boulder, US | Remote possible | Full Time | Visa Sp…

Stream | Multiple Positions | Amsterdam, NL and Boulder, US | Remote possible | Full Time | Visa Sponsorship

Stream powers APIs for Chat Messaging, Activity Feeds, Auto Moderation, Video & Audio that are used by over a billion end-users, and are powered by Go, RocksDB, and Raft - with response times typically measured in single-digit milliseconds.

We reached a new industry benchmark for scaling real-time chat as-a-service, with 5 million concurrent connections supported in a single chat channel. We’re currently one of the fastest growing startups in Europe and Colorado on our Series B round of $38 mln:

We’re hiring for the following positions:

* React Native SDK Engineer (Netherlands/North Macedonia)

* Senior Backend Engineer (Go) (Netherlands/EU Remote)

* Android SDK Engineer (Compose) (Netherlands/EU Remote)

* Flutter SDK Developer (Netherlands/EU Remote)

* Lead Flutter SDK Developer (Netherlands/EU Remote)

* Frontend Engineer (Netherlands/EU Remote)

As a part of Stream, you'll have a chance to make a huge impact on the product within a team of the strongest engineers all over the world (over 35 countries aboard).

If you are interested in becoming a part of what we do, apply now!

Materialize | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;ma…

Materialize | | Staff Security Engineer | $200- 230k

NYC (HQ) or United States

We are looking for a Staff Security Engineer on our Cloud team who will own the security of our infrastructure and product. (5+) years of experience as a security-focused engineer.

SpotHero | ONSITE (Hybrid-schedule) in Chicago or Toronto | Full Time<p>SpotHero is the leading mar…

SpotHero | ONSITE (Hybrid-schedule) in Chicago or Toronto | Full Time

SpotHero is the leading marketplace for parking reservations. We help drivers easily reserve parking for commuting, events, or any reason they are out and about.

We have multiple open roles!

We're hiring for:

- A backend engineering role in Python/Django/Jinja, Golang, Kafka, Terraform, Postgres, and Airflow

- A Senior Machine Learning Engineer (Python/AWS)

We prefer to hire in our hub cities for locality but our approach to onsite is flexibility first and much of our time is WFH. Feel free to apply online or reach out to me at tom dot janofsky at spothero dot com.

Datenna | Senior DevOps Engineer | Full-time | On-site Eindhoven, Netherlands | Hybrid (3 days in t…

Datenna | Senior DevOps Engineer | Full-time | On-site Eindhoven, Netherlands | Hybrid (3 days in the office)

At Datenna, we combine China expertise, OSINT, data and AI technologies, to create a software platform that provides the insights governments need to explore the hidden connections between China’s complete corporate, academic and technological landscape.

We are looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer who will help us shape the future of our SaaS solution. You’ll have the opportunity to make a tangible impact and help support and improve our groundbreaking OSINT platform.

#DevOps #Kubernetes #Cloud Providers #Git #CI/CD #Python #Shell

Read more:

Solution Street | Herndon, VA (Washington, DC Metro Area) Remote - USA only. Send your resume (pl…

Solution Street | Herndon, VA (Washington, DC Metro Area) Remote - USA only. Send your resume (please mention Hacker News) to: Cristina Little (Recruiting Coordinator)

We are a software consulting company based in Northern Virginia.

Our Website:

Current Opportunities:

* Full Stack .NET Developers (C#, ASP.Net Web Forms, SQL PL/SQL, ASP.NET MVC, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS)

* Enterprise Application Security Architect (C#, .NET, Angular, Azure)

Langfuse | Backend Engineer, Product Engineer, Devrel | Berlin Germany | in-person | Full-time I&#x…

Langfuse | Backend Engineer, Product Engineer, Devrel | Berlin Germany | in-person | Full-time I'm Clemens, co-founder of Langfuse (YC W23) - we're building open source LLMOps dev tooling (Github: We started with observability and have branched out into more workflows over time (evals, prompt mgmt, playground, testing...). We have a bunch of traction and are looking for our third to fifth hire in scaling and building feature depth. We're hiring in person (4-5 days/week) in Berlin, Germany (salary ranges for each job 70k-130k, up to 0.75% equity).

If you'd love shipping in open source, writing about what you work on and working hard with super interesting and sophisticated customers (devs) - reach out!

We're particularly looking for a backend engineer that can help with Clickhouse and scaling our platform to serve thousands of companies and hundreds of millions of ingested events/day.

Feel free to ping me via clemens@

More info:

Compass Regulatory | Machine Learning Engineer | SF Bay Area | $150-190k We’re Compass Regulatory, …

Compass Regulatory | Machine Learning Engineer | SF Bay Area | $150-190k We’re Compass Regulatory, an early stage technology startup building the regulatory and compliance platform for the ag industry. Our team comes from some of the leading companies in the AgTech industry, and has received investment from notable SaaS and AgTech investors.

We are seeking a talented and ambitious Machine Learning Engineer to join our small but mighty team. As an early member of the technical team, and our first MLE, you’ll influence key architectural decisions and will own the core data and ML technologies supporting key product areas. You’ll bridge research and implementation in building end-to-end systems integrating human data and QC, model design, implementation, and evaluation, and production inference services.

We’re seeking someone with experience working with Python, Docker, LLM output evaluation and fine-tuning, multi-modal AI models or workflows, commercial AI/ML API endpoints


Contact me at

Exnaton (Climate Tech) | Delivery Engineer | Remote (EU&#x2F;EFTA countries) | full-time Exnaton is…

Exnaton (Climate Tech) | Delivery Engineer | Remote (EU/EFTA countries) | full-time Exnaton is a startup, spun out of ETH Zurich, which offers software for renewable energy to utility companies. Our software enables energy providers to set up energy communities and smart energy tariffs in their distribution areas. Users of our software can track their energy consumption and buy renewable energy from their neighbors, which makes investing in the energy transition simple and fun!

Role requirements: - degree in computer science, electrical engineering, statistics, mathematics, physics, engineering, or relevant experience (we are happy to consider applicants without a formal degree if you can demonstrate relevant skills); - a minimum of 2 years of industry experience in software development, IT consulting, or software integration projects; - relevant experience in independently completing complex technical projects; - ideally some experience working with typed API’s (GraphQL, tRPC, OpenAPI) and developing and shipping SaaS web applications with well-abstracted components and composability; - ideally previous experience working on software projects in the energy sector; - motivation to constantly and consistently learn new skills, make quick decisions, and clearly prioritize what moves the needle; - fluency in English, fluency in German would be a big plus; - a team player who thrives in a dynamic startup environment.

More information here:

Limitless (Previously Rewind) | Full-time | Remote | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="…

Limitless (Previously Rewind) | Full-time | Remote |

At Limitless, our vision is to free the human mind from its biological limits. Limitless is a web app, Mac app, Windows app, and wearable that records what you've seen, said, or heard and makes it useful. Our investors include Sam Altman, Alexis Ohanian, a16z, First Round, NEA, and many others. We are a well-funded, 20-person, remote-first startup.

We are hiring for:

Head of Engineering -

Senior / Staff Software Engineer (Generalist) -

Senior / Staff Software Engineer (Systems Backend) -

Senior / Staff Software Engineer (Frontend) -

For more information about our benefits and culture (including quarterly retreats, office reimbursement, final week of the year off, etc), check out our careers page -

Velvet ( | Founding engineer | Remote (EST) | Full-time or contract<p>Velvet is a gat…

Velvet ( | Founding engineer | Remote (EST) | Full-time or contract

Velvet is a gateway for warehousing LLM requests, responses, and parameters. Our platform helps engineers analyze, optimize, and fine-tune their AI features.

We're seeking a senior founding engineer to join us (2 co-founders) in building foundational AI infrastructure. You'll have autonomy and control over your work and the company's vision, so intrinsic motivation is key.

Compensation: Tell us what you need to stay focused. We're a VC-backed startup.

To apply: Fill out this form (, or email team @ usevelvet dot com.

LocalStack | Multiple Roles | REMOTE | Full-Time<p>LocalStack (52k+ Github stars, 240M+ Docker pull…

LocalStack | Multiple Roles | REMOTE | Full-Time

LocalStack (52k+ Github stars, 240M+ Docker pulls, growing global customer base) is on a mission to build the world's leading dev platform for local cloud development, team collaboration, and CI analytics. We are looking for top-notch engineers, product leads, and GTM leaders to get on board and join us in this exciting journey!

Tech stack is (mainly): Python, Docker, React.js, Unix/system engineering, Cloud APIs (AWS/Azure/Snowflake). Occasionally some Java/Node.js/Go. Security expertise is a plus.

As we're entering our next growth phase, we're currently hiring for various roles, including:

* Lead Product Manager (Cloud Dev Tooling): build out our product management, conduct research and market analysis, perform technical spikes to evaluate new features, and help shape the future product roadmap based on systematic user feedback

* Technical Account Manager (US/Canada based): Foster strong technical relationships with our top customers, identify new use cases and expansion opportunities, and support the successful implementation of our platform

* Senior/Lead Software Engineer (Python): extending, polishing, and optimizing the LocalStack core emulation layer, building advanced product features and integrations (in our AWS flagship product, and our new Azure/Snowflake emulators)

* Senior/Staff Full-Stack Engineer (SaaS/Platform): implement cutting-edge new features in the LocalStack Cloud platform, lead projects from conception to delivery, co-own and drive the product roadmap

The project is partially open-source, so you'll receive high visibility and maintainer status.

We are an equal opportunity employer and explicitly encourage female candidates to apply.

Come join us! You'll be a core part of a growing team in a strong VC-backed startup, on an exciting mission to shape and redefine the space of cloud developer tooling.

Details here: - we look forward to receiving your CV/portfolio/Github profile!

Reef Technologies | Senior Python Backend Engineer | REMOTE | Full-time Salary: 45-70 USD per hour,…

Reef Technologies | Senior Python Backend Engineer | REMOTE | Full-time Salary: 45-70 USD per hour, or 7560-11760 USD a month (assuming 40 hours per week). Hourly rates typically adjusted annually.

We’re all about the backend! As a fully remote Python software house, we comprise a small, agile team of senior engineers, each with at least five years of experience. We're known for delivering stable solutions and always accounting for edge cases, minimizing the need for urgent fixes.

- Full Remote Flexibility: Work from anywhere.

- Flexible Hours: Pick your own hours, with only ~2 calls per week.

- Dynamic Projects: Work with startups globally on projects of your choice.

- Influence: Contribute to decisions and influence how we operate.

- Project Selection: Only accept projects you're interested in.

- No managers; thanks to the Sociocracy 3.0 framework, everyone's opinion is valued.

- Personal assistant for your non-work tasks.

- Multicultural environment with a voice for everyone.

Who Are We Looking For? Experienced Python engineer with at least 5 years of programming (not necessarily professional), including at least a year with Python. Must have a deep love for Python and the ability to come up with Pythonic solutions to problems.

How to Apply: Just go to and see what we’re all about! Do not send us CVs.

Contact: Email: Company Website:

Freeform ( | Software Engineers (C++ &#x2F; Rust) | Sr DevOps&#x2F;Linux Engineer | Ful…

Freeform ( | Software Engineers (C++ / Rust) | Sr DevOps/Linux Engineer | Full-time | Onsite | Los Angeles, CA

At Freeform, our mission is to deploy autonomous factories worldwide, much like AWS's network of data centers. By harnessing the latest in real-time hardware control, high-performance computing, computer vision, and machine learning, we're bringing 3D printing to the forefront of the digital age. Join us in a dynamic, fast-paced R&D environment where you'll play a crucial role in architecting and implementing these groundbreaking solutions.

You’d have the opportunity to own significant and impactful greenfield projects throughout the entire development lifecycle and work alongside a sharp, tight-knit team that comes from the likes of Google, SpaceX, and Apple, and believe in taking a first principles approach to solving hard problems.

A glimpse into our software landscape -

+ Senior Software Engineer (C++) -

+ Senior Software Engineer (Rust) -

+ Software Engineer (C++) -

+ Software Engineer (Rust) -

+ Senior DevOps/Linux Engineer - (<a href="http:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">http:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a>) | Rem… ( | Remote Engineers & Developers | Full-time | REMOTE Established company (20+ years) looking for mature generalists to contribute remotely. You can be anywhere in the world so long as you:

● Are self-motivated and can work independently

● Have experience with many languages but can be effective in any language

● Appreciate that all mature software solutions accumulate technical debt and understand how to continually reduce debt and complexity

● Understand how to build highly reliable systems and be responsible for taking code to production

● Understand that code simplicity and readability are more important for long term maintainability

● Want to work on challenging problems and impactful work without being micromanaged

We're hiring across disciplines for engineers who work with Unix and have fluent written and spoken English:

● Backend Servers: Strong in C, Concurrency and Distributed Computing

● Backend Servers: Strong in Java

Full-time only. Remote only. We start out on a full-time trial contract basis for up to 3 months and use this period as an extended work interview for both sides to assess fit for long-term employment.

Please email if this sounds like the right fit for you.

Saia Agrobotics | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;career-full-stack-develop…

Saia Agrobotics | | Fullstack Developer | ONSITE / HYBRID (2 office days a week) | Ede-Wageningen, NL

We're in search of a Fullstack Developer to join the Saia Agrobotics team. Our innovative start-up revolutionises the greenhouse sector with state-of-the-art robotics, dramatically reducing labor costs and helping the environment by cutting back on energy, land and water consumption.

Are you an experienced and passionate software engineer that can help us build the software platform that powers this exciting new technology? This isn't your run-of-the-mill web application; we're combining the latest in web technologies, industrial automation and AI. We need an engineer that loves to learn and with an eye for detail.

We're looking for engineers with experience in Rust or a desire to learn and at least 5 years experience in backend development.

To apply, email:

Lightdash | Senior Full Stack Engineer | REMOTE (Europe-based) | full-time | <a href="https:&#x2F;&…

Lightdash | Senior Full Stack Engineer | REMOTE (Europe-based) | full-time | | £60K – £110K +options

We are Lightdash, an open source BI and analytics dashboard. We are actively hiring for senior full-stack engineers who are fluent in Typescript+React+Node+SQL. We are a remote-first company, with our team members currently distributed all over Europe.

To apply, and for the full details:

Carbon | Senior Fullstack Engineer | HYBRID&#x2F;ONSITE 2x&#x2F;week | Redwood City, Bay Area CA | …

Carbon | Senior Fullstack Engineer | HYBRID/ONSITE 2x/week | Redwood City, Bay Area CA | $152K - $229K |

Carbon is a 3D printing late-stage startup focused on bringing ideas and designs into production. We are looking for a fullstack engineer who can help us build our design, 3D print preparation, and workflow automation software. We work in TypeScript, React, three.js, Node.js, Nest.js, and PostgreSQL.

Apply here:

Questions? Email me: jianga at carbon3d dot com

Lab Digital | Utrecht, The Netherlands | DevOps &amp; Software Engineer | Part-time &#x2F; Full-tim…

Lab Digital | Utrecht, The Netherlands | DevOps & Software Engineer | Part-time / Full-time (32-36-40h p/w) | Hybrid (2 days in office) |

Lab Digital is a digital agency where 85+ professionals work in 4 multi disciplinary teams for national and international clients. E-commerce, b2b, b2c, as long as we can ensure a great user experience. We work with AWS, Azure and GCP, but are mostly looking for Azure and GCP experience for the DevOps role to complement our DevOps team. Other technologies are mainly TypeScript, React, NodeJS, Python for software engineer roles. We value knowledge sharing (open source), culture and a people centred approach. The first interview is always about who you are as a person and if we are the right organisation and culture for you.

Unfortunately, we can't sponsor visa's right now. View our vacancies here: and specifically DevOps: or back-end (TypeScript/NodeJS):

Apply via the form in the vacancies.

Read more about our expertise here: Or view our Github: Or our open source platform:

Checkbook (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;checkboo…

Checkbook ( | REMOTE - USA | Full-Time

As a leading provider of both legacy and modern payment options, Checkbook is uniquely positioned to enable businesses to access the speed, flexibility and cost savings of modern payment technologies, with the familiarity and simplicity of paper checks.

Senior Full Stack Engineer:

RealRoots | Founding Engineer&#x2F;CTO | SF, in-person | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;…

RealRoots | Founding Engineer/CTO | SF, in-person |

RealRoots is a mission-driven startup that guarantees women meaningful new friendships in her city. As our Founding Engineer/CTO/Technical Leader, you will be responsible for all technical decisions, direction, and execution. You’ll work directly with both founders to convert our company’s mission into tangible solutions for our end users, building products that are delightful, connecting, scalable, and innovative. We’ve found product-market fit on a small scale through a low-code, operational product, and are now committed to investing in software to accelerate our growth.

Check out the JD for more details on this position:

To apply, email with your resume & a short note about why you're interested.

Close (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a>) | Prod…

Close ( | Product & Engineering Roles | REMOTE (US) Close is a bootstrapped, profitable, completely remote, ~90 person team of thoughtful individuals who value autonomy and impact. Since 2013, we’ve been building a CRM for small businesses with a focus on better communication, without the hassle of manual data entry or complex UI.

We're looking for experienced people in the following roles:

- Senior/Staff Backend Engineer (Python)

- Director of Product | Multiple Roles | Remote | Full-time | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;teaser" r… | Multiple Roles | Remote | Full-time | is democratizing financing for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) by disrupting the underwriting tech stack. We're reinventing credit rating for micro-financing, creating the infrastructure for AI-based lending in MENA and globally. Our team comprises tech enthusiasts from around the globe with experience from companies like Revolut, Bloomberg, Nvidia, Ubisoft, OakNorth, and more.

We're hiring for:

- Senior Machine Learning Engineer

- Product Manager

Apply at: or send me an email at:

Harvard Library Innovation Lab | Software Engineering Manager | Remote (some US states) or hybrid |…

Harvard Library Innovation Lab | Software Engineering Manager | Remote (some US states) or hybrid | Full-Time

The Harvard Library Innovation Lab is a software product studio and research lab embedded in the Harvard Law School Library, with a mission of bringing library principles to tech. We build software platforms like and the Caselaw Access Project; publish open source tools for access to knowledge; and host research fellows like Molly White of Web3 Is Going Just Great.

We are seeking a Software Engineering Manager to lead a team of six engineers across a range of projects. This position offers a mix of hands on work and leadership, in a relaxed environment, with high ability to set product goals in the public interest. Apply here:

Harvard eligibility is weird: we can hire hybrid near Cambridge, MA, or remote only if you live in the states of CA, CT, GA, IL, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VA, VT and WA.

Stytch | Remote (US) | Hybrid in SF&#x2F;NY or Remote | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel=…

Stytch | Remote (US) | Hybrid in SF/NY or Remote |

Stytch is building a developer platform for passwordless authentication. Our APIs make it simple to seamlessly onboard, authenticate, and engage users – while simultaneously improving security. To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile:

Here are our open roles: - Experienced Full-stack (Backend Leaning) - Experienced Full- Stack Engineer - Experienced Backend Engineer - Experienced Infra Engineer - Product Manager, Activation - Technical Product Marketing Manager - Developer Education

Tech Stack: Go for backend services, Node and Typescript for our web services, Next.js and React/Typescript on the frontend. We run on AWS with Kubernetes for containerization, and gRPC and protobufs for internal service communication.

Attendi | Senior Machine Learning Engineer | Amsterdam, ON-SITE hybrid | Full-time (80-100%)<p>Heal…

Attendi | Senior Machine Learning Engineer | Amsterdam, ON-SITE hybrid | Full-time (80-100%)

Healthcare professionals have to spend too much time on administrative tasks, when they should be spending that time delivering great care. Attendi allows healthcare professionals to report with their voice. This saves them precious time and removes the screen between client and caregiver, allowing more personal and effective care to be given. We provide an extraordinary work environment: getting paid well to work with smart people on things that directly have a positive impact on society.

Healthcare professionals perform all their administrative tasks in electronic health record (EHR) systems. Attendi (voice) enables EHR vendors' applications by developing speech-to-text and textual understanding APIs.

As a Senior ML Research Engineer, you will play a key role in applying the latest AI research findings to our unique datasets, focusing on the end-to-end development and deployment of AI models. You will be at the forefront of translating recent scientific advancements into practical applications within healthcare, with a strong emphasis on privacy and meeting the needs of healthcare professionals. You will be responsible for effectively utilizing our unique dataset of spoken and written medical reports.

We have a dedicated team with fewer than 15 members, which means no bullshit, moving fast, and getting a generous slice of equity. We're post product-market fit, profitable, and on the cusp of scaling up in the Dutch market.

Check out for more details on the position.

Feel free to send any questions to omar [at] attendi [dot] nl.

ElectronX is building the electricity exchange for the energy transition, and we&#x27;re hiring our…

ElectronX is building the electricity exchange for the energy transition, and we're hiring our founding product engineer in NYC!

I'm the hiring manager tong: tong at electronx dot com.

Job description:

More on us from the Wall Street journal:

Olo | Remote (US) (HQ in NYC) | Full-Time | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;" rel="nofo…

Olo | Remote (US) (HQ in NYC) | Full-Time |

Olo is a leading on-demand commerce platform powering the restaurant industry’s digital transformation. Our customers include many of the largest restaurant brands in the US, and we have a lot of exciting projects in the works.

We're hiring for multiple remote (US-based) roles in engineering and other departments. Engineering roles include Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Security Engineering Manager, Full-Stack Engineer, and Distributed Systems Engineer.

Salary info included on all job listings and great benefits!



Anvil | Developer Advocate | Cambridge, UK | ONSITE, VISA | Full-time&#x2F;part-time&#x2F;flexible …

Anvil | Developer Advocate | Cambridge, UK | ONSITE, VISA | Full-time/part-time/flexible |

We make an open-source web framework, an online code editor, a GUI builder, and a PaaS hosting platform. Together, you can build and host a full-stack web application - and all you need is a little Python. (Yes, even the client-side code - we compile Python to JS and provide a GUI framework!)

We’re looking for developers with great communication skills, to show people how to build awesome things with Anvil. You’ll be building example apps; writing how-to guides, blog posts and tutorials; presenting Anvil at conferences; and helping our users – from individual developers to huge tech companies – build their applications. And then you’ll help us work out how to improve Anvil for them.

It's rewarding work – developers love being introduced to Anvil (our stand is always crowded[0] at conferences!). Plus, there are all the advantages of a small startup: lots of autonomy and huge impact. You'll be working directly with the founders as well as some seriously talented colleagues.

We're bootstrapped and profitable, with customers ranging from tiny (one-person startups) to enormous (HSBC, Bayer, Deloitte, etc). For a full job description, to hear what it's like working here, and to apply, go to

We work hybrid (in the office Tue-Thu, wherever you like Mon/Fri), and we're not looking for fully-remote colleagues right now, but we can sponsor your UK visa. If you have questions, I'm a founder and my email's in my profile.


Course Hero | Redwood City, USA; Toronto, Canada; Vancouver, Canada; Remote - India | Various Engin…

Course Hero | Redwood City, USA; Toronto, Canada; Vancouver, Canada; Remote - India | Various Engineering, Product, Analytics roles | Full-time, Hub-Based / Remote | Course Hero is an online learning platform where students can access over 40 million course-specific study resources contributed by a community of educators and other students. We envision a world where every student graduates, confident and prepared. We were recently valued at $3.6B and are actively hiring!

We are hiring for the following roles: - Marketing Data Analyst II - Staff Data Scientist - Senior Software Engineer - Senior Engineering Manager - Lead Product Manager

Our tech stack: React, Typescript, Sass, Go, Python. Come join us on our journey to help invent the future of student learning!

Stellar Science | Hybrid USA Washington DC (Tysons VA), Albuquerque NM, Dayton OH | Full time, INTE…

Stellar Science | Hybrid USA Washington DC (Tysons VA), Albuquerque NM, Dayton OH | Full time, INTERNS/co-ops | U.S. citizenship required |

Company: We're a small scientific software development company that develops custom scientific and engineering analysis applications in domains including: computer vision and image processing, space situational awareness (monitoring the locations, health and status of on-orbit satellites), metamaterials design, image simulation, high power microwave systems, modeling and simulation, machine learning, physics informed neural networks (PINN), human body thermoregulation, laser systems modeling, high performance computing (HPC), computer aided design (CAD), and more. All exciting applications and no CRUD. We emphasize high quality code and lightweight processes that free software engineers to be productive.

Experience: We typically look for Bachelors degrees in computer science, physics, engineering, math, or a related field, and also hire Masters and PhDs (roughly 30% of our staff have PhDs.)

Technologies: Mostly C++20/23, Qt 6.5, CMake, Boost, Jenkins, git, OpenGL, CUDA. Windows and Linux, msvc/gcc/clang/clangcl. Some projects use Python, Java, or Javascript.

Apply online at

Tuza [formerly Statement] | Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer | London | Full-time | Onsite [2&#x…

Tuza [formerly Statement] | Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer | London | Full-time | Onsite [2/3 days in office]

At Tuza we are building the exchange for payments processing. Like insurance & credit, payments processing is an industry priced on risk. On the surface, our product enables businesses to compare rates across multiple acquiring banks. If you dig deeper, we are building the tools for banks to accurately price their risk in real time. This feeds our comparison product and will eventually allow us to route payments from the terminal level to price optimise for our merchant customers. Today a corner shop with a turnover of £300k could save £5k+ a year in processing fees. We are backed by Europe's top fintech investors [Klarna, TrueLayer etc] and are growing the team [ex WorldPay, Klarna, CityMapper]. We are looking for engineers with fintech pedigree who share our obsession with building world-class product.

Let's talk. Apply online: Better yet, email me: [if you're good, there won't be a process]

Friendly Captcha | Integrations Engineer | REMOTE within EU | PART-TIME or FULL-TIME | Office in Mu…

Friendly Captcha | Integrations Engineer | REMOTE within EU | PART-TIME or FULL-TIME | Office in Munich, Germany |

At Friendly Captcha we do one thing and we do it well: we protect websites from malicious actors and bots.

We provide privacy-friendly and accessible anti-bot solutions that don’t annoy users with tasks like clicking fire hydrants. We make the internet a bit better every day by winning over customers currently using Google reCAPTCHA.

We’re a fast-growing, profitable, fully bootstrapped company. Our revenue mostly comes from medium to large European enterprise and governments.

We are currently looking for a (polyglot) Integrations Engineer to join our team.

We think investing in a great developer experience through documentation, SDKs and plugins will pay dividends, and it makes sense for us to grow our team in that direction. The role involves helping us build integrations and plugins for various platforms, and talking to developers who are integrating Friendly Captcha to learn where we can improve. We think the right hire will shape the role themselves.

Our engineering team is remote across Europe, we meet up once per quarter or so. You can work either 4 or 5 days per week, remote or (partially) from our Munich office. Please note that we ONLY consider candidates located within the EU, EEA or UK.

Stack: Golang | Typescript | Clickhouse | Postgres | Redis

Check out for more details.

NordVPN (Nord Security) | REMOTE in Poland &#x2F; HYBRID in Warsaw | Full-time | Security Engineers…

NordVPN (Nord Security) | REMOTE in Poland / HYBRID in Warsaw | Full-time | Security Engineers (DevSecOps, Security Architects), Backend Engineers (PHP, Golang), DevOps, Python Engineers, SRE, etc.

Nord Security, the creator of NordVPN, is scaling several of its products - both already established and completely new. We're looking for various professionals in areas of cyber security, backend and frontend development, infrastructure, etc.

Some positions are available remotely across Poland, while others offer hybrid model in Warsaw and Lithuania.

Career page with all the job opportunities:

Don't hesitate to apply or reach out to me directly via LinkedIn @ Miglė Pranckevičiūtė

Building Swell | Customer Success Manager | Remote | Full-time<p>Fast-track your career by joining …

Building Swell | Customer Success Manager | Remote | Full-time

Fast-track your career by joining our growing team, where you will have the autonomy to drive the company to new heights and leave an impact on an industry at the cusp of incredible change.

You are: someone deeply curious, constantly looking to learn the "why" behind customer actions. You care about helping customers unlock their own potential and leverage best CSM practices to leave a real impact. You’ll be driving the direction of customer implementation, support, and user research; shaping the future of the company and the construction industry.

At Building Swell, we know construction is ushering in a new wave of industrialization. Join us in arming these modern builders with mission-critical technology to manufacture smarter buildings and address the housing shortage.

Position: Customer Success Manager

Location: USA or Canada

If interested, please reach out at careers at buildingswell dot com

Valon (Series B, Fintech)| NYC Office, US Remote friendly | Full Time | Base + Equity + Benefits (U…

Valon (Series B, Fintech)| NYC Office, US Remote friendly | Full Time | Base + Equity + Benefits (Unlimited PTO, $400/monthly for groceries&food) | Python, React, GCP, Kubernetes, MySQL |

I (Jake) joined in February and love the people, the mission, and the challenges of the market. Mortgage servicing is one of those remaining businesses that hasn't been disrupted by software yet; Valon is (finally) the first to build new end-to-end software.

Valon’s mission is to champion homeowners as the partner they trust with their home and future. Our ultimate goal is to guide homeowners through every step of their financial journey, no matter what life puts on their path. Mortgage servicing is a a-cyclical business and gets paid a recurring revenue based on mortgage loans outstanding (which doesn't really change even when mortgage originations slow). Our revenue grew to $30 million in 2023 as we 5x'd our loan count.

Roles and Teams (50+ engineers): Senior SWE for Money Movement Product teams, Platform and Senior Product Managers!

Feel free to reach out to learn more:

Loneliness is a significant health crisis, especially for older adults. We&#x27;re using advanced A…

Loneliness is a significant health crisis, especially for older adults. We're using advanced AI to connect people through group events and shared experiences, reducing loneliness and improving quality of life. Backed by Stanford research and top investors, our platform is already making a positive impact. Join our mission-driven team to scale this solution and transform lives.

Stealth Company | San Francisco | Hybrid | Founding Engineer (Venture-Backed Founding Team) • Apply Now!:

Hi! We&#x27;re hiring for a bunch of remote roles in the US, Canada and Europe here at<p…

Hi! We're hiring for a bunch of remote roles in the US, Canada and Europe here at

We're making EV charging greener, smarter and cheaper for drivers, while reducing the load on the grid at peak time. We raised a Series B led by National Grid in 2023, with a team of over 100 people today, including alumni from Google, Microsoft, Tesla and Chargepoint.

All of the salaries and locations are listed beside each job on our careers page.

Within product and engineering we are hiring for:

- Engineering Manager (utilities experience required)[UK/EU]

- Senior Mobile Engineer [UK/EU]

- Senior Platform Engineer [US/CA]

- Product Manager [US]

If you apply directly we will review your application and revert back ASAP! :)

tvScientific | Senior ML Engineer (Zig) | Full Time | Remote (US) | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;www.…

tvScientific | Senior ML Engineer (Zig) | Full Time | Remote (US) | | $175-210k + Bonus |

We're a Series A startup building a low-latency ML inference engine (and much more) as part of our Connected TV ad-buying platform. We're looking for Senior and Staff level Machine Learning Engineers with experience in Zig and Python to join our growing team!

What you'll do:

- Write production code in Zig, Python, and C

- Design and implement new ML products to deliver clear performance from connected TV advertising

- Serve as a technical lead and mentor to the team

Ideal candidate:

- Ability to write & review production-level code in Zig and Python

- Excellent writing skills

- Strong statistics and ML fundamentals

- Desire to work at a fast-growing Series A startup–working under uncertainty, owning and scaling new products, and an experimental and iterative development process

Why join us?

- An engineering culture optimized for async work and learning; remote-first, flexible, and humane.

- Competitive salary and equity options.

- An enormous diversity of high-leverage problems, from the CPU/GPU core level, through distributed systems, and up to the ML training stack and the experimentation around it. You can work at whatever level you think is interesting and leverages your skills the best.

If you're interested, apply on Greenhouse ( or email me at mbilow[at]tvscientific[dot]com (I'm the Hiring Manager & Head of Data Science)

Adaptive ML ($20m Seed)| ML Developer Advocate | NYC&#x2F;Paris&#x2F;Remote | Visa sponsorship avai…

Adaptive ML ($20m Seed)| ML Developer Advocate | NYC/Paris/Remote | Visa sponsorship available |

Adaptive ML has built an LLM platform that democratizes access to frontier alignment techniques (incl. reinforcement learning) so business can surpass frontier model performance using smaller open models adapted with user feedback for their task. The company was founded by the engineers behind Falcon 40B and 180B, and is backed by top VCs Index and Iconiq.

We've looking for a ML Developer Advocate that loves educating their audience on technical concepts, can evangelize the efforts of our science team and likes getting their hands dirty hacking together fun example notebooks. If this sounds like you, please apply.

Apply here -->

Boiler Room | Lead Full Stack Developer | London &#x2F; Hybrid Remote | Part-time (4 days per week)…

Boiler Room | Lead Full Stack Developer | London / Hybrid Remote | Part-time (4 days per week) | | No VISA sponsorship

Boiler Room is an underground music platform. We’re looking for an experienced engineer to join us & lead our small team. You will have autonomy to build the next phase of our tech in the way you see fit. You will be joining a small but mighty cross functional and multi disciplinary team.

We’re currently working on improving the data sets & analytics that help us sell tickets & apparel, solving difficult scaling & stability challenges as our audience grows, plus building an iOS app where fans can listen without ads.

Our stack currently: NodeJS, JavaScript, Typescript, GraphQL, Apollo, React, Python, Django, AWS, Cloudflare.

We adhere to functional programming principles and foster a culture of engineering excellence in our team.

Perks include private healthcare, ClassPass, free food & snacks, a dog friendly office, free clothes quarterly from our collection & guest list to our parties around the world.

The role is part-time 4 days a week. Competitive salary benchmarked against data from March 2024. Must have right to work in UK.

Apply here:

Questions? Let's talk, email us at

(TOP SALARY + 3-4% EQUITY) Carma (YC W24) Hiring an 10X Founding Full-Stack Engineer | FULLTIME | R…

(TOP SALARY + 3-4% EQUITY) Carma (YC W24) Hiring an 10X Founding Full-Stack Engineer | FULLTIME | REMOTE (US) | San Francisco, CA, USA

Our Stack: React / React Native / Node.js / NestJS

HN friends, Carma’s business is growing rapidly and we are in urgent need of an exceptional 10X full-stack founding software engineer (100% remote). We raised a top seed and were one of the highest-revenue generating companies in our batch.

We are offering $150K-$175K + 3.00%-4.00% for a best-in-class first engineering hire. We want this engineer to be fully bought-in and develop into a Head of Engineering role in the next 12-18 months, which is why we are offering top salary and significant equity. Any interest in automotive is a plus. Here is the link to the role description:

If are a strong full-stack engineer that can fit this role, we want to speak with you ASAP. We move fast with same-day decisions after the interview.

Please apply at the above link (you application will come directly to me) or email me your resume directly at You can also call or text me directly: 636-293-5254 (Muhammad, CEO).

Automox | Software Engineer- Software Agent | Remote (US)- Full time | $130K-$170K | we do not prov…

Automox | Software Engineer- Software Agent | Remote (US)- Full time | $130K-$170K | we do not provide visa sponsorship

Link to the job description:

ABOUT YOU • Golang programming experience is preferred however, an interest in programming with Golang is required. The right candidate will leverage their extensive engineering background to be impactful in any object oriented programming language. • 3+ years of experience designing, developing, testing, monitoring, and maintaining cloud-connected client-side applications. • Experience working as a Software Engineer developing features on an Agent/IoT application is required. • Some familiarity with systems programming, networking, virtual machine orchestration, DevOps, and shell-scripting languages (Bash/Powershell) • Windows and/or Linux and/or MacOS application development experience. Excellent communicator, thrives within a tightly knit, cross-functional remote team environment.

If YOU ARE INTERESTED please reach out to me on Linkedin or email (feel free to connect with me on Linkedin as well):

Kelsey Finnegan

*If you apply, let them know that you saw the post here, and still please reach out to me to let me know that you applied and it'll be easier for me to get you in front of the hiring manager and not lost in a sea of resumes :)

Apple | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a> | AIML…

Apple | | AIML – Sr Full-stack Software Engineer, Data Operations | FULLTIME | ONSITE / HYBRID (3 days in office, 2 at home) | Seattle, WA, USA

Our team builds software to collect and annotate high-quality data used to train LLMs and other AI and ML models for products across Apple. We're looking for a senior software engineer who can design and build mission-critical, large scale, cloud-based distributed systems, web-based APIs and web apps, and can be the technical lead for projects within our team and across teams. The ideal person would have strong technical skills, strong collaboration skills, and strong people skills. See the job description above for details.

I'm the hiring manager, if you apply your application will come directly to me.

Silverstream | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x…

Silverstream | | Founding Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer | Full-Time | On-Site | San Francisco Bay Area

Silverstream is a fast-growing early-stage startup democratizing AI agents. We’re developing a cloud platform to create production-ready, in-house, browser-based AI agents. We’re at an inflection point in our growth and moving quickly. We’re in search of a passionate software engineer who will help scale our platform and influence the core technology. This position can be tailored to either a Senior Software Engineer or a Founding Software Engineer, depending on your experience and career goals.

For more details and to apply, please check the links below:

- Founding Software Engineer :

- Senior Software Engineer :

For questions, please reach out to me : jobs at

We are hiring for a bunch of data engineering roles (operations, data engineer, Team Lead, NLP role…

We are hiring for a bunch of data engineering roles (operations, data engineer, Team Lead, NLP roles, and a Head of Engineering at in Leiden the Netherlands. We provide relocation and for those who need visa sponsorship, we can entertain those if the match is great.

With our AI solution on our SaaS platform, we help to bring medicines & treatments faster into the hands of patients. We combine private data from pharma companies and publicly available data.

Data Engineer Individual Contributors (All seniorities)

Data Engineering team lead

DevOps Engineer

Head of Engineering

NLP Data Scientist

If you apply on the website directly, we will get back ASAP

reach out to me on LinkedIn for further questions





PermitFlow (YC W22) | Staff, Fullstack &amp; Frontend Software Engineers | New York, NY | ONSITE | …

PermitFlow (YC W22) | Staff, Fullstack & Frontend Software Engineers | New York, NY | ONSITE | Full-time |

PermitFlow’s mission is to streamline and simplify construction permitting in the $1.6 trillion United States construction market. Our software reduces time to permit, supporting permitting end-to-end including permit research, application preparation, submission, and monitoring.

We’ve raised a $31m Series A led by Kleiner Perkins with participation from Initialized Capital, Y Combinator, Felicis Ventures, Altos Ventures, and the founders and executives from Zillow, PlanGrid, Thumbtack, Bluebeam, Uber, Procore, and more.

Permitting is a challenging yet interesting problem; thousands of municipalities across the United States have their own processes and requirements - many which are continually updating. Software, AI, and LLMs provide an exciting opportunity for us to reason at scale and distill a nuanced and localized permitting process into a standard and streamlined experience for our customers.

We're looking for customer-obsessed, ambitious, and hard-working teammates who are excited about solving a real-world problem with technology at its helm.

NYC Onsite Roles | apply at:

1. Staff Software Engineer - $200K-275K + equity

2. Fullstack Software Engineer - $125-215K + equity

3. Senior Frontend Engineer - $125K-190K + equity

Comulate | Senior Engineer (3+ YoE) | ONSITE in San Francisco, CA<p>We&#x27;re building automation …

Comulate | Senior Engineer (3+ YoE) | ONSITE in San Francisco, CA

We're building automation software for the insurance industry that had our first customer crying tears of joy. Seed stage in terms of headcount (< 20 people) but Series B in terms of business traction (+ cash-flow positive).

Experienced, high-caliber, eng team from Airbnb, Asana, Brex, AWS, and LiveRamp. Building a product-focused eng culture in which engineers work directly with customers. Stack is full-stack TypeScript, Postgres, React, GraphQL, and Next.js.

Intentionally under the radar: we focus instead on delivering for customers and building a category-defining company.

Apply here:



VK Energie GmbH | IT-Infrastructure&#x2F;DevOps Engineer | Munich, Germany | Onsite or Hybrid | Ful…

VK Energie GmbH | IT-Infrastructure/DevOps Engineer | Munich, Germany | Onsite or Hybrid | Full- or Part-time

We are looking for a motivated expert to join our development team and support us in developing and shaping our growing IT infrastructure. You can contribute and implement your own ideas and suggestions, both conceptually and in the selection of tools. In addition to a high level of personal responsibility and a broad field of application, we offer you a working environment where quality and sustainability are valued more than quick solutions.

Your Skills and Experience: Experience with Infrastructure as Code (Ansible, Terraform) Automation/Orchestration experience (Docker, GitLab CI) Ideally, skills in Python/Go, data pipeline experience, and experience with software projects Experience with cloud providers (ideally Microsoft Azure) Linux and network administration skills German level B2 and up

What You Can Expect: A team consisting of energy transition enthusiasts, detail-oriented engineers, and brilliant tech freaks, as well as a company culture that prioritizes its employees!

If we have sparked your interest, please send your application or any questions to Jana at We are looking forward to meeting you!

More about us:

Duolingo | Multiple Roles | Hybrid | Pittsburgh&#x2F;Seattle&#x2F;NYC | Full-time | $148,800-$274,6…

Duolingo | Multiple Roles | Hybrid | Pittsburgh/Seattle/NYC | Full-time | $148,800-$274,600 + equity/benefits

Here at Duolingo, we are passionate about educating our users, making fact-based decisions, and finding innovative solutions to complex problems. We offer meaningful work, limitless learning opportunities, and collaboration with world-class minds. Come brighten your life and over half a billion more!

Highlighted Roles:

Database Reliability Engineer (PGH)

Platform Engineer (PGH)

Senior Mobile Engineers, iOS and Android (PGH, NYC, Seattle)

Senior Backend Engineers (PGH)

Engineering Leadership, Manager or Director (PGH)

Senior/Staff Data Scientists, Economics (PGH or NYC)

For more details, you can view/apply to all current openings here:

            ,     ,

Tandem Health | Software Engineers | On-site in Stockholm, Sweden | Full time<p>At Tandem Health we…

Tandem Health | Software Engineers | On-site in Stockholm, Sweden | Full time

At Tandem Health we're building a clinician copilot to allow clinicians to focus on care rather than administration. We’re building, launching and iterating quickly, already at $300k ARR (+35% MoM) with over 50 care providers using the product every day. With our target set at the ginormous European healthcare market.

We’ve recently raised a large seed round and are expanding our Stockholm team with exceptional engineers! Our tech stack is mostly Python and TypeScript/React running on k8s in Azure.

More info: or

Feel free to reach out to if you have any questions.

WorkBright is hiring a Platform Support Engineer<p><a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;"…

WorkBright is hiring a Platform Support Engineer

Company is Colorado based and the job is REMOTE (US).

WorkBright is a leading HR platform for onboarding, remote verification and the best Form I-9 solution in the world. We empower folks to get to work and streamline the hiring process. Our product catalog includes Onboarding, an ATS, and a series of integrations.

It's a great place to work with a human-first approach to work.

The Platform Support Engineer is responsible for investigating bug reports and other issues with the rails backend and Vue fronted, and a few important integrations.

The company is still small (40-50 ppl), so this role has lots opportunities for getting into areas of interest like performance tuning, AWS configuration, building internal tools, and even feature work.

At Irth Solutions we build software that improve resilience and reduce risk to critical infrastruct…

At Irth Solutions we build software that improve resilience and reduce risk to critical infrastructure that millions of people and businesses rely on each day. Our systems handle millions of requests a day, coordinating activities between critical infrastructure providers, contract locators, excavators, and a variety of other stakeholders throughout North America.

We’re growing our team and are in immediate need for a Senior Software Engineer. Here are some notes on the technical requirements:

* C# development experience using .NET Core, WebAPI, and Entity Framework

* Experience building browser applications using Angular and Typescript

* Strong relational database experience with Postgres (preferred) or MS SQL Server including SQL, database functions, indexing, and performance tuning

* Kubernetes, Docker, Linux

Apply here:

We’re growing, so new positions will open up frequently. Please check back with if this one doesn’t fit your background

Gattaca | Founding Engineer | NYC (in-person) | Full-time | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;trygattaca.c…

Gattaca | Founding Engineer | NYC (in-person) | Full-time |

What we do: build agentic services to increase output of engineering teams, starting by solving client tests on mobile

Results 3 months in: (1) $MRR growing XXX% m/o/m and (2) built v0.1 tech and early cold outreach

Why worth joining now: (1) few things in life are as special as doing meaningful work with great people and (2) opportunity to 10x your growth curve

Searching for an A+ developer/teammate. We do not care about stack, education, age, location, or past titles. All that matters is your heart and whether you can ship faster than us.

What you can expect from us: (1) motivated teammates; we are all-in, (2) ~2x higher $/equity then SV standard for pre-seed, (3) freedom and trust

To apply email

More on the role:

More on us:

Parakey | Gothenburg or Stockholm, Sweden | Full time | Hybrid<p>We are a growing company aiming to…

Parakey | Gothenburg or Stockholm, Sweden | Full time | Hybrid

We are a growing company aiming to shake up the access industry. Forget keys and fobs; we provide access solutions where customers unlock with their smartphones. As we gain more customers, we need to expand our team with another Fullstack Developer! You will play a crucial role in advancing our product.

At Parakey, you will help create the access solutions of tomorrow! Your main task will be to work on the backend for our apps and API customers while continuing to develop the user interface with your skilled colleagues. You will be an important part of our success and part of a supportive team that values well-being and minimizes stress.

Looking for:

  - Experienced with Typescript/Javascript (React.js)
  - Comfortable with backend (Node.js and MongoDB)
  - Preferably experienced with Cloud/AWS, continuous integration/deployment, and other programming languages

u-blox | IT Digital Customer Experience Manager | Cambourne | Onsite | 65,000 - 75,000 GBP &#x2F; …

u-blox | IT Digital Customer Experience Manager | Cambourne | Onsite | 65,000 - 75,000 GBP / year | Full-Time

Tech used: CRM, ERP, Support, JavaScript, PHP, SAP, Salesforce, Security

u-blox (SIX:UBXN) is a global technology leader in positioning and wireless communication in automotive, industrial, and consumer markets. Smart and reliable solutions, services, and products from u-blox let people, vehicles, and machines determine their precise position and communicate wirelessly over cellular and short range networks.

More details and option to apply:

VALIS Insights | Full-time | REMOTE (US)<p>I&#x27;m the co-founder and CTO of VALIS, a B2B SaaS com…

VALIS Insights | Full-time | REMOTE (US)

I'm the co-founder and CTO of VALIS, a B2B SaaS company delivering software solutions to the metals recycling industry. Our goal is to reduce global carbon emissions through maximizing the recovery of metals through recycling, which requires a fraction of the energy compared to mining and primary metals production. We're a seed-stage startup, backed by leading climate-tech VC's.

Product-wise, we integrate recycling processes, equipment/sensors, production, and procurement/sales data to deliver an insights platform that helps metals recovery facilities optimize their processes. We employ a strong, domain-driven design approach to building our product. We're looking for execution-focused engineers to join our team and deliver complex features with autonomy.

We're currently hiring for two roles:

Senior Backend Engineer -

Full-Stack Engineer -

Please reach out to me at and apply if you're interested.

ThreeFlow | Remote US | Full time | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;" rel="nofoll…

ThreeFlow | Remote US | Full time | ThreeFlow is the first Benefits Placement System, a new category of enterprise software that allows benefits brokers and insurance carriers to manage the entire placement process in one shared system. After our recent Series C, we're excited to embark on a new chapter of growth as we continue to scale the industry’s trusted Benefits Placement System!

- AI Engineer

Please apply directly!

Talpasolutions GmbH | Engineering Team Lead | Essen, Germany | Onsite or Hybrid | Full-time<p>The F…

Talpasolutions GmbH | Engineering Team Lead | Essen, Germany | Onsite or Hybrid | Full-time

The Full-Stack Development Team Lead will work closely with various teams to build sophisticated web applications, understanding customer needs and ensuring TALPA products add value. They will oversee the full development cycle, from strategic planning to roll-out, while crafting quality code and mentoring the team. Staying updated with the latest trends will ensure a sustainable web architecture and technology stack. The candidate needs proven experience in building scalable full-stack systems and leading a development team. Familiarity with our tech stack (Typescript with Vue.js, Node.js plus GraphQL, Docker/Kubernetes and Git) is required, along with an agile mindset and focus on long-term quality goals.

More information can be found here:

MongoDB-- we&#x27;re looking for an experienced Java developer who has expertise in building applic…

MongoDB-- we're looking for an experienced Java developer who has expertise in building applications with Hibernate ORM (even better if you are familiar with hibernate-ogm) to help build a Hibernate integration with MongoDB. High priority + impact + high visibility role!

Fully REMOTE (global) | Software Engineer, Java (Database Experience Team) | Full-Time | Base + RSU's | Interested? More info + apply here:

Rubie | Founding engineer | New York City | Full time | Onsite<p>Rubie is helping companies with co…

Rubie | Founding engineer | New York City | Full time | Onsite

Rubie is helping companies with complex software (ERPs, CRMs, etc) launch with their customers faster. We do this by automating the highly repetitive manual tasks that professional services and customer success teams perform using novel agentic infrastructure. This results in a massively faster customer implementation cycle - in the case of one of our partners, 70% faster!

We are hiring founding engineers in person in NYC. The first step in our process is completing our reverse engineering challenge, which is located here:

Salable (part of The Adaptavist Group)| Technical Product Marketing Manager | Fulltime | Remote UK …

Salable (part of The Adaptavist Group)| Technical Product Marketing Manager | Fulltime | Remote UK or Spain

Salable - a brand under The Adaptavist Group, that simplifies the monetisation and licensing of SaaS products.

The Adaptavist Group - a rapidly growing tech company with over 1,000+ employees and a great culture (4.8 on Glassdoor). We are global triple platinum partners to Atlassian and partner with some of the world’s most trusted technology ecosystems, including Atlassian, AWS, Slack, GitLab, and many more.

The role - Technical Product Marketing Manager Remote UK: Remote Spain:

Scholarly | Software Engineer | On-site - Seattle, WA | $150k - $200k | 0.5%+ equity<p>Scholarly is…

Scholarly | Software Engineer | On-site - Seattle, WA | $150k - $200k | 0.5%+ equity

Scholarly is building next-generation software for higher education with a focus on faculty. Think: Gusto, Rippling, or Workday for universities.

Higher ed is currently undergoing a generational shift in software and technology adoption, and our vision is to build the system of record for the industry. We are building a software platform that enables our customers to make data-driven decisions and to automate essential processes like performance reviews, which will ultimately enable them to better serve both students and faculty. Our team comes from Gusto, Modern Health, and Vail Resorts.

We are hiring software engineer #3 for the team. This is a unique opportunity to have a major impact on the company’s success and the team culture. This engineer will work closely with the CEO and CTO to build the initial version of the product, work closely with customers, and help set the culture of the company. We expect you to be able to define and challenge product requirements, seek customer feedback, and stick with projects until customers are satisfied or we’ve removed the feature. We are looking for a true partner who loves the challenge of building great software from the ground up.

We are based in Seattle and Denver, with engineering based primarily in Seattle. Job Requirements

- At least 5 years working in Ruby on Rails

- Familiarity with JavaScript

- Experience working with a relational database, like MySQL or Postgres

- Able to work in the United States (citizen or permanent resident). We cannot sponsor visas at this time

Compensation and Benefits

- The salary range for this role is $150k - $200k, depending on experience.

- Substantial equity in the company

- Health, vision, and dental benefits with 100% of premiums covered by the company

- $3,000 equipment budget

Please apply using the following link:

National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) | Software, MachineLearning, Computer Vision, Simulatio…

National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) | Software, MachineLearning, Computer Vision, Simulation, IT | Pittsburgh, PA, USA | Full Time | ONSITE, Hybrid | H1-B VISA

Mechanical Engineer:

Electrical Engineer:

Associate Director of Business Development:

Explore All Featured Positions:

NREC, a robotics research and development powerhouse, is looking for experienced developers, especially in embedded systems, robotics, perception, deep learning, data science, and AI. For over 27 years NREC has brought together a critical mass of software and hardware engineers to take technology from the laboratory to the real world. NREC maintains a diverse portfolio of projects, from Augmented Reality driver assistance to full off-road autonomy and from advanced teleoperation to full autonomous manipulation. We are part of the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, focused on commercialization of robotic technologies. NREC employs 160 people in our off-campus facility.

Questions about NREC? Interested in a specific position? Contact our recruiters Christine DeCarolis ( and Nuvia Nishad ( Please mention Hacker News in your communication.



Comparis | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;www.compari…

Comparis | | Full Stack Developer (.NET & React) | Full-Time (80-100%) | Remote or Hybrid (Zurich, Switzerland)

About Us: is Switzerland’s leading comparison platform. For over 25 years, we’ve been comparing health insurers, telecom providers, banks and more and offer an online marketplace for cars and property. With 80 million visits annually, we are among the most visited Swiss websites

Role Overview: You join one of our scrum teams to build our web applications and help to pave our way to the cloud. You’ll work on .NET backends and React (Next.js) frontends with the newer apps hosted on Azure and our legacy apps in our DC.

We have open positions with either fully remote or hybrid working mode. Fully remote is available in timezones +/- 2 hours from Europe/Zurich. For the hybrid position here in Zurich, we cannot offer relocation or visa sponsorship and expect people to be in the office >= 1d per week.

More information here:



:mag: Emailchaser IS HIRING:<p>==== NOTE: This is a specialized role. Please apply only if you have…

:mag: Emailchaser IS HIRING:

==== NOTE: This is a specialized role. Please apply only if you have proven experience with the required technologies. Candidates with clearly no experience in the specified technologies will be disregarded automatically. ====

We are looking for a highly experienced Senior QA Engineer to lead our testing initiatives. With our current test coverage being limited, we need someone proficient in Next.js 14 and Go. Experience with Django is a plus.

Key Responsibilities: • Lead and implement testing strategies and initiatives. • Develop and maintain test automation frameworks. • Collaborate with development teams to ensure high-quality releases. • Identify, document, and track bugs.

Requirements: • Proven experience with Next.js 14 and Go. • Familiarity with Django is a plus. • Self-starter capable of working with minimal supervision. • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

To apply please submit your resume and a brief cover letter detailing your experience with Next.js 14 and Go to

Iris | Remote US | Full time | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;" rel="nofollow">https:&#…

Iris | Remote US | Full time |

Iris is a company that sits at the intersection of AI and Robotics. Iris brings AI superpowers to your camera. With intelligent framing, remote control, image settings corrections, and visual effects, Iris integrates directly with Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras and robotic camera heads to automate complex movements and track subjects in real-time. Our remote-first tools lets you control your cameras from any Chrome browser, anywhere in the world.

- AI Engineer

- Senior Backend Engineer (Embedded and High Performance Edge Deployed Systems) -

- Senior Frontend Engineer (React & TypeScript)

Super lean 8 person team, product is in private beta, fully remote, competitive pay, equity, and benefits.

Laudio | Senior or Staff Software Engineer | Full-time | Remote (US only for these roles, ET or CT …

Laudio | Senior or Staff Software Engineer | Full-time | Remote (US only for these roles, ET or CT preferred) |

Laudio is an intelligent platform that prioritizes and automates the highest impact responsibilities of frontline leaders, creating large-scale change in health systems.

We're looking to add a couple software engineers to our engineering team. We're largely using React, Node, and AWS.

We can not provide sponsorship for these roles right now.

If interested, see more information in the job posting here:

Lightspeed Commerce | Java&#x2F;Kotlin Backend Engineers (Mid Senior and Staff levels) | Hybrid | A…

Lightspeed Commerce | Java/Kotlin Backend Engineers (Mid Senior and Staff levels) | Hybrid | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Full time

Lightspeed is a one-stop commerce platform that empowers merchants around the world to simplify, scale, and provide exceptional customer experiences. Our culture is driven through shared values and initiatives that support our employees, we encourage a work-life that works for everyone. Your happiness, whether you're working, hustling, or vacationing, is at the core of our company. You can find more about us and what we do in our official website!

We are currently looking for several Backend Engineers to join our team in Amsterdam. If you check all (or almost all) of the following go ahead and apply, we'd love to hear from you!

- Experience with Spring Framework

- Good experience with Relational databases and NoSql (PostgreSQL, Redis)

- Experience with programming patterns, microservices and event driven architectures

- Full working proficiency in English

Please find more information about the job opening here:

PS: Although in the title it says Senior and Staff levels only there's also the possibility of getting hired as a Mid level engineer, it will all depend on previous experience. Relocation help from within the EU is also possible :)

Skydio | Cloud &#x2F; Web &#x2F; Robotics Engineers | San Mateo, CA or Hybrid | Typescript &#x2F; P…

Skydio | Cloud / Web / Robotics Engineers | San Mateo, CA or Hybrid | Typescript / Python / C++

Skydio is the leading U.S. drone company and world leader in autonomous flight. Today our products are flown at scale in complex, unknown environments by a wide range of customers to capture incredible video, inspect critical infrastructure, and save lives in emergency response scenarios. We’ve raised $220M at a $2.2B valuation led by a16z.

If you’re interested in being a core member of a 150+ person world-class engineering and research team that is defining the future of a major emerging industry, dive in --> and

We’re looking for a diverse combination of engineers, researchers, and managers with strong SW skills and experience across complex products. We’re particularly interested in people with robotics, web, game dev, deep learning, streaming or cloud experience.

Senior Software Engineer - Frontend

Senior Software Engineer - Backend

Autonomy Infrastructure Engineer

Senior Autonomy Engineer - Deep Learning

I am a Senior Director of Engineering there and a YC alumni, you can reach me at { vincent dot lecrubier at skydio dot com }.

Immunant | Software Engineer | REMOTE (US only) | Full-time | $110k - $150k + retirement benefits<p…

Immunant | Software Engineer | REMOTE (US only) | Full-time | $110k - $150k + retirement benefits

If you're interested in low-level, resource-constrained and/or privileged execution environments, consider joining our small team. At Immunant, we spend much time staring at weird build errors, ISA or ABI documentation, or digging through obscure build systems or C code written 20 years ago. In any case, we strive to make the systems we're working on more secure, more efficient, and have more Rust in them (whenever we get a chance).

If you have recent, professional experience with C/C++ and Rust and know about operating systems, hypervisor internals, or compilers, we'd love to hear from you. Candidates with only superficial knowledge in all of these areas are not encouraged to apply. Please note that we can only consider candidates resident in the US.

We offer a remote-friendly, collaborative work environment with a high degree of autonomy and competitive benefits.

Send your resume to; we look forward to hearing from you.

Data Research Group | Senior .NET Full Stack Engineer | Remote (USA) | Full-Time Data Research Grou…

Data Research Group | Senior .NET Full Stack Engineer | Remote (USA) | Full-Time Data Research Group's software (UnionFusion/FlashPoint) is an enterprise management SAAS platform serving Local Unions and Associations in the building trades. We are a small company (~20 employees) with a dev team of top performers working closely together to build awesome software using cutting-edge technologies. Our platform is at an exciting inflection point where we are beginning to accelerate and scale.

We're seeking full stack developers to join our team in developing, supporting, and operating our platform.

Our tech stack includes: C#, ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft SQL Server, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


Watermark Risk Management | Mid-Level Software Engineer | Full Time Remote (US only- requires citiz…

Watermark Risk Management | Mid-Level Software Engineer | Full Time Remote (US only- requires citizenship) https://watermarkriskmanagementinternationalllc.applytojob.c...

Watermark is a SDVOSB in the government contracting industry based in Washington DC. We are seeking a mid-level software engineer to join our team! Strong experience with Angular required.

Strac | <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;</a> | Remote US | Senior So…

Strac | | Remote US | Senior Software Engineering

About Strac:

* We're a ~5-person team (Seattle, and remote US) with a mission to discover and remediate sensitive data across SaaS, Cloud apps and Endpoint devices.

* We protect hundreds of enterprises with our unique data discovery and data loss prevention (dlp) solution

* Our backend detects sensitive data unstructured text and unstructured documents of any kind high accuracy via our machine learning and OCR models

* Our front-end allows security engineers and leaders to discover and drill down sensitive findings

* Our customers are some of the best household names in the world, including ThredUP and

* Our values are customer obsession, transparency, pragmatism, innovation and operational excellence

* Our tech stack includes Node.js, Python, and React; most of the core AWS services, machine learning

We're currently hiring for:

- Senior Software Engineer, Backend (US)

Email me directly ( ) for questions or apply

Corbalt | REMOTE (US)<p>we&#x27;re looking for a security engineer to serve as an Information Syste…

Corbalt | REMOTE (US)

we're looking for a security engineer to serve as an Information System Security Officer (ISSO) and as software engineer individual contributor.

Security Engineer:

Note: Due to contractual obligations, we are only accepting candidates who are located in and authorized to work in the United States, have lived in the United States for at least three of the last five years, and have at least three years of professional experience.

Corbalt is a small group of technologists working to build better software infrastructure for government. We were part of the tech team that came in to help support the launch and were inspired by how much everyone cared and worked hard to fix the site (from tech team members, to government contractors, and government employees), and how much progress we all made in a short time.

As we’ve continued to work with the government we focus on opportunities where we can build simple, scalable solutions to help support important government missions like helping people get health insurance ( and helping ensure healthcare for vulnerable populations (Medicaid). We use innovative technology to create software infrastructure that's easy to use and develop applications that focus on addressing users' core needs.

We're a small team with experience at Google, Palantir, Bell Labs, Microsoft, and Silicon Valley startups. We work remotely by default and are spread across states. We look to hire technologists who are passionate about improving public services, love working as a part of a team, enjoy consulting with clients to develop creative solutions to complex problems, and are committed to fostering a kind work environment.

Fleetio | Full-time | 100% REMOTE - open to candidates in the USA, CANADA &amp; MEXICO (Pending rol…

Fleetio | Full-time | 100% REMOTE - open to candidates in the USA, CANADA & MEXICO (Pending role) | | Fleetio is a modern SaaS platform that helps thousands of organizations worldwide manage their fleet of vehicles and equipment. Founded in 2012, 2023 Series C, 6k+ customers, 50+M in ARR, 290+ employees, 4.5 rating on Glassdoor. Benefits: Competitive pay + equity + 5% ARR bonus, 401(k) + match, health, vision & dental insurance, remote first since 2012, 4 weeks PTO, wellness fund, professional development fund, equipment stipend + more.

HIGHLIGHTED ROLES (More available on our careers site):

-- Sr SDET, Mobile (Just opened):

-- Quality Engineering Manager (Just opened):

-- Sr Application Security Engineer (Just opened):

-- Engineering Manager, Platform:

-- Sr Software Engineer, R & A:

Enjin | Blockchain Engineer | Fully Remote | Global | Full-time $105k - $150k + bonuses (depending …

Enjin | Blockchain Engineer | Fully Remote | Global | Full-time $105k - $150k + bonuses (depending on skill level)

We are the pioneers in building product ecosystem that will help create advanced virtual economies through the power of blockchain technology (

To apply, please fill in the application, and provide one or more rust projects that we can look at that demonstrate your abilities, either directly in your resume or in the cover letter. Open source contributions may also be used.

Merge|Product Marketing|Fintech|Fulltime|Onsite London|5 days in office<p>Merge is a London-based c…

Merge|Product Marketing|Fintech|Fulltime|Onsite London|5 days in office

Merge is a London-based company that helps global businesses collect, hold, and move money globally across multiple currencies via an API platform.

Learn more about us here:

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Cybernetica AS | Rust developer | Full-time | Estonia (Tallinn or Tartu) | ONSITE (Hybrid)<p>Who we…

Cybernetica AS | Rust developer | Full-time | Estonia (Tallinn or Tartu) | ONSITE (Hybrid)

Who we are: Cybernetica has nearly 25 years of experience in building future-proof technologies that rely on research and development. Our unique expertise ranges from secure data exchange like the X-road to digital identity, i-voting, information security and more. Currently our technologies are used in 35 countries all over the world.

Cybernetica is looking for junior, mid-level and senior Rust developers to join our growing Digital Identity Technologies department. We provide customers with identity management, onboarding, secure digital identification and electronic signature solutions. We conduct research, develop software, analysis, and advise our clients in different aspects related to digital identity. You will get a chance to be part of developing our new projects in the Digital Identity space.

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Appsmith (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2F;www.a…

Appsmith ( | Full-Time | Remote (India) | Multiple Roles

Who we are: Appsmith is an open-source, low-code platform that helps engineers build enterprise applications quickly, usually within days. Since its inception, Appsmith has gained significant traction with over 10 million downloads, more than 30,000 stars on GitHub, and adoption by 10,000+ organizations across 150 countries.

We are hiring for work focused on performance improvements, developer experience and support engineering.

We’re hiring for the following roles:

Staff Backend Engineer Experience: 8+ years Link:

Staff Frontend Engineer Experience: 8+ years Link:

Technical Support Engineer Experience: 5+ years Link:

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CoinTracker (<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;)|" rel="nofollow">https:&#x2F;&#x2…

CoinTracker (| Full-Time | Remote (US & Canada)| Multiple Roles

CoinTracker makes cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and tax compliance simple. CoinTracker enables consumers and businesses to seamlessly track their cryptocurrency portfolio, investment performance, taxes, and more.

Open roles:

- Integrations Engineering Lead

- Consumer Product Lead

- Staff Product Designer

- Head of People

- Head of Partnerships

- Accounting Contractor

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Aqora | Marketing Expert | Full-time | Paris (HQ) or Remote (Europe)<p>At Aqora, we act as a cataly…

Aqora | Marketing Expert | Full-time | Paris (HQ) or Remote (Europe)

At Aqora, we act as a catalyst for quantum advantage by managing quantum computing challenges, like Kaggle but for quantum computing. Our goal is to become the one-stop-shop for quantum computing, similar to Huggingface for AI. We seek a Marketing Expert to help build a brand that resonates with the global quantum community.


- Develop and execute marketing strategies

- Create compelling content

- Enhance and maintain the Aqora brand

- Conduct market research

- Build partnerships and collaborations

- Track and report on marketing performance


- Proven marketing expertise

- Creative and analytical skills

- Interest in quantum computing

- Strong communication skills

- Team player

- Startup Mindset (Pre-Seed Stage)


- Competitive salary and benefits

- Equity options

- Workspace at Station F

- Inclusive and diverse environment

Apply: Email resume, intro, and portfolio/LinkedIn to Join us to shape the future of quantum computing with Aqora.